Letter to the Editor: Sane, Civil Voters Can Save Shasta County

It’s been over 30 years since my last letter to the local paper. I haven’t felt so compelled as I do at this moment in time. As a person over 80 years old, living in Shasta County since 1944, I have come to feel very frightened of some possibilities from the March 5, 2024 Primary Election.

If the recall of Shasta County Supervisor Kevin Crye in District 1 does not occur, then I’ll feel a very strong urge to leave this beautiful city of Redding and equally beautiful Shasta County.

If the two Ballot Measures aren’t defeated — Measure C on whether there should be term limits for people elected to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors and Measure D on whether to change Shasta County from a general law county to a charter law county — I’ll also consider leaving.

I just feel that a great swath of political danger is in the works.

I can only hope that the majority of voters will act in a sane and civil manner — including moderate Republicans, Democrats and no party preference voters who are considering not voting because of a lack of options.

Please vote: Yes on the recall, no on term limits and no on changing Shasta County to a General Law County. In the Board of Supervisors race, please vote for Mary Rickert for District 3, Allen Long for District 2 and Matt Plummer for District 4.

Then Shasta County will remain a true Democracy.

Frank Treadway, Redding

Frank Treadway

Frank Treadway: Some say baker extraordinaire, some say, 'What is that?' Born in Mt. Shasta with a special sugar sensor, raised in Anderson, Frank has lived in Redding for the last 25 years. He's proud to say that he's found a fine bakery in more than 30 countries. Bon Appetit !

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