Vaccination Available to Several New Groups

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Two new groups of people are invited to receive COVID-19 vaccine starting this week through one of two options: your local Safeway pharmacy or a mass vaccination clinic planned for Saturday. Groups that can participate in these options are:

• In Home Supportive Services providers who provide services outside of their home and
have multiple clients.
• Community Health Workers who do hands-on, direct patient care and do not work for a
health center or hospital where they can receive vaccination.
The options for vaccination for these groups only are:
• Drive-up vaccination clinic: Saturday at Benton Airpark; details to come later this week.
• Safeway stores: Clinics begin Wednesday, Jan. 13, and are by appointment only. If you belong
to one of the two groups above, click on the link that corresponds to your preferred store.

Our priority is to ensure timely vaccination of Shasta County health care personnel, and urgent care and primary care providers are being scheduled now. Shasta County providers that are currently enrolled in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program are helping to vaccinate staff at primary care clinics. More information about this is available in the Shasta County Public Health advisory issued today.

Please refer to (click on “Vaccinations”) to see the rollout plan, including
who can receive vaccine now and who is coming up.

-from press release
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