Auditor Regnell: Years of Experience, Accountability Count

I am seeking re-election as Shasta County Auditor and I sincerely want your vote.

As Auditor, I am responsible for ensuring the County’s budget of $396 million is spent appropriately and in compliance with the law. I audit financial transactions for more than 100 departmental budget units, 60 dependent districts, 50 independent special districts, and numerous school funds. I am responsible for … Continue Reading


Candidate Faulkner: Your County Auditor Should Be a CPA

I am not a politician. I am a professional Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a BS in Accounting and 30 years experience, including over 6 years auditing and managing audit teams looking for fraud and erroneous payments for the Department of Defense.

I’ve spent most of my life passionately striving to make government more effective, efficient and responsible to the people. That’s why I’m running for Shasta County Auditor.

So what can I bring … Continue Reading


We Want (to hear from) You! Shasta County Primary Candidates

On 6-8-10, expect voting time again! And we want to hear from all Shasta County Primary Election candidates – both opposed and unopposed. Where are our manners? Allow us to extend a proper invitation. Dear Shasta County election hopefuls, You are cordially invited to submit a written statement for… Continue Reading