Roller Girls, Part 2: Not Just Players, They’re Beavers for Boobies

Driven by desire and the spirit of a fallen sister, Redding’s Angry Beavers roller derby team rolled into the rink at Big League Dreams last month to take on the Tahoe Derby Dames, kicking off the roller derby season. Robed in their typical… Continue Reading


Roller Girls, Part 1: Hip-bumps, Bruises & ‘Ballzy’ Fun

In May of last year, Cori Fulkerson called on the balance and agility of her childhood, stepped into a pair of roller skates, laced them up for the first time in years and set about the rink, marking her initiation into the world of roller derby.

Despite an injury in September, the ride has so far been good for Fulkerson.

“I won the ‘Miss 9-1-1’ award last year,” she said, laughing … Continue Reading