Dr. Greenberg: Leave Emotions Out of Decision to Get Vaccine

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If you are not sure about this vaccine, know that almost all of the physicians I know are jumping at the chance to get this. We are well educated and taught to think critically. We also understand the huge role that vaccines play in public health. This vaccine has been given to over 30,000 people in clinical trials, and although rare side effects may not be known, the morbidity and mortality of Covid is apparent and much higher than the vaccine.

For all of you unsure about the Covid vaccine, here is my take. Our emotions will betray us. For example, many people are afraid of the ocean, yet there are about 12 fatal shark attacks per year. Many are afraid to fly, but only one in 3 million commercial flights cause fatalities. Yet we don’t think twice about chowing down on a big mac while driving our car with insufficient sleep, which is much more likely to end in our demise.

Now let’s talk Covid vaccine. It has been studied in tens of thousands and now given to millions. We don’t know the long-term effects of this vaccine, but we have been giving vaccines for a long time. There will probably be some deaths, just like taking an Ibuprofen for a headache or unnecessary amoxicillin for a viral URI can kill you. However, the risks of serious neurological sequelae, cancer, or other bad stuff in the longer term are quite unlikely. What is known that Covid may kill you. Even if you are 20 years old and healthy, there’s a tiny chance it will kill you. Most likely you will feel like crap for a little while and then recover. But you may get long-term pulmonary complications, you may get heart failure, you may get one of those nasty blood clots.

At this point the risks of Covid are known, and I can almost guarantee that the risks of Covid are far greater for you than the risks of the vaccine. Weighing the risks of the vaccine, including the unknowns, against the risks of Covid, the logical choice is the vaccine. Don’t let your emotions betray you, get the damned vaccine, hop on the flight to Hawaii, and go surfing!

Greg Greenberg

Greg Greenberg grew up in Santa Monica, California. After undergraduate training at UCLA he attended medical school at Ohio State University and completed a residency in family medicine in Columbus, Ohio. He moved to Redding after residency in 2004 and has served the Redding community as a family physician, hospitalist, emergency physician, and, most recently, in addiction medicine. When he’s not enjoying the calm atmosphere of the emergency department he enjoys the chaos of being a full-time parent as well.

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