City of Redding Prepares for Additional Protest

The City of Redding grieves with the families who have lost loved ones during encounters with law
enforcement personnel, and stands with those peacefully protesting these events. Amid protests taking place across the nation, the City of Redding stays committed to keeping the Redding community safe.

City of Redding Police Chief Bill Schueller, in a statement to the community, said, “I won’t pretend to understand the pain and anger felt by the communities of color here or elsewhere in the country. I understand they are hurting. This unlawful, cowardly act by these officers will tear apart the trust and relationships we have tried so hard to build. The law enforcement profession must do a better job building relationships with our underserved communities so the acts of a few do not overshadow the great work the majority of police officers do every day.”

A peaceful protest occurred in Redding on the evening of Friday, May 29, 2020, where members of the community gathered in solidarity to support those who have been marginalized and feel forgotten. “These protests can help our community recognize what is happening and begin the process of healing,” says Mayor Adam McElvain. “The right to protest is fundamental to our Country and I fully support every citizen’s constitutional right to protest but condemn any associated violence. Our City is committed to equal and fair treatment for everyone.”’

An additional protest is scheduled for Tuesday, June 2, 2020 and is also promoting peace, healing, and solidarity. While the City cannot prevent people’s constitutional right to protest, or prevent people from out of town attending any protest, the City is prepared and working with organizers to ensure a safe and peaceful protest.


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