Third Egg Hatches in Turtle Bay Eagle Nest


REDDING – It’s official. Liberty and Patriot, Redding’s famous bald eagle pair, are parents to three
eaglets with the third hatching this morning, March 29, at 8:55 a.m. All three babies appear to be doing well, with the first two being routinely fed by the parents and the mother spending the most time on the nest.

Eaglets one and two were hatched on Thursday, March 25 at 7:22 p.m. and Friday, March 26 at 6:05 p.m. respectively. The eaglet names are Peace, Shasta and Justice.
School children from as far away as Virginia voted through an Internet survey to “Name the Eaglets”
and chose the winning names from more than 400 unique choices and more than 700 total entries. Local favorite, Bob, tied with Faith and Glory for fourth place.

a href=”” target=”_blank”>Click here to see Caltrans’ Eagle Cam at Turtle Bay. The camera-viewing times are set to change to Daylight Savings Time on April 1, 2010. Some viewers of the Eagle Camera may experience periodic issues with the feed due to the large number of people trying to access the camera, which may cause some “timing out” of the video image. The best thing to do is be patient and hit the refresh button.

However, if the camera malfunctions or the public feed goes down, Caltrans Public Information will send out a notification to the current Eagle Camera Update email distribution list. If you wish to be included in notifications regarding the camera and the nesting eagles, please send your e-mail address to Denise Yergenson at
Caltrans was mandated by the Department of Fish and Game to monitor the eagles to ensure the
birds’ welfare and determine if construction activities on the Dana to Downtown project (new bridge over Sacramento River, would have an impact on their nesting activities. Initial monitoring efforts were done physically by biologists in the field until 2008, when a video camera was installed to aid in the monitoring effort. It was at that time Turtle Bay offered to host a web feed and the images were made available online to the public at In 2008, eaglets were named Freedom and Conehead. Last year’s three were named Freedom (again),Hope and Spirit. The following information from the biologist on contract with Caltrans to monitor the birds includes some things to watch for in the next few months:
The newly-hatched third chick will probably not be very active for the first few hours. It will look smaller than its two older siblings, who are being fed regularly. There is likely to be some sibling competition for food. Based on last year’s observations, the third chick remained smaller than its siblings and often was the last to be fed, but the adults were able to successfully feed all three chicks.
For the first 2 to 3 weeks after hatching, there will be a parent with the chicks almost the entire time;
about 90% of the time it will be the female. The male will be present less often, but will be providing
most of the food. It’s usually the female who tears off small strips of food to feed to the chicks. After 3 to 4 weeks, the female will be bringing food to the nest as much as the male. At about 6 weeks, the chicks will be able to peck and feed themselves from the food at the nest. At first, the chicks are covered with gray down. At about 4 to 5 weeks, brown feathers will start to grow, first appearing on the head and back. As the chicks grow and their feathers develop, they begin to exercise their wings, perching on the edge of the nest and jumping and flapping their wings. At about 12 weeks of age, in mid to late June, they will leave the nest, but are likely to stay around the nest for a few more weeks.

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  1. Avatar terrie montgomery says:

    Are you sure the 3rd baby is alive.

  2. Avatar terrie montgomery says:

    Im so happy the 3rd baby made it. Its so much fun for the kids to watch and of course myself.

  3. Avatar denise harret says:

    how do you veiw the video??

  4. Avatar Stephen Russell says:

    Who was the Caltrans biologist you spoke to?