Planning Commission Considers Turtle Bay Hotel Plan

 After a meeting that lasted more than four hours, Redding Planning Commissioners voted Tuesday evening to continue the discussion on Turtle Bay Exploration Park’s proposed hotel on Sept. 28. This would give the commissioners more time to gain additional information before deciding on the plan. The commissioners’ decision followed… Continue Reading


Greyhound Joins the Party at RABA’s Stop

There was an eerie feel at the Butte Street Greyhound bus station today. Lights were turned off. The iconic blue “Bus” signs hung, serving no purpose. Nary a passenger lingered outside the building. Greyhound Lines Inc. closed the Butte Street… Continue Reading


Waders On, Spray Gun Loaded in War on Arundo

Enveloping the riparian areas along the many waterways of Shasta County is the sort of lush greenery that makes living in the far north state enviable. But some of that vegetation, like the invasive, creek-choking arundo plant, puts its environment in… Continue Reading


Roller Girls, Part 2: Not Just Players, They’re Beavers for Boobies

Driven by desire and the spirit of a fallen sister, Redding’s Angry Beavers roller derby team rolled into the rink at Big League Dreams last month to take on the Tahoe Derby Dames, kicking off the roller derby season. Robed in their typical… Continue Reading


Roller Girls, Part 1: Hip-bumps, Bruises & ‘Ballzy’ Fun

In May of last year, Cori Fulkerson called on the balance and agility of her childhood, stepped into a pair of roller skates, laced them up for the first time in years and set about the rink, marking her initiation into the world of roller derby.

Despite an injury in September, the ride has so far been good for Fulkerson.

“I won the ‘Miss 9-1-1’ award last year,” she said, laughing … Continue Reading