The Learning Curve: October in the Garden & North State Calendar of Gardening Events

My 14 year-old who is learning French for the first time and this last week she learned the colors and subsequently I re-learned French colors. Not dissimilarly, in the course of co-developing an exhibit on mushrooms and fungi of Northern… Continue Reading


September’s Seeds for a New Season & North State Calendar of Gardening Events

Photo: Oak leaves turning colors with the season. The beginning signs of a change in seasons – such as the falling acorns of last week, always seem to precipitate a bout of nostalgia in me – a longing look back… Continue Reading


June in the Garden & Calendar of North State Gardening Events

All loss is potential opportunity. Opportunity for change, for growth, for creativity. This is not news to anyone – it’s a story old enough to be a complete cliche. And yet, sometimes being reminded of even obvious truths can be… Continue Reading


Planting Time: An Overview of How to Decide What to Plant When

Mother’s Day is almost here and in our culture it’s a traditional day for planting out heat-loving summer fruit, vegetables and herbs – your tomatoes, peppers, and basil, for instance. Likewise your heat-loving summer annuals, including the non-hardy begonias, impatience,… Continue Reading

May In the Garden – Everything’s Coming up Roses (And So Much More)

May is upon us and everything’s coming up Roses (and poppies and strawberries and peonies and clematis and alliums and more) – even with the windy weather of late we are on the brink of summer and all that it… Continue Reading

The Electricity of April & Calendar of North State Gardening Events

April in the garden is so electric with life, renewed growth and colorful bloom that for me it swings back and forth between intoxicating and over-stimulating – for my eyes, my ears, my head. Our cups – as they say… Continue Reading


Happy Birthday, 5 Years Old & Calendar of North State Gardening Events

On January 26th, 2008, Northstate Public Radio aired its first segment of In a North State Garden, a locally-conceived and produced, 4-minute, often interview-based program celebrating home gardening in the North State Region; a region 10 counties strong, just about… Continue Reading


Parable of the Mushroom, November in the Garden & Calendar of North State Gardening Events

Where is it? I’ve been looking for more than a month – given the diminishing hours of daylight, the cooling temperatures, the increasing humidity – it should be there! It was here last year at this same time, I reason.… Continue Reading


September in the Garden & Calendar of North State Gardening Events

The summer’s most recent heat wave went on long enough that I became stir-crazy. The ensuing sense of restriction actually motivated me to get outside and do something. Pruning an overgrown hedge was the perfect task. Prior to this last… Continue Reading