Storm Drain Clean-up on Bechelli and South Bonnyview

Two separate, major transient camp clean-ups were conducted today, one on private property and one on City of Redding property. Ever since the Redding Police Department Code Enforcement Team was formed in January 2015, primarily to address illegal transient encampment… Continue Reading


Bechelli Goes Bohemian: Redding’s Arty East Side

Bechelli Lane, unlike her neighboring thoroughfares Hilltop, Dana and Cypress, lacks what some claim is a winning score in the game of suburban progress: chain stores, an air-conditioned mall, big-box retailers and the requisite Starbucks, Applebee’s and Panda Express. But… Continue Reading


Saturday, Step Out of the Flame and Into the Fire

The storefront at 2610 Bechelli Lane in Redding appears to be another unassuming business in another suburban strip-mall. But never judge a building by its façade. Look more closely and you will peer into exotic eyes, hand-painted on the sign… Continue Reading