Demonstrators Support Equality, Same-Sex Marriage

I spoke with David of Redding, an organizer of a demonstration along Cypress Avenue Tuesday night. (He asked that we not use his last name, out of respect for his parents’ privacy.)


Q: We saw people holding signs, balloons and candles along Cypress Avenue Tuesday. What was that all about?

We had a peaceful meeting to discuss the day’s events and then headed over to City Hall for a Candlelight Vigil. There were LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender) community members as well as our allies who support equal rights for all. We had about 40 in attendance.


Q: Who organized the event, and why?

It was organized by the NorCal OUTreach Project (an LGBT community center group formed early last year), PFLAG (Parents, Friends/Family of Lesbian and Gays Support Group), Planned Parenthood, as well as community members to raise awareness of the issue.


Q: What kinds of reactions did your group encounter last night?

For the most part, reactions from our local community were very positive! There of course is opposition and they were heard as well but I’m very encouraged that Redding is growing in support of our rights. It’s been a long process but we have hope.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I moved to Redding in 1993 from the San Francisco Bay Area. I am HIV positive and active with the local HIV/AIDS Food Bank as well as the NorCal OUTreach Project. I became active in the Redding community a few years ago because I saw a need to support LGBT and HIV related issues.

Q: What are your thoughts about Tuesday’s California Supreme Court ruling, where it upheld the ban on same-sex marriages?

We are of course disappointed with the courts decision to uphold proposition 8 but are thrilled that they upheld the more than 18,000 marriages performed before proposition 8 was passed. The plan is to raise the issue again with the 2010 elections. We are not done fighting for the basic rights afforded to citizens of this great country.


Q: Anything else you’d like to say?

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our fight for equal rights! The only way we are going to achieve these goals is by encouraging individuals to come out for these events, educate the public, and get out to the polls on Election Day.

Doni Chamberlain
Independent online journalist Doni Chamberlain founded what’s now known as in 2007 with her son, Joe Domke. Chamberlain is an award-winning newspaper opinion columnist, feature and food writer recognized by the Associated Press, the California Newspaper Publishers Association and E.W. Scripps. She lives in Redding, California.
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10 Responses

  1. Avatar Michael Allison says:

    Good for all these forward thinking folks in Redding! Lifetime commitments are good for people. Everyone I know, knows at least one same-sex couple, that have been together for years. None of us would discriminate against them to their faces, or tell them they are on the wrong side of God. So why do some of us want to stone them from a distance, through the law, and propositions, and government? We need to help protect the rights of the minority, from the tyranny of the majority, which, unfortunately, historically speaking, is not always right. Protecting the minority makes America great.

  2. Avatar pmarshall says:

    I would have never believed how much our society has changed. Ah, yes, San Francisco North!

  3. Avatar Joanne Lobeski Snyde says:

    The ratio of heterosexual to homosexual individuals in any population as not changed in eons. Some societies have accepted this fact and accepted all people for their qualities and gifts; others have not. I have homosexual friends who have been together longer than many of my hetero friends have been legally married and then divorced. A legal marriage isn't my idea of a binding contract….but if people want to get married they should be able to.

  4. Avatar Susan Daugherty says:

    I'm so sorry I didn't hear about the event so I could have gone to show my support. Heck, all I had to do was walk across the street to City Hall. That's what happens when you are out-of-touch for even a long weekend!

    I am traveling to LA in October to perform a belated wedding ceremony for 2 friends that were quickly married before the same-sex marriage law was overturned. They are glad that it remains a legal marriage, but now want the opportunity to celebrate their love for each other before friends and family.

    With the recent CA Supreme Court ruling, it will be a bittersweet experience. I do believe that the change will come, but I am sorry I can no longer think that California is a progressive state in human rights.

  5. Avatar Patrick says:

    I just don't understand why some of the hetrosexual population feel that marriage is such a sacred union that can be "only between a man and a woman", because when you look at the real statistics, over HALF of the hetrosexual marriages end in DIVORCE. Doesn't seem like such a sacred union to me if HALF don't last.

    I also feel that since the gay's cannot marry, that we are not full U S citizens, therefore, we shouldn't have to pay full taxes since were are not given "equal" rights. First and foremost, all gay's are Americans. History of the United States clearly shows prejudice. African Americans? American woman? American Indians? Why is it that in America make's it's citizens fight for "equal rights" when our own creed states "all men are created equal". Guess that's not true!

  6. Avatar KStout says:

    I believe that poitiical process would be best served if they payed more attention to the seperation of church and state afforded in our government. It seems as though a blind eye was used when Major Religious groups such as the Latter Day Saints, Catholics, and other denomonations poured millions of dollars into advertising to slander the gay marriage agenda and misguided voters with their values. Love thy neighbor as thy own, that God is the altimate judge of good and evil and that by his hand only will final judgement come. GUESS THEY FORGOT TO READ THOSE SECTIONS! It was more imprtant to protect thier Tax exempt status' to bring in the bucks that to "practice what they preach." The biggest word that comes to mind……….. TOLLERANCE !

  7. Avatar pmarshall says:

    OK, you people. I think everyone has a right to live with whomever they please. And if they want insurance, they can buy it. They can will their assets to whomever they please. Homsexuals have been around forever, but, still, the marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman. Yes, we can make "partnerships" legal, with all the rights available. Just don't call it marriage. Where are all the people who might feel this way? are you all asleep?

  8. Avatar mark calkins says:

    Pmarshall – I am one of the 18,000 that got married. I am thankful that I was allowed that opportunity and no one can take that away. Here is what the difference is that goes beyone "partnerships" as you refer to them. We file our taxes federal as single men…California state as married. Did you do that? It cost us more to do this than it did those recognized by federal law. Having the marriage in California didn't change this but it is a step closer to federal. We now have the LEGAL right to enter the emergency room, sign paperwork in case of life or death situations, if one of us is in a coma, the other has the legal responsibility to follow the wishes of the other….all because of marriage. Interesting, something similiar happened and all my spouse had to say was I am his spouse and no one questioned anything. That did not happen in our "partnership" (domestic partner is the correct term) as we had to go the extra mile to prove this. Sorry, partnership is not the same. If it were, more heterosexual couples wouldn't be in such an uproar!

  9. Avatar Joanne Lobeski Snyde says:

    Mark, congratulations on your marriage and thank you for explaining the legal benefits to the married state. I guess I've just taken those benefits for granted!

  10. Avatar Melony says:

    Please email

    if you want to be informed or if you would like to reach other LGBTQ community members…. lets keep the spirit of community alive!!!