I Stand With The Police

Dear Editor,

If you chose to print this I am sure you will get a lot of, WHY, HOW COULD YOU comments.

Do I condemn the actions of some police officers? Of course, but the majority are just trying to do their job with equal pressure from their superiors and citizens, often with different agendas.

In Scottsdale after the looting a week ago, the police were criticized for lack of response. The very next day several police chiefs notified the public that they would not put up with a repeat of the looting and burning again and promised tougher control. This was the same response nationally.

Police followed up with tougher crowd control as dictated by their superiors, they did not set the tone as curfews had been set and blockades had been put up. Were there innocent protestors, peaceably breaking the curfew laws? Of course, but a few were antagonizing the police, causing harm to the peaceful. Many say it was White Militia doing the provoking, but regardless the police had to respond.

A new rallying cry is going up that appeals to protestors, White Militias, criminals and general public that received a traffic ticket: Defund the police.

I can relate to what police are going through, not just from my umpiring days, but also from my Shasta Union High School District employment; enforcing rules made by others who are safely in their home, while I had to deal with angry people. It is a sometimes impossible chore which takes its toll on the enforcers.

Changes, especially in this COVID-19 time, need to be made in voting places, not the street.

Bruce Vojtecky, El Mirage, Arizona

Guest Speaker

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