Night at the End of the Tunnel

In the five years since he’s moved to Ashland, director Christopher Liam Moore has distinguished himself bringing American modernist theater to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF). He’s made full use of the Bowmer Theater, OSF’s hi-tech proscenium stage, to project… Continue Reading

Much Ado Makes for Much ‘I Do’

From Shaw’s “Pygmalion” to “Fifty Shades of Grey,” we, as audiences, love to see confirmed bachelors or bachelorettes inveigled into marriage. The more louche or outré the singleton the better. It somehow ratifies the sweetness, rightness and inevitability of our… Continue Reading


Hey, Hey, LBJ — How Many Kids Know Your Name Today?

Before it heads off to Broadway — and, likely, to another round of prestigious plaudits and prizes — we in NorCal still have a few more weeks to head up to Ashland for the world premiere of “The Great Society,”… Continue Reading


Richard III; Differently Enabled

Some five centuries before Canadian shrink Robert Hare devised his famous psychometric assay of psychopathy, William Shakespeare had already delineated the syndrome with clinical precision in his portrayal of Richard III (1452-1485), England’s last Plantagenet king. “Glib charm, grandiosity, shameless… Continue Reading


Wrinkly in Ashland; Intergalactic Grandparenting

It all came on so suddenly. Sofia lost all her baby incisors at about the same time she graduated to reading chapter books. She traded in her hot pink organdy tutu for a wardrobe of pima jerseys in brooding purples.… Continue Reading

Revenge? Redemption? Ashland’s Got an App for That.

Director Tony Taccone. magus of the Berkeley Rep, doing a guest turn this year at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF), launches his new production of “The Tempest” not quite in a teapot but at least in a washtub. In the… Continue Reading