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23 Responses

  1. Avatar Marilyn Traugott says:

    One of my favorite quotes too. You can get it on a t-shirt , mug, etc. from Their catalog has some great stuff for the more liberally inclined 🙂

  2. Lara encapsulated the weekend perfectly! It was amazing and inspiring. What an amazing group of people. The lesson I learned right away: humility. I tend to be rather bull-headed about executing my own ideas, but when in a group like this, I learned to step back and really consider the viability of others' ideas – especially those whose voice isn't as loud as mine. They sometimes have the best ones! Thanks, Lara, for the story. It was only a week ago, but it got me thinking again. I'm looking forward to all of the monthly workshops, but the weekend workshop was an unbelievable kick-off.

    Adam Mankoski

  3. Avatar ambercita says:

    What an amazing group! Glad to see Chris Glover in the mix!!!

  4. Avatar Ginny says:

    Wonderful to see people get together for the good of a Leadership Program. Hopefully it will neither be liberal or conservative. Leadership needs to be above that type of politics, which so much has become the 'norm' in the skeme of life.

    I know one can and may do many things, but a group can do more for the most, most often. It takes one to come up with an idea, and others to further it. Good work, people!

    God bless.

  5. Avatar Staci Bertagna says:

    As one of the facilitators for this weekend workshop, tt was an honor to spend the weekend with the 2009 class of Leadership Redding! I truly believe you are an amazing group of individuals who can accomplish anything not only on your own, but as a team. All the best wishes for the year ahead of you.

    Staci Bertagna

    Leadership Redding

    Recruitment Chair

  6. Avatar Kellie Jokela says:

    Wow! Great article Lara; job well done! I too thought that the weekend was the icing. I'm looking forward to being a part of the group's evolution, and suppose it will be what we make of it.

    I say Icing for every meeting!

    Thank you Leadership Redding for this awesome opportunity!


    Kellie Jokela

  7. Avatar Darcie says:

    Lara, I am so glad you applied to the program. As an old alum (class of '87/88); I can tell you this will be a year you will never forget!

    I would encourage anyone interested in being active in the community to apply for Leadership Redding. The people you will meet and the opportunities to serve the community are amazing.

  8. Avatar Rhonda Nechanicky says:

    Good job Lara. Its was really fun watching the group grow and learn. Seeing people break through their person boxes is what makes life exciting. From the picture I can see the Leadership Redding Class of 2009 is full of leadership and love!

  9. Avatar JimG says:

    Very nice article, Lara – and it was picked up by google news.

    I use google news regularly, and have customized it by adding a section for news about Redding.

    This morning, your post was not only present, it was the top story for the Redding area.

  10. Avatar Suebee says:

    Awesome article Lara! Through the workshop, I was amazed to see the participation from each classmate. I am extremely excited to continue this year with Leadership Redding and all it has to offer. For those who have you who have wanted to be a part of our community, please look into Leadership Redding as an opportunity. You'll be glad you did.

  11. Avatar Darcie says:

    How about a list of names for this year's class?

  12. Avatar ChrisG says:

    What a fine looking bunch of folks! Yes sirs & ma'ams, this is a fantastic group of people from many walks of life. Lara did a fine job capturing in "pen" the essence of the weekend and she has provided Doni's readers with a taste of this unique experience. Expect greatness from this class, and consider applying for yourself next spring!

  13. Avatar Bill Jostock says:

    Very well spoken, Lara. Those of us that have gone through the program can vouch for similar experiences at the Weekend Workshop. Remember, this is only the beginning of their Leadership Redding experience. They have ten full sessions to look forward to and a lifetime of memories with their classmates.

    As a member of the Steering Committee, we look forward to working with each new class to provide them these memorable experiences. I personally know a few members of this year's class and I know they were excited before the Weekend Workshop. I an only anticipate their reactions as the year goes by.

    Good Luck to this year's class!!

  14. Avatar Lara Osborn says:

    Darcie – A list of this years class can be viewed on the Leadership Redding website.

    Here is a link:

    And to everyone that has posted: thank you for all the wonderful comments and supporters!

  15. Avatar Binky says:

    Yes indeed, a weekend to remember! Not only were there so many wonderful people who brought their own unique qualities to the group, but there was a real transformation to the group over those two days. Wowsers!

  16. Avatar Staci Bertagna says:

    You can find a listing of this year's class on our website at You can also find the entire listing of alumni.

  17. Avatar Terri Mazingo says:

    As a graduate of Leadership Siskiyou County in 2003, I am excited for all of you. The opportunities that presented themselves in the years after have been life changing. I wish LSC could have continued.

    Have a great year!

  18. Avatar Les Baugh says:


    Thanks for sharing! Your account brought back fond memories for me from last year’s class – such a great experience. To all who are participating this year; THANKS for stepping up to the plate to share your life and to benefit the future of our great community. I wish you the very best!

  19. Great article!

    Thanks, Marilyn, for the heads up on the catalog.

  20. Avatar Ronda Ball says:

    Nice article, Lara. What a great learning experience last weekend was! I'm looking forward to the 25th!

  21. Avatar pmarshall says:

    Thanks, Lara. It is good to see so many people taking an interest in this city. And, of course, a city is only as good as the people who live in it, and continue to make it good. Good luck.

  22. Randall Smith Randall Smith says:

    Leadership Redding has been and continues to be a valuable tool for inspiring and encouraging the ideal of community service. In this PC era, I am struck by the 25/10 gender ratio of this year's class. This imbalance would seem to imply that Y chromosomes do not care, were not located, or some other reason(s) caused unequal participation.


  23. Avatar Kellie Jokela says:

    Hi Randy –

    Just wait until you get to know the "Y's" in our group. They more than make up for any lack of "participation."

    It is an exciting time and a very bonded team. I see future Rockstars!

    Kellie Jokela

    Shasta College EWD