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If you leave your home on Saturday in Redding, you’re likely to run into one of us folks from A News Cafe.

As I mentioned before, I’m the guest speaker at Saturday’s Writers Forum meeting (details here). Our own Doni Greenberg and Kelly Brewer will be celebrity waiters on Saturday night at the United Way of Northern California’s big fundraiser at Riverview Country Club. And Adam Mankoski and Troy Hawkins of HawkMan Studios will be zooming around town, managing Second Saturday ArtHop.

I hear there are a few tables left for the United Way’s Celebrity Waiters benefit. Tickets ($30 per person) will not be sold at the door. Call 241-7521. The 7 p.m. event includes food, wine-tasting, auctions, contests and music by the Straight Ahead Big Band. Other celebrity waiters include City Councilors Missy McArthur, Dick Dickerson and Rick Bosetti, TV personalities Mike Mangas and Mike Krueger, radio types Dave Tappan, Carl Bott and Linda Bott, city manager Kurt Starman, insurance man Jeff Avery, architect Les Melburg and many more.

I’d like to say I’ll be there, cheering on Doni and Kelly, but I’ll probably be ArtHopping, as will other members of the team from A News Cafe.

Jim Dyar apparently is having a mystical experience in the desert, but maybe he’ll be back by Saturday. I don’t know what soon-to-be-write-in-candidate Phil Fountain is up to this weekend. Probably managing his vast empire of underground Jell-O wrestling arenas.

  • Speaking of mystical experiences, today’s date is 9-9-09. I’m sure that symmetry means something very important to someone somewhere.
  • More numbers: The Center for Responsive Politics says 3,300 registered lobbyists are trying to influence the debate on health-care reform legislation. That’s six lobbyists for every member of Congress.
  • The Shasta County Arts Council debuts its new exhibit today at Old City Hall in downtown Redding. Quilts made by local African-American women will be on display through Oct. 23. For more info, call 241-7320.
  • Did you see the story about the kid in Sweden who survived a seven-story fall? The 6-year-old was dangling from a window, and a passer-by tried to catch him and broke his fall. Serious injuries, but the child survives. Amazing. (Thanks to our pal Hal Johnson for sending along this news tidbit.)
  • It’s a shame so many Shasta County schools caved into crazy parental pressure and skipped or delayed President Obama’s televised speech to students. Our 17-year-old son watched the encouraging, non-political speech in his Shasta High government class and said it was, quote: “pretty cool.”

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