Shasta Community Health Center Future Primary Care Workforce Scholarship Recipients – 2020

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Shasta Community Health Center is pleased to introduce the two award winners of the Shasta Community Health Center Future Primary Care Workforce Scholarship in collaboration with Shasta Regional Community Foundation. This $2,500 scholarship is geared towards those in college (undergrad or graduate) who are actively pursuing a medical degree track in the specific areas of MD, DO, NP, PA or Dentist and fully intend to return to Shasta County to help care for the otherwise medically underserved.

SCHC Scholar Recipient # 1: Rebecca Gasman, R.N. has been working as a nurse in the Pediatric ICU at Children’s Minnesota Hospital – St. Paul, Minnesota, in addition to being currently enrolled at the University of Minnesota in the Doctor of Nursing Practice – Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Specialty Program. Rebecca worked one summer as an intern at Shasta Community Health Center in the pediatric department, which served as a turning point for her towards pursuing her current career goals. She grew up in Shasta County and hopes to return as a pediatric nurse practitioner to serve the children of Shasta County.

-from press release
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