Want to See an End to New Coronavirus Cases? Stop Testing for COVID-19

At last, I know who President Donald Trump reminds me of the most! I have previously vacillated between thinking Trump reminded me of the Wizard of Oz, or professor Harold Hill of  “the Music Man”.

Now, however, I see that a lot of what Trump says is directly from the Yogi Berra playbook. Trump’s most recent statement about testing for coronavirus is a great example.

“If we stopped testing right now, we would see few if any cases.”

This statement is brilliant. Finally, someone has come up with a solution for medical problems that have perplexed us for years. All we have to do is stop testing for them. Want to get rid of diabetes? Don’t check anyone’s blood sugar. High blood pressure? Throw away the BP cuffs and no one will need any more medicine. Simple, and very effective. Forget mammograms, colonoscopies, biopsies and, voila, no more cancer!

What makes it like a Yogi Berra saying is the last part of the phrase “… few, if any cases.” Yes, it would be very hard to document any cases without any tests. As a matter fact, I would venture to say that there wouldn’t even be a few cases.

When you think about it, this mentality is the basic Trump logic. Russia investigation: a hoax. Impeachment: a witch hunt. Climate change: another hoax. COVID-19: no longer exists.

All of these things are just inventions created by others to make Trump look bad so he will lose the election. The fact is, he can look bad very well just on his own. You can control people with bullying and BS, but viruses are immune to them.

Dave Short, M.D., is a Redding family physician. He has been active in the jazz scene since moving back home to Redding in 1980. He loves to play the tenor sax, and has recorded three albums with the band Sax Therapy.

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