Roadmap to Recovery Advisory Committee Begins Planning for the Future

Shasta County’s new Roadmap to Recovery Advisory Committee has begun planning for re-opening Shasta County once the governor modifies his stay-at-home order.

Counties cannot lift restrictions set by the statewide order, but Shasta County wanted to ensure a coordinated approach to gradually re-open the county while addressing both the public health and economic emergencies created by COVID-19.

Participants are:

• Stephen Campbell, faith community
• Judy Flores, education community
• Robert Folden, medical community
• Jake Mangas, business community
• Tracy Edwards, Redding Rancheria
• Zalynn Baker, Pit River Tribe
• Judy Menoher, Public Health Advisory Board
• John Duckett, City of Shasta Lake
• Jeff Kiser, City of Anderson
• Barry Tippin, City of Redding
• Matthew Pontes, Shasta County
• Eric Magrini, Sheriff

“This committee was established to ensure broad representation across sectors,” said Shasta County Health Officer Karen Ramstrom. “It’s good for health, good for business and good for our community.”

Key principles for the decisions made in this group are to:

• Protect vulnerable groups, including older adults and people with medical conditions
• Continue social distancing, including six feet between people, regular cleaning and sick people staying home
• Implementing data triggers, which are early warning signs that can be used to see when measures need to be reinstated or loosened as the outbreak has its ups and downs

“A healthy business community and a healthy community are one and the same,” said Jake Mangas. “Together, we can overcome this health and economic crisis.”

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