March 22 Evening Election Tally: 803 Unprocessed Ballots, No on Recall Leads by 48, Long Will Avoid Runoff

Although the Shasta County Elections office wasn’t expected to provide a detailed tally of the remaining votes left to count until early next week, its website released election count updates at 4:06 p.m. today.

Later, at 7:12 p.m., the Elections Office released the latest breakdown of the number of remaining ballots left to count.

Joanna Francescut, Assistant County Clerk/Registrar of Voters, released the following statement:

“Joanna Francescut, Assistant County Clerk and Registrar of Voters wishes to inform the public and the media the results were updated about 4:00 pm on our website. We expect to certify the results of the Election next week. We will announce a press conference prior to the release of the certified results.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we complete the final steps of the process.

Below is a report on the estimated count of unprocessed ballots that we have in our office. It is just that, an estimate. We are still processing these ballots, including verifying the signature and the eligibility of the voter. There may be ballots added to this count or removed as necessary.

Fifth Estimated Unprocessed Ballot Report

Vote By Mail: 503

Provisional: 176

CVR Provisional: 120

*Other 0

*(Includes unprocessed ballots that are damaged, need to be remade, or require further review)

Total Unprocessed: 803

In one of the county’s most hotly contested races, the District 1 recall of Supervisor Kevin Crye, the no recall votes were ahead of the yes votes by 48– 2 votes higher than the last tally.

Shasta County District 1 Supervisor Kevin Crye.

In the District 2 race, Allen Long holds strong lead over the other three candidates with 50.21 percent. If he continues to maintain at least 50 percent plus 1, he’ll avoid a November runoff.

The same cannot be said of the District 3 race, where it appears that incumbent District 3 Supervisor Mary Rickert, with 40.34 percent of the votes will end up in a runoff with challenger Corkey Harmon, who has 32.20 percent. Rickert picked up 58 more votes since the last update, one less than Harmon’s 59 new votes.

There’s no question about the winner of the District 4 race between incumbent Patrick Jones, who’s trailing with 40.33 percent to the presumed winner, candidate Matt Plummer with 59.67 percent.

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