Young for Supervisor: Let’s Open for Business


Candidate statement from Chris Young, for Shasta County Supervisor District 5

The focus of my campaign is threefold:

1. Jobs and economic development

2. Public Safety

3. Private property rights

I am a strong advocate of job creation and economic development. A good jobs base creates funds for the County and influences all other aspects of our daily life. We need County government to reduce the roadblocks to business development and expansion. We need an environment that is conducive to the expansion of business. Local government needs to have an attitude that they want to help you navigate the maze of regulations that impede growth. I will always work towards fewer restrictions and lower fees.

When we can back up the perception that we are open for business we need to promote Shasta County to the world via every means available. We cannot cut funding to the Economic Development Corporation. When business is good – advertise. When business is bad – advertise more.

We need to promote more and promote smarter. It would make more sense to spend time and funds on promoting Shasta County as the right place to move your business than to write grants and beg for “one time” funding of government positions. Why don’t we have a dozen web sites promoting Shasta County as the place to live, work, play, and retire? The cost is minimal, the return could be huge. I will tirelessly promote Shasta County.

Our quality of life is directly proportionate to prioritizing support for law enforcement and the essential services of the District Attorney’s office, Probation Department, and support for our paid and volunteer firefighters. We must fund the Sheriff’s Department to a level that will keep deputies on the streets and lake. We must keep the jail open and stop the ‘revolving door’ that has allowed repeat offenders to commit crimes twice in the same day.

Private property rights have always been a main concern of mine. The American Dream of owning land and home is eroding. Bureaucrats continually chip away at our private property rights. I believe you should be able to use and enjoy your land and home as you see fit with little government interference. If you want to start a business, build, subdivide, grow or cut trees, etc. and you do not have an adverse effect on your neighbors or the environment, local government should be there to help you succeed.

In recent years there has been an effort to add a tax to each parcel of land and use the funds to improve Interstate 5. This is a state and federal issue. We need to ‘Fix District 5 before we fix I-5.’ I will work to have our tax dollars improving Gas Point Road and Ponderosa Road, providing safe access to our schools, before we send one more cent to Sacramento or Washington D.C.

I have been involved in the community for the past 30 years as a successful businessman, entrepreneur and volunteer. For six years I have served on the Redding Planning Commission, this last year as chairperson. I believe service on a planning commission is a prerequisite to running for any public office. The education and experience you receive is invaluable.

I am an active, working member of Anderson Rotary, on the board of Friends of Shasta District Fair, and work daily to improve opportunities for our youth and workforce.

My wife, Michelle Theobald Young, and I have raised four children here and have two grandchildren.

I can be reached at 530.221.9653 and Chris@Young4Five.com
Please visit my website www.Young4Five.com and review the list of my supporters. Feel free to ask them why they support my campaign.

Please consider voting for Chris Young, District 5 Supervisor. Thank you.

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