The Greyhound Chronicles, 14

Art & Life at the Greyhound Station

Three months ago, Sally Marbry conceived the idea to transform a utilitarian electrical box in front of the Greyhound station in downtown Redding into a piece of public art. This 18-part series is a chronicle of her work and her observations of life on the corner of Pine and Butte.


Part 14: Salvation

August 18 Indian Joe, Dusty, the bow-legged man and a woman clump close on the sidewalk. I catch snippets of conversation about being a cook and other work. Will Indian Joe go back to Oregon after the season? Safe places for the woman to sleep are mentioned and an offer to come to his camp anytime. Bragging of the huge quantity of margarita drinking last night.

A street guy on his way through tells of a big fight last night to the huddled group. Still worked up, he storms off. All leave, except for Dusty ,who places his cap over his beer.

Quiet again. I think Dusty enjoys the soothing atmosphere of just me painting… the no threat of someone working, occupied with their own thoughts. He starts to ramble about cabinetry years, exotic wood, running big jobs, penthouses in LA. Kind, quiet musings, no ego strutting here. He talks about how he loves his family and politely announces that he will pray now for me out of appreciation of what I am doing. I tear up.

One beer and one half of a cigarette is interspersed with comments about the need to find some food. He mentions something about not being able to smoke and sits closer to avoid a sudden onslaught of travelers. He is in pain. Rejected three times from the hospital. He eventually lies down.

A fly tickles my arm. My hair is too dirty and I have to go. I leave following the bus like a panicked escapee and wonder what Dusty likes to eat.

To be continued…

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Visit Sally on September 12 on Pine and Butte as she reveals her electrical box turned masterpiece as part of September’s 2nd Saturday ArtHop.

sally-marbySally Marbry has shared her fine art, ceramics and sculpture skills as a teacher, product designer and interior designer. For the past year, Sally has been the host and writer of “Home Zone,” weekly on KLXR. She also chairs Viva Downtown Redding’s Design Committee, which spearheaded the public art and street beautification project. Reach Sally at Earth2Sal@charter.net.

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