Sunday Funny: Midnight at the Oasis

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Mayor Patrick Jones goes to D.C. to lobby for Oasis Road’s big box store developer…

For background on this cartoon, read the City Council meeting’s agenda item on the mayor’s “potential violation of Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) regulations relative to no gifts.”


phil-fountain-laughingPhil Fountain is a cartoonist, writer and occasional bed-wetter based in the far reaches of Northern Californey.

Phil Fountain is a cartoonist and writer based in the far reaches of Northern Californey.
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8 Responses

  1. James Montgomery James Montgomery says:

    Woooweee! You been readin' Thomas Nast?

  2. Avatar Not a Builder or Rea says:

    Look, just build it. We don't care if it burns up the next day. We don't care if it's a ghost town. We get the dough for building it. Capice?

  3. Avatar Uncle Duke says:

    that guy looks like joe pesci?

  4. Avatar not your candidate t says:


  5. Avatar Grammy says:

    I want my larger Costco!! Especially if it no longer has that stupid parking lot.. Bonneyview and Bechelli-ruled out. 44 and Lake Blvd-ruled out. What would really make a difference if it was at North Market Street where that old hotel use to be. Enough land and major roads already in place. Close enough to I-5 but is it to expensive? Come on people think creative here so Costco can go bigger. I have to go to Sacramento to buy a lot of the stuff that our little store can't carry (not to mention the nursery is hit and miss where they put it.)

    As far as not being "ON" the it they will come.

    How do you find any Costco in any town? Follow all the cars.

    There are so many areas already in our town that need the business, why go outside the existing business area?


  6. Avatar Doug Bennett says:

    Do I detect a hint of "spats" or is our developer/patron's socks falling down? What makes this funny is that it so tragically reflects our reality in Redding. Grammy, your "ugly American" consumerism is showing. When they build Oasis out, Dana Dr. will look like downtown. We don't need empty store fronts, and we really don't need anymore big box stores. This county and city have destroyed local businesses with this type of development. That is one of the reasons we are one of the most depressed counties in California. They drive down wages, lower the standard of living and take the money back to their home office. Wakeup, Redding!

    • Avatar Grammy says:

      Costco is one of the best wage earners in Shasta County. If the store was larger it would employee more people.

      What has hurt local businesses is the fact that they don't have in stock what a consumer needs. Take the electrical fense supplies I needed. I went to Ace Hardware (one on Eureka and Hartnel). One didn't have the ones I needed and sent me to another. The other only had the expensives ones also (the ones, less than 1/2 the price they were out of.) Bought it at Tractor supply.

      A consumer shouldn't have to run to all points of Redding to buy what they need (and I bought all that TS had in stock.)

      We do try to buy locally but then have to turn to ebay when that is exhusted. Try to buy a wii for daughter's BD but no one had one in stock.

      Yes I am a consumer and see so problem with being a reason this great nation hasn't totally collapsed. Someone has to loosen their purse strings to get things moving again.

      And as far as our county collapsing, the homes were artificially driven up in price by people that had no business buying a home or speculators rolling a property over to make a buck (and it is going on today.)

      America became a service nation and Shasta county is a county counting on the government for the number one employer. Good thing that Shasta County attracts so many to retire here.

  7. Avatar Earl Allen Boek says:

    I agree with Doug above, Anyone that comes out of Costco long enough can see
    the results and the dozens of empty store fronts throughout our city. Wonder what
    the travelers see and think when they pass through and what message they take back
    home to their areas.

    Still, I support anyone who is not advertised for and really hired on, by the unions or
    anyone else. If Bosetti and Jones really are in the hands of those wanting to build
    Oasis out, and that's their entire agenda I would look at their running different as well.
    I don't believe that is 100% of the case, though there are those that are trying to
    convince us that it is.

    But I know for certain the Unions advertised for and supported three people two
    of which, at least, share some responsibility for the mess. That not with-standing
    when you commit to the Unions while running to represent the citizens, well it's hard
    to serve two masters, isn't it.

    _citizen activist