Siskiyou County is in Crisis; Needs New Leaders

When Michael Kobseff, the incumbent supervisor in Siskiyou County District 3, was first elected to office, the iPhone was not yet announced. Pluto was still a planet. Saddam Hussein was alive; Facebook was still relegated to college campuses and Twitter was averaging 60,000 tweets a day (today there is well over one billion). Since his first election, there have been eight Olympic games, seven new Congresses, three new presidents, two new Senators, a new governor (and one returning after a long break) and a new Representative in Congress. There has even been a new Pope.

And yet, Siskiyou County is at a crisis point. Supervisor Kobseff’s leadership has left our county worse off than what he inherited. Our farmers, neighbors, citizens, and tribes are all feeling the effects of drought, wildfire, a breakdown in public safety, a mental health crisis, a severe housing shortage and one of the highest rates of disease of despair in the nation. And yet what the incumbent offers is more of the status quo, more empty promises that have not materialized in 16 years.

The members of the Board of Supervisors are allegedly implicated in unlawful gerrymandering, have been called out for deceiving the public by an appellate judge in a recent court case involving an environmental impact statement, and just recently an accusation by the deputy sheriff’s association of potential bribery and misallocation of state funds — this is unacceptable. We need new leadership Full Stop.

Vote for Matthew Hilliard by June 7th.

Matthew Hilliard
Mount Shasta, CA

Guest Speaker

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