Sean Feucht – Far-Right Social-Media Evangelist, D.C.-Wannabe Influencer – Becomes Pandemic-Era Millionaire

After touring the country with his “Let Us Worship” concerts in nearly 200 cities across the U.S. to protest COVID-19 mandates and push far-right politics, Sean Feucht proved determined to stay relevant in 2020 and 2021.

His first Let Us Worship protest concert was held in Redding under the city’s famous Sundial Bridge, a gathering of thousands made possible after Feucht misrepresented the event’s true intentions to the city and Turtle Bay Exploration Park.

Sean Feucht is a far-right social-media evangelist, Christian musician, Christian nationalist and preacher affiliated with Bethel Church in Redding.

Feucht has hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. He posts on these platforms nonstop, pushing his far-right extremist religious and political agenda. Every concert he performs is streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. Feucht shares every trip he and his family take on Facebook and Instagram. Every time God allegedly speaks to Feucht, it instantly hits social media. When Feucht interviews a prominent far-right individual, tens of thousands of his followers view it on social media.

Suffice to say he’s making a great deal of money from social media companies and donations alone.

Screenshots of Sean Feucht’s Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages which shows the number of people who follow him.

Feucht is a combined Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker, Jerry Falwell, and Pat Roberts pumped up on a dose of social-media adrenaline. He is the king of a social-media kingdom and has mastered the art of using free platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to reach his followers. He knows social media is the opiate of the masses.

‘Let Us Worship’ loses relevancy

With the COVID-19 mandates gone, Feucht’s “Let Us Worship” message has become less relevant. As attendance at his live concerts has dwindled, Feucht has escalated his far-right activism.

Feucht’s new documentary “SUPERSPREADER” is coming to theaters on Aug. 19. The documentary follows Feucht while he toured across the country hosting “Let Us Worship” concerts to protest against COVID-19 mandates. Feucht has boasted on social media that the documentary will open in theaters in 500 cities across the U.S.

Meanwhile, Feucht makes bank while leaching onto every far-right issue possible. His main tax-exempt non-profit organization, Sean Feucht Ministries Inc., made millions during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Sean Feucht Ministries, which lists Feucht’s Redding home as its address, is just one of the many nonprofits Feucht operates.

Feucht went from owning a modest ranch-style Redding home at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to owning two additional residential properties worth more than $2 million. He also recently purchased a residential property in Washington, D.C., for nearly $1 million under Sean Feucht Ministries Inc.

Where is Feucht getting all of his money, and are the nonprofits he’s operating using the accumulated money in a legal manner?

Feucht is the only person employed by Sean Feucht Ministries Inc., and he claimed to pay himself a salary of more than $200,000 in 2020, with this and his other nonprofit organizations.

Feucht meets with border patrol; talks politics with Ted Nugent & Michael Flynn

Feucht met with U.S. Border Patrol law enforcement officials in Texas in Jan. 2022. He boasted on social media about being able to watch border patrol agents detain undocumented immigrants. He also said that the Biden administration abandoned the border patrol, and that fentanyl and the victims of human trafficking were pouring across the border. Feucht provided no evidence to back up what he said.

Sean Feucht Facebook post of a picture of him with border patrol agents in Texas. Source: Sean Feucht’s Facebook page.

Feucht also talked “faith, family, and freedom” with far-right “Motor City Madman” musician Ted Nugent while in Texas last January. Nugent once claimed former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton should be tried for treason and hung. Nugent has an affinity for far-right extremes. Feucht’s Nugent interview was viewed more than 13,000 times on YouTube.

Sean Feucht interview of Ted Nugent shared on YouTube.

Sean Feucht Facebook post shows Feucht with Ted Nugent. Source: Sean Feucht’s Facebook page.

In February, Feucht posed for a photo op with General Michael Flynn at a rally in Ohio. Flynn was former President Trump’s U.S. National Security Advisor who pled guilty to lying to the FBI regarding his contacts with Russia. Feucht shared a picture of himself and Flynn on Facebook that received more than 11,000 “likes” and “hearts” and attracted more than 700 comments.

Sean Feucht Facebook post of a picture of him with General Michael Flynn. Source: Sean Feucht’s Facebook page.

Feucht attends Mar-a-Lago ‘2000 Mules’ movie premier

Feucht is an unabashed Donald Trump fan.

Feucht’s visited the White House multiple times. He’s met with Trump, and joined a group of Christian nationalists – the majority of whom were Bethel-church-affiliated – for a photo in the Oval Office with the then-president. Feucht is easy to pick out in the crowd because the only person with his hand on the president’s forearm.

In May of 2022, Feucht and his wife Katie attended the premier of the documentary ‘2000 Mules’ at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach.

Video of 2000 Mules Mar-a-Lago premier party shared by Feucht on Facebook, screenshots of former President Trump and Katie Feucht (Sean’s wife) from the video, and photograph of Feucht and David Harris Jr. at the event shared on Instagram by Harris Jr (bottom right).

The video Feucht shared of the former president walking into to a room to greet attendees was viewed more than 940,000 times on Facebook.

Feucht was also photographed at the event with David Harris Jr., a Bethel Church-affiliated prominent conservative with millions of followers and home-town Redding connections.

Harris retains close ties to Bethel Church leaders. He attended Trump’s inaugural ball with wife Jennifer and Bethel Church-influencers/leaders Beni Johnson and her daughter Leah Valenzuela.

From left, Leah Valenzuela, Beni Johnson, and Jennifer and David Harris. Jr. attended former Pres. Donald Trump’s inaugural ball. Photo source: Facebook.

Harris has ties with Red, White and Blueprint co-founder Carlos Zapata. He’s been a guest on the RW&B docuseries and podcasts.

David Harris Jr. and Carlos Zapata holding a discussion as seen in RW&B Episode 8

In April, 2021, Harris was the keynote speaker at the RW&B’s first fundraiser where he touched upon such topics as abortion and the evils of allowing Christian youth to attend secular 4-year universities.

The fight against liberalism on college campuses

After his trip to Mar-a-Lago, Feucht shared a YouTube video of himself being interviewed by Charlie Kirk. Kirk is the founder of Turning Point U.S.A, a multimillion-dollar far-right non-profit organization. Kirk’s organization’s primary goal is to fight against so-called liberalism on college and university campuses across the U.S. The YouTube video of Kirk interviewing Feucht was viewed more than 646,000 times, and attracted more than 1,400 comments.

Kirk complains about “cancel culture” but he cancels everyone and everything that doesn’t agree with his agenda. Feucht also spoke to Kirk on stage at a Turning Point U.S.A.-event dressed in a flashy leather jacket with “Let Us Worship” embroidered on one sleeve, and a patch of the U.S. flag stitched to the other. It received more than 16,500 views on Facebook.

Video shared on YouTube of Charlie Kirk interviewing Sean Feucht.

Feucht takes on Disney

Feucht organized and led protests in front of Disneyland last April and Disney World last May. Feucht’s anger against Disney, like other right-wing activists, started when the company came out against Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill.

Sean Feucht-led protest in front of Disney World. Source: Sean Feucht’s Facebook page.

“They crossed a line in the sand when they began to enable those who want to fight to sexualize our kids,” said Feucht on Fox News in a segment titled “The Woke World of Disney.” Feucht shared the Fox News interview on his YouTube page. It was viewed more than 43,000 times.

Feucht also associated Disney with the “crazy woke ideology that’s invading our school system” in one television interview, and said he’s angry with Disney for its move toward more progressive content in its television shows and movies.

Feucht streamed his Disneyland and Disney World protests live on Facebook and YouTube where they received tens of thousands of views.

Protester who showed up at the Sean Feucht-led protest in front of Disney World dressed as Maga Mouse. Source: Sean Feucht’s Facebook page.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says Democrats want to kill live babies

Feucht held his first of two far-right anti-Roe vs. Wade protest concerts in Washington, D.C., in front of the Supreme Court Building on May 17. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) spoke at the event.

“Republicans are the party of life while Democrats are the party of death,” said Greene.

“Now the Democrat party, it’s not just enough for them to abort a baby in the womb. They’re also the party that we’re hearing talk about aborting babies up until the day of birth. But that’s not enough. Now they’re talking about aborting babies after birth, up to one month old and even some of them have been saying past that.”

In addition to Greene’s baseless, blatant lies about abortion, Greene has claimed that the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting was staged. She also promoted the anti-Semitic conspiracy that the Camp Fire, which devastated Paradise in 2018, was started by space lasers owned by the Rothschild family.

More recently, Greene pushed the conspiracy theory that the U.S. government plans to force Americans to eat fake meat grown in a “peach tree dish” created by Bill Gates.

Screenshot of video shared by Sean Feucht of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene speaking at Feucht’s Washington D.C. protest rally held in May.

Rep. Boebert takes the stage in Washington D.C.

Far-right gun-rights activist Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) also spoke at Feucht’s May event in Washington, D.C. After approaching the podium, Boebert pointed her left arm into the sky with a bold salute and shouted “the Lord is good, and his mercy will continue forever” several times.

Screenshots of video shared by Sean Feucht of Rep. Lauren Boebert speaking at Feucht’s Washington D.C. protest rally held in May.

“We are here today to stand for life. The deceptions of the enemy, the lies that have been told to women for generations … about the children that they bear on inside. We cast those lies down right now in the name of Jesus.”

Boebert, absent of her signature firearm often seen strapped to her right leg, called for women to be redeemed and forgiven for having abortions.

The Washington, D.C., rally that featured Greene and Boebert was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube where it received more than 30,000 Facebook views and attracted thousands of comments.

On Jun. 21, soon before she was re-elected to Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, Boebert said she was “tired” of the separation of church and state that stemmed from a “stinking letter” written by one founding father.

Sean Feucht returns to Washington, D.C.

Feucht held his second concert in front of the Supreme Court Building on Jun. 28. The day before the concert he shared a video on social media of himself walking through the U.S. Capitol, and a photograph of himself standing in front of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office door while wearing a $175 authentic U.S.A. Basketball jersey.

Sean Feucht Facebook post of a picture of him standing in front of Speaker Pelosi’s office door in the U.S. Capitol. Source: Sean Feucht’s Facebook page.

A picture Sean Feucht shared on Facebook of himself holding a newspaper announcing that Roe v. Wade had been overturned by the Supreme Court.

Feucht hoped his Washington, D.C., protest rally would take place on the same day that Roe vs. Wade was reversed by the Supreme Court. Feucht’s concert was only attended by two or three dozen of his more ardent greater-Washington, D.C- area followers.

“In one abortion clinic on Friday, sixty patients were waiting. I don’t remember what state it was. Sixty patients were waiting to get an abortion. As soon as the ruling came down, they stopped all abortions.” The small crowd cheered in response to Feucht. Feucht’s example was so important, in his own mind, he couldn’t recall the clinic, city, or state where it occurred.

Screenshots of video shared on social media by Sean Feucht of him performing at the Jun. 28 protest rally in front of the Supreme Court.

Peggy Nienaber helped coordinate Feucht’s concert. Nienaber is close with Feucht and is the Vice President of Faith and Liberty, a ministry located one block from the U.S. Capitol. Faith and Liberty serves as a base for missionaries from across the U.S. who works to influence federal-level politics with far-right Christian beliefs.

Peggy Nienaber and Sean Feucht.

Nienaber told an independent news reporter recording a Facebook livestream video of Feucht’s concert that she prays with certain justices in the Supreme Court building. When asked if she would consider being interviewed about praying with the Justices, Nienaber declined “because that’s totally off the record.”

Feucht’s new Washington, D.C., property

After Feucht’s concert in front of the Supreme Court building, he walked home to his new Capitol Hill neighborhood property. Feucht purchased the residential unit in May of 2022 for $967,000 through his tax-exempt non-profit organization Sean Feucht Ministries Inc. It is a two-bedroom, one-bath two-story, fully renovated and semi-detached rowhouse one block from the Supreme Court.

Feucht purchased his Washington D.C. property from Brandon and Kristina Harder. Harder is the Chief of Staff for Rep. Tracey Mann (R-KS). Mann was part of the far-right group that demanded former President Barack Obama provide his birth certificate to prove he was a legitimate citizen during his 2009 presidential campaign. Brandon and Kristina Harder are board members for the Kansas-based nonprofit missionary organization Victory Road Co.

Shortly after purchasing his Washington, D.C., property, Feucht announced that it would be the base for a new organization, Camp Elah. In one of Feucht’s social-media videos, Feucht claimed that God gave him the house, and that Elah was the small stream where David picked up stones to slay the giant.

“This is a small stream right by a bunch of giants and Davids are going to come through here,” Feucht said in his video.

Feucht said he planned to use the property to help him take back Washington, D.C., for Jesus.

Feucht has spent just a few nights in his newly purchased Washington, D.C., property.

Sean Feucht’s social media screenshots of Feucht’s Washington, D.C., residential property, ‘Camp Elah’.

Sean Feucht Ministries Inc. and its subsidiaries

Sean Feucht Ministries Inc. is Sean Feucht’s largest and most active tax-exempt nonprofit organization. The address it lists on its Form 909 (form required to be filed by tax-exempt organizations) available online, is Feucht’s residential property in Redding.

Feucht runs several tax-exempt nonprofit organizations: Let Us Worship, Hold the Line, Light a Candle, Burn 24-7, and his latest, Camp Elah. Some of Feucht’s tax-exempt nonprofit organizations appear to be subsidiaries of Sean Feucht Ministries Inc., and some appear to be separate entities.

Let Us Worship was created by Feucht in 2020 to protest against COVID-19 mandates. Hold the Line is described on its webpage as a political activist organization designed to encourage members of the millennial generation to be more politically active through engagement with the church. Let Us Worship and Hold the Line appear to be subsidiaries of Sean Feucht Ministries Inc.

Light a Candle, another tax-exempt nonprofit operated by Feucht is described on its webpage as a global missionary and compassion movement. It is categorized as a “disaster relief” nonprofit organization. On Light a Candle’s 2020 Form 990, it gives a Redding post office box number as the nonprofit organization’s primary address, and identifies Feucht as Light a Candle’s principle officer.

Feucht claims that through Light a Candle he sponsors people in the so-called “hardest, darkest, and most forgotten places in the world”. However, he’s been criticized by some for failing to show exactly what he does with the money donated to the nonprofit.

Feucht also runs two additional tax-exempt nonprofit organizations: Burn 24-7 and Camp Elah. Burn 24-7 is vaguely described on its webpage as an organization that promotes prayer on university and college campuses across the United States. The Form 909 filed for Burn 24-7 lists as its address a Port Orchard, Wash., post office number. It also lists Feucht’s name as the nonprofit’s principle officer, along with his Redding address.

Camp Elah, on the other hand, is the organization Feucht started at the recently purchased Washington, D.C., property. It is likely a subsidiary of Sean Feucht Ministries Inc. because the nonprofit is listed in public records as the entity that purchased the property.

Sean Feucht Ministries Inc. makes millions in 2020

In 2018 the total revenue claimed by Sean Feucht Ministries was $218,476, and in 2019 total revenue claimed was $283,526. The total revenue for Sean Feucht Ministries in 2020 leapt to $5,314,148.

Sean Feucht Ministries Inc. 2020 Form 909. (Address, phone number and other details redacted.)

The salary Feucht claimed to have paid to himself from his text-exempt Sean Feucht Ministries Inc. organization totaled $124,000 in 2019 and $167,000 in 2020. In 2020, Sean Feucht Ministries Inc. listed Feucht as its sole employee.

Sean Feucht Ministries Inc.’s 2020 Form 909 shows $214,815 paid to “other,” $71,735 spent on travel, $175,831 spent on “conferences, conventions, and meetings,” $143,469 spent on “honorariums,” and $70,075 spent on “event production.” It is unclear exactly what any of this spending entails.

Sean Feucht Ministries also paid a housing allowance of $48,000 to one unnamed employee in 2020, an expenditure that did not exist in 2018 or 2019.

The total expenses for Sean Feucht Ministries Inc. in 2020 totaled $1,123,493. This left the nonprofit with $4,190,655 in revenue.

Light a Candle, Feucht’s nonprofit’s that lists a Redding post office box as its primary address, claimed a total revenue of $519,302 in 2019 and $538,266 in 2020. In 2020, Light a Candle claimed it paid Feucht a salary of $37,467. The Form 909 filed for Light a Candle’s listed Feucht as the only person who received a salary in 2020. It also says $43,400 was paid out in “other salary and wages” but it doesn’t say to whom.

Burn 24-7s, the nonprofit which lists the Port Orchard, Wash. post office box as its primary address, had a total revenue of $101,870 in 2019 and $48,379 in 2020. In 2020, the nonprofit claimed it paid Feucht a salary of $17,500.

All combined, at least in terms of what is claimed and made available to the public, Feucht earned a salary of $220,000 in 2020 from his tax-exempt nonprofits.

There is some speculation that Feucht may have siphoned even more money from his nonprofits, when considering other costs paid by the organizations, and the amount of money made by Sean Feucht Ministries Inc. in 2020 alone.

As reported by A News Café, Sean Feucht Ministries Inc. also received a federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan of $20,800 dollars in 2020, which was subsequently forgiven. The goal of PPP loans was to help businesses stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite making millions of tax-exempt dollars, Feucht applied for and accepted the free government money.

There’s no doubt Feucht has made a significant amount of money from his music career. However, he also paid himself a generous salary for touring the country while hosting shows that melded far-right politics with Christian nationalism and pushed an anti-COVID-19-mandate agenda.

Sean Feucht’s residential properties

A quick Google search for “Sean Feucht’s worth” turns up several websites that claim that Feucht’s worth is somewhere between $1 million to $5 million.

Besides the property in Washington, D.C., purchased by Sean Feucht Ministries Inc., Feucht purchased two properties in 2021 and 2022 – both under his real name, John Christopher Feucht. In April of 2021, Feucht purchased a 1,632-square-foot, 4-bedroom, 2-bath, two-story cabin in Montana that sits on 5 acres. The original listing price was $745,000, but it is now estimated to be worth between roughly $900,000 and $1 million. In addition, in February, Feucht paid $1,650,000 for a 3,300-square-foot, 6-bedroom, 5-bath Orange County home in a lavish residential neighborhood.

Feucht boasts about killing of “serpent” in Colorado

Last month, Feucht went viral online for boasting about how he or a member of his “Let Us Worship” team killed a bull snake before an outdoor concert in Boulder. Feucht claimed the snake was chasing people around during sound check. He posted on Facebook and Instagram a picture of himself holding the 6-foot snake. The photograph attracted more than 1,700 comments on his Facebook page and it was shared over 530 times.

Even some of Feucht’s supporters questioned the killing of the snake because bull snakes are not aggressive and they’re an important part of the ecosystem. It’s also illegal to kill snakes in Colorado unless it’s a rattlesnake posing a threat. Others supported the killing of the snake and viewed it, as Feucht did, in a Biblical context as the killing of the serpent equated with the devil in the Bible.

Due to the backlash, Feucht edited the Facebook post of him holding the dead snake to say “snake” instead of “bull snake.” Feucht posted a statement on Facebook and Instagram the next day that said his only regret was not turning the snake’s skin into shoes or a guitar strap, and that people should care more about abortions than snakes.

Sean Feucht social media post of Feucht holding a dead bull snake in Colorado. The bottom right Facebook says “bull snake.” Feucht edited the original post to say “snake” (top left)

Social media photos of Sean Feucht holding the dead snake, which he later said he should have turned into a guitar strap or shoes.

A few years ago, Feucht posted a statement on social media that claimed he cared deeply about the planet as an outdoorsman, hunter, and conservationist.

Two Kudu, a golden wildebeest, and a white blesbok killed in Africa by Sean Feucht.

However, Feucht allegedly pleaded guilty to a criminal misdemeanor for fishing without a license in Shasta County a few years ago. In 2013, Feucht pleaded guilty to and was fined for big-game hunting violations in four Montana counties.

Feucht’s flagrant fireworks

Speaking of violations, as we’re heading toward the 4th of July, let us not forget that Sean Feucht lit fireworks at his Redding home to celebrate his son’s April birthday.

Let us also remember that all forms of fireworks are illegal in Shasta County. When Feucht found out that he was reported to Cal Fire for lighting off fireworks in a city devastated by the Carr Fire in 2018, he blasted the “trolls who called Cal Fire to ‘taddle’ ” on him, and then boasted he has good friends in Cal Fire.

Finally, maybe?

Maybe Sean Feucht is the serpent in our midst.

Maybe Sean Feucht, who rolls into every town he visits wearing authentic high-priced NBA jerseys and Yeezy Adidas shoes, is the false prophet.

Maybe the guy who claims to be sponsoring people all over the world with his nonprofit ministry is mostly just out to sponsor himself and his family by selling his flimsy version of Christianity.

Maybe we should wonder why Feucht attracts members of the Proud Boys to his “Let Us Worship” shows.

Proud Boy leader Tusitala “Tiny” Toese at Sean Feucht’s Portland concert.

Maybe we should wonder why Feucht’s shared photographs of himself wearing hats and shirts with the anti-government extremist State Jefferson movement logo.

Feucht and LaMalfa in a Congressional campaign poster and Feucht wearing a State of Jefferson t-shirt

Most of all, maybe Sean Feucht’s tax-exempt nonprofit organizations should be investigated by the IRS.

Editor’s note: This story was edited for clarity at 2:30 p.m. on July 2, 2022.


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