Candidate Faulkner: Your County Auditor Should Be a CPA


Statement from Shasta County Auditor Candidate Randal Faulkner:

I am not a politician. I am a professional Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a BS in Accounting and 30 years experience, including over 6 years auditing and managing audit teams looking for fraud and erroneous payments for the Department of Defense.

I’ve spent most of my life passionately striving to make government more effective, efficient and responsible to the people. That’s why I’m running for Shasta County Auditor.

So what can I bring to the Auditor’s Office?

First, fiscal responsibility, accountability, and transparency: Shasta County has not had an Auditor with a college degree in any subject or CPA credential for almost 12 years.

Currently, there are no internal audits available to the taxpayers. The lack of internal audits was a direct contributor to the recent fraud case in the Sheriff’s Department.

If I’m elected, we will begin performing Internal Audits and the final reports will be available to the taxpayers on the county website.

Internal audits are an invaluable tool for managers and taxpayers. Times are tough and they are going to get tougher.  We need as much reliable financial information as possible to make good sound financial decisions.

We will include a formal fraud detection program, capable of avoiding incidents like the recent fraud case.

As a Certified Public Accountant, my skills have been tested and certified by independent accounting and auditing experts. The reason all 50 states require professional accountant credentialing is to protect the public.

Second, I will bring proactive leadership to the Shasta County Auditor’s Office. There are two quotes I use in describing my leadership style.  Ross Perot once said “You don’t manage people, you manage inventory, you lead people.”

Dwight David Eisenhower once said leadership is like string, if you grab one end and pull, that’s leadership.  You can’t go to the back of the string and push it and expect the string to move forward.

I believe in open, honest communication, discussions and opinions without the fear of reprisal. This is a true team philosophy and a real open-door policy.

My management style will reverse this department’s shameful 86% employee turnover rate and the resulting unnecessary recruitment and training costs.

There have been 3 adverse Grand Jury reports and an independent CPA firm report detailing the troubles in the Auditor’s Office. Links to these reports and excerpts are available on my website at

Most recently, the 2009 Grand Jury reported that “Staffing shortages in the Auditor’s Office have limited the ability to complete internal audits for fiscal year 2008-2009.”

It is not staffing shortages in numbers that have caused the lack of internal audits. It is an auditing expertise shortage. There are two reasons for the lack of auditing expertise.

First, the incumbent’s total lack of any formal college education. The incumbent does not have the skills and abilities to perform audits, let alone manage them.

Second, the 86% employee turnover rate. The inexperienced staff is simply treading water just to get the bills paid and claims processed.

The incumbent stresses her community service efforts. I am a firm believer in civic responsibility. I perform considerable community service myself. However, community service should not be waved as a banner for personal gain. The fact is the incumbent uses community service to distract from her total lack of true qualifications for the job of County Auditor. While community service is commendable, relevant qualifications should be required.

In closing, I’m more qualified, educated, experienced, and principled then the current incumbent. I have a specific plan to fix the expensive management practices that currently exist in the Auditor’s Office.

It’s time we restored credibility and demanded accountability and efficiency of our elected officials. Our conscience insists we improve morale within and respect for the Shasta County Auditor’s Office.

I am not a special person. I am certainly not perfect. I’m simply a taxpaying American and God-fearing Vietnam era veteran trying to do the right thing. Your vote should be based solely upon who you believe is most qualified and can best perform the duties of your Chief Financial Officer.

If we don’t take responsibility for our own government, right now, who will?


Randal Faulkner, CPA

Bio for Randal Faulkner, CPA:

Eldest son of retired Air Force NCO.

Married to the love of my life with one son.

My family has lived in Shasta County for 75 years. My wife and I moved to our family home in 2004 after my successful bout with cancer. I am now in excellent health and loving the Shasta County good life and want to give back to the community.

I am a Certified Public Accountant with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from CSU at Sacramento. I have 30 years experience in auditing and accounting, including over 6 years managing audit teams and auditing for fraud and erroneous payments with the Department of Defense.

I look forward to effectively and efficiently serving the citizens of Shasta County as their next Auditor.


Randal Faulkner, CPA

Candidate for Shasta County Auditor

PO Box 501

Palo Cedro, CA  96073-0501




(530) 547-6311

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8 Responses

  1. Avatar Just Curious says:

    – 30 years… a BS… and..and… Praise Lord God Almighty..!

  2. Avatar Carolyn Jones says:

    Thanks for the offer but I think I'll take a pass. Voting Connie Regnell here.

  3. Avatar Bob Hammond says:

    I agree with Carolyn, I'm voting for Connie. I believe she's done a great job, especially through the budget cuts, etc. Faulkner talks about "moral", but doesn't have an answer for boosting moral when you'e forced to lay people off. How about being honest for a start Randel.

  4. Avatar Bob Hammond says:

    opps, I mean "morale" not moral

  5. Avatar rock the benz says:

    Looks like regnel's flunkies are at it again. State some facts; morale is bad, 86% turnover rate last 3 years, people clamoring to leave the department, no internal audits set up, missed thievery in the sheriff's concealed weapon carry permits and
    no apology for not setting any checks and balances. Looks like just putting fires out.
    You can lay off people but an 86% turnover rate costs we taxpayers a lot of funds for new hires, training and wasted time. A vote for Faulkner is a vote for a solid CPA that should be required so the counties funds are overseen properly. I, and my wife, have
    had the opportunity to see both candidates numerous times and get the feeling of
    condescension when listening to mrs. regnel. mr. faulkner appears to have a wider and broader field of experience. We have cast our votes for mr. faulkner, CPA

  6. Avatar Correct Choice says:

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. That being said, I would hope that people would read the articles and do the research. Mr. Faulkner clearly addressed the morale issue and what he would do to improve it. As Mrs. Regnell was not the person deciding on the budget cuts, let's not give her credit for doing it well. With an 86% turnover rate, clearly something is wrong in this office. Do you understand how expensive and ineffective this turnover rate is? Just the training and orienting time, not to mention the time it takes for this number of people to perform efficiently is far more destructive to a budget than a layoff. This boils down to who is more qualified for the position. A career politician who, in the real world, would never even have been considered for this job (or any other CFO position) or a qualified, educated, experienced auditor and Certified Public Accountant. Not a tough choice for those of us who did the research. Mrs. Regnell is fighting hard to remain in a position she should never have obtained. After all, where will she go to make $116,000 a year plus benefits without any college education whatsoever?

  7. Avatar shastagop says:

    There are times when a college degree is no indication of who is best at all. Some degrees are useless compared to good experience. But, in this case it matters. Faulkner's background is very good and his experience in fraud detection can only be considered a huge plus. It is especially appealing in lifht of the scandal in the sheriff's dept.

    M's Regnell is stuck with a poor record. It would be foolish to ignore the 85% turnover rate and the sheriff's dept. fraud scandal that wasn't caught. Who would she say should take, or share, the responsibility for this? Not her? Does she not feel that she should have caught this fraud long ago? It went on for years.

    Does she, and her supporters, sincerely feel that it shouldn't matter that no internal audits have been done in 12 years? Come on. They think the voters should ignore this? How unrealistic.

    In light of Regnell's lack of performance and Faulkner's especially well-qualified experience, (not to mention his education), he is clearly the best one for the job. It would be great to have someone with his experience in fraud as well as his auditing experience. Even if we confined ourselves to considering experience, and not education, Faulkner still comes out way ahead of Regnell. One doesn't have to dislike Regnell to see that it would be better to elect Faulkner.

    We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to elect someone of Faulkner's caliber. Let's take the opportunity to elect this especially qualified candidate. Let's be sure no internal fraud gets by uncaught again.