Did You Feel That Earthquake?


The U.S. Geological Survey reported a magnitude 6.5 offshore earthquake 27 miles southwest of Eureka.

The quake happened at 4:27 p.m. Saturday at a depth of 10.2 miles, according to preliminary information on the USGS website.

I certainly felt the quake in west Redding. It felt like the house was buzzing. Others I’ve talked to reported pictures and mirrors rattling on the walls. (And see comments below.)

The region was reporting several aftershocks from magnitude 3.5 to 3.8.

No tsunami was expected, according to National Weather Service.

Since 1980, there have been six earthquakes of magnitude of 6.0 or larger in northwest California, according to the weather service. The last earthquake greater than magnitude 6.0 in that region was in 1995, when a magnitude 6.6 quake hit.

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Here’s a photo showing damage to a used bookstore in Eureka:

Booklegger seems to have worst broken glass on Twitpic

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41 Responses

  1. Avatar bekahrae says:

    Yes, we definitely felt it here!!! We even looked outside to see if it was Lassen or Shasta blowing off!

  2. Avatar Michele says:

    That's a big one.

    My husband felt it – also in West Redding – daughter felt it in Enterprise – out by Shasta View – enough to wake the baby.

    Hope everyone there is ok. The last one this big knocked buildings off their foundations in Ferndale and Rio Dell.

  3. Avatar Terry says:

    My husband thought someone was rocking his chair – and then realized it was an earthquake! I was sitting with my granddaughter, and I couldn't tell because right then she was jumping. 🙂 On the other hand, our little chandelier was swaying for several minutes after.

  4. Avatar Grammalyn says:

    The pool was sloshing – the darndest thing I have ever seen since it obviously wasn't wind. Glad everyone here is okay….

  5. Avatar Ginny says:

    Live near I-5 & 299 E. It was a shake back and forth type quake. I thought it wasabout a 4 to 5 here at the house. But not damage can be seen!

    One cat was scared to death outside. Another in the garage woke, but didn't seem to mind as he had been asleep. Dog and one of two cats inside slept through it. One looked a little confused. ;o)

    So all in all, we did well!

    God Bless!

  6. Avatar Karen C says:

    We live off of Rancho Rd on Saratoga…very mild shake but did make the pool create some waves. I lasted about 20 seconds.

  7. Avatar sandra says:

    Felt it in Southern Oregon, about 50 miles north of the California border on I-5. Seemed to shake for a long time, although relatively mildly. Its a real rarity here to feel a shaker. Was at my desk and thought the dog, asleep by my feet, was having a dream and kicking my chair. Heard the house start to creak and then realized that it was a quake, and the chandolier started swinging. It seemed to quiet down, then picked back up intensity before stopping.

  8. Avatar Kirsten says:

    I live in Anderson on the river, and the pool sure got some waves! Sitting in a chair, I certainly felt it, and also observed the chandelier swinging, but no damage at all.
    However, it certainly was not a small one, I now realize.

  9. Avatar Jetta06 says:

    YES! And everybody else said I was crazy!

  10. Avatar Pat j. says:

    Felt a couple of good bumps while sitting and looked up to see hanging lamps swinging. South Redding off Girvan.

  11. Avatar Dean Williams says:

    Was in the Redding library and heard, more than felt, the quake. It sounded like people walking about upstairs in an old wood frame house. Track lights rocked back and forth for a minute or so. Bouncing reflections in the glass showed up the subtle movement of the light fixtures.

  12. Avatar Grammalyn says:

    It had a rolling effect here, and seemed to last for a long time. The water in the pool was sloshing – something I had never seen before. BTW, it was hard to get any news except for this site and people's opinions on Facebook. Thanks for the coverage!

    • Avatar Layne says:

      Twitter is a great source for real-time reports on events such as this. In twitter you do a search for either #earthquake or earthquake. Lots of action on twitter.

  13. Avatar Uncle Duke says:

    a nice long rocking motion similar to being on a boat here in Anderson. near bob's market by the river.

  14. Avatar Susan Daugherty says:

    I was sitting at the food court at the Mt. Shasta Mall reading a magazine. I looked around and no one else seemed to have felt it at all. I felt it mainly on the bottom of my feet but couldn't see anything swaying in the mall.

    Waiting to hear just how bad it felt in Crescent City and if my almost built house is still standing.

  15. Avatar Jessica says:

    I do believe the sealions that left Pier 39 knew that California will be experiencing earthquakes soon. I felt it and I live in Magalia but was at the grocery store in Paradise. I'm glad everyone is safe!

  16. Avatar George P says:

    We felt it on Wildcat Road, outside of Manton. I was cooking dinner and felt the floor going up and down a little while the burner cover on the water heater around the corner was rattling. My wife was working on the computer and thought somebody was pulling on her chair.

    The kids never noticed it.

  17. Avatar michelle says:

    I felt it in Bella Vista. Actually I was backing the car up and I thought the transmission was going out as car was lurching .

  18. Avatar Josh s says:

    I'm in redway it was a sway then a huge slam that felt like a being in a car accident. at dean creek. Was outside. Please humboldt I need info on Rio Dell. I can't get ahold of a family member. Please if anyone has damage reports or anything please post it. Please I need information on Davis street in rio Dell

  19. Avatar Art & Carmen Sho says:

    I was in the kitchen cooking when Art, my husband came running in and told me that he felt we just had an earthquake. We both looked up at the fan over the kitchen table and the hanging cords to turn the light off and on were swaying. It was about 4:30 and I thought he was kidding, as I didn't feel a thing. He was in his recliner watching football when his chair started to shake and roll around some. I thought he was crazy, but the news proved him right. Also my sister from the bay area called to tease us that they just saw on their news the earthquake in Eureka, she knows they freak me out!!

  20. Avatar Grammy says:

    Yes, in Anderson near I-5, the house creaked and swayed, hanging things were swaying, items on shelves were slightly moving, seemed to last a long time.

  21. Avatar Donna Stobie says:


    I was in a pizza parlor..a lot of children running around…it felt slow..building..then a couple of jolts. I came very close to losing my home in the Northridge earthquake…as I knew that feeling in one's tummy..was not caused by children….perhaps it was the earth celebrating Elvis's birthday (yesterday)..shake..rattle..and roll!!

  22. Avatar Sue says:

    Oh dang! Missed it. We were in Sacramento for the day.

  23. Avatar Adrienne jacoby says:

    Oh, I'm so weird!!! I LOVE earthquakes . . . as long as no one gets hurt. Having grown up in Thermal, CA, about 12 miles from San Andras fault, I've been in some major ones. The thing that I noticed about this one was that it was long in duration. Not particularly severe, but long. Maybe I'd better rethink that earthquake insurance!!

  24. Avatar Adrienne jacoby says:

    P.S. . . . what a great news resource you are. There was nothing on T,V. for a couple of hours.

  25. Avatar Dawn says:

    Felt it here in Medford for sure! But I think we felt it so strongly because we live on the 7th floor of the tallest apartment bldg. in town, and it's pre-earthquake -proof , circa 1950. The ol' girl started swaying pretty good and it seemed to last quite a while. Our tv and a bookcase were rockin' and rollin' but nothing broke, thankfully. Makes one think twice about living in an older buiding like we do. I should've probably not said last week that I kinda missed earthquakes :O.

  26. Avatar dustybottoms says:

    My goatee was shaking and I freaked out.

  27. Avatar Rowan O'Connell says:

    Felt it! Knew it from the weird floating moving and the sick weightless feeling in my stomach. Brendon came in the house shortly after and said I was crazy, he didn't feel it at all!

  28. Avatar Larry says:

    in my office it felt like i was sitting in a vibrating chair, yet next room Katie felt nothing…

  29. Avatar Layne says:

    I experienced swaying and rolling accompanied with sounds of creaking of the house as I was working on the computer at home. The strongest part lasted maybe six seconds. My dog barked and was confused. I knew instantly what it was.

    I checked with the two others in the house; they were at the other end of the house in the guitar shop. They felt it, though it was a little different for them as the shop is on a concrete slab. A guitar body and its neck which are hanging in the shop were swaying.

    I checked in with USGS and posted the report on twitter. The original report was a 6.1 magnitude quake. A few minutes later it was updated to 6.5. The twitter reporting was great. To check on twitter for earthquake tweets, do searches for "earthquake" and "#earthquake". There were tweets from all over north California and into southern Oregon and some tweets included photos.

    I also put in a response report on the USGS site. The event response log page is very interesting. Data can be sorted in a number of ways. Well over a thousand people have reported from the Redding area.

  30. Avatar Carla Jackson says:

    Wait, there was an earthquake today? It must have happened during my seriously loud Metallica redux this afternoon…. Metallica Quashes Quake!

  31. Avatar eilidh says:

    im having to do homework about an earthquake that happened recently so i chose this one because no one got hurt and it's quit easy to wright about because there are so many thing s to wright about because everyone s telling there story and this was a really good place to find things to help me



  32. Avatar Rachael C. says:

    I was working… whole desk/computer was shaking and the water was sloshing in my cup. Then of course the 911s light up… These are the two best calls from that period of time:

    I took a call from a lady who asks, "Did we just have an earthquake?" I reply, "Yes…" and she asks, "When is the next one?" (really lady???)… I tell her "Ummm… we don't know that, we just answer 911 AFTER they happen…"

    Co worker overheard on another 911… "I don't know if Lassen is still there, I work in a windowless building. Why don't you go out and check and then let me know."

    Gotta love it. 🙂

  33. Avatar Alice Bell says:

    It felt like I was in a row boat in rocky seas. According to the USGS website there was a 7.2 earthquake off of Cape Mendocino on April 25 followed by a 6.5 one on April 26 and another 6.7 one on the same day. I do recall feeling those. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/states/eve

  34. Avatar Denise says:

    We are in south Redding – Girvan Rd area. We did not feel it, however, my hubby was outside at that time and heard a low boom or rumble off in the distance. Our friends up on Riviera Drive felt it big time! Odd, because we are only ablut 2 miles away from each other.

  35. Avatar Tammy D says:

    We are out between Millville and Oak Run. My husband heard it and I felt it. The floor just started to roll and kept on rolling. One of the rocking chairs was have a great old time rocking with no one in it.

  36. Avatar Banjo Bill says:

    We were having a hootenanny with folk friends at our house, and didn't feel anything, But I noticed after one song that the pool was sloshing around. I thought it was the wind. Then one of our guests got a phone call and told the group about the quake. Our dog, who usually gets weird and paranoid during thunder storms didn't even wake up!!! Go figure?

  37. Avatar pmarshall says:

    Yes, off Shasta View, I felt it, but was busy playing old 78's, and just thought my husband was behind me , and the floor a little weak there. Since I was raised in the Bay Area, I should have known better!

  38. Avatar gin says:

    Just south of City Hall, on Riverview – I was playing Bejeweled Blitz and got one of my highest scores – while calling out to my husband "We're having an earthquake…we're still having an earthquake…we're still having an earthquake…we're still having an earthquake,,,we're still having an earthquake." It was a gentle roller and our dog acted like she does when she has to get in the car for a ride. That's kind of what it felt like to me. No jolts – no dishes rattling, didn't really even make our pendant lights sway. But it just kept going and going! Didn't feel any aftershocks and I was very sorry to hear about the damage on the coast.

    I'm from the Bay Area and have been in quakes that moved my single bed from one side of the room to another, opened kitchen cabinets and spilled out dishes, and the big one in 1989; that one was really scary. This one was just a reminder that we have quakes – nothing scary about it at our house. The house creaks more at night when the house cools off than it did during this quake. I also remember the Thanksgiving quake several years ago as we had 24 people around a pingpong table decorated for Thanksgiving and no room for people to move away from the table. That one scared my mother-in-law who's been through a few before, too.

  39. Avatar Kathi says:

    It was strange! I was in Cave Junction, Oregon visiting and I was born in Eureka and it was my 58th birthday, Mother and I looked at each other ! Not a gift I asked for ! Ha Ha..

    Glad everyone is fine~ I live in Lake Shastina, Ca and I see beautiful Mt Shasta from my patio window..