Shasta College Fall Classes To Be Primarily Online

As scheduling begins for the Fall semester, there are still unknown factors from national, state, and local levels that influence the accessibility to the college campuses. One of the biggest variables is what trends the virus will take – whether there will be a resurgence in the fall, when specifically that might happen, and to what degree of severity it will bring.

At this time, it isn’t clear if traditional in-person instruction can be offered safely in the months to come. To account for this unpredictable environment and still provide a full range of class offerings, Shasta College has moved as many Summer 2020 classes online as possible. For Fall 2020, the college plans to offer instruction similar to Spring 2020, which is primarily online, with a variety of safety protocols in place for those courses held on-site. Planning includes:

  1. Classes that are currently in an online format will continue that way.
  2. In-person classes that can be converted to an online format will be. Online classes may include synchronous online components, which means scheduled times for the class to gather at the same time electronically.
  3. Courses in Allied Health, Fire Science, EMT, and some CTE disciplines will be in a hybrid format. The hybrid format will entail using online for the lecture component and small groups, physically distanced for the in-person component.
  4. Shasta College leadership, in cooperation with the faculty, will be examining labs that may be required to retain an in-person element on a minimal basis.

Moving predominantly online is consistent with the approach planned by many California community colleges for summer and fall terms. This situation is still very fluid; some of these plans may change if state or federal guidance changes.

Shasta College employees will continue to work remotely — the plans outlined above are specifically about course offerings. All Shasta College physical locations remain closed at this time with instruction remaining online. The college is developing plans to bring staff and faculty back on campus before instruction commences for Fall 2020 with enough time to allow for content development and course prep. At this time, decisions around the ECE center, on-campus events, and athletics have not been made while we watch for additional guidance from the state governing bodies related to large group gatherings and other operational allowances for such programs.

This plan is in alignment with the expectation for California’s future from leaders and experts throughout the state.

Registration for Summer and Fall Semester sessions is open. Summer classes will begin on June 8. The goal is to have the changes to the Fall course schedule in place by June 1, but many changes will likely only be finalized after that date due to the time-consuming process of re-working the schedule.

Shasta College will continue to prioritize the safety of our students, staff, and community members in our planning and decision making.

For questions please contact Campus Safety at (530) 242-7910.

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