Frank’s Famous Lists: New Year Rings in New Ways to Improve Life on Earth

Hello fellow Earthling. Here we are, the beginning of the year 2020. Have you thought about what planet you want to emigrate to before we reach maximum intoleration for carbon and other dangerous elements in our environment? Well, the nearest Earth-like planet is Proxima Centauri, just 77,000 Earth years from us. Better start traveling now! On second thought, let’s hang around and start this New Year taking care of ourselves and our environment. Our personal actions can range from the micro to revolutionary change.

For 2020, make a solemn pledge to engage in one action a month. That’s a grand total of 12 bits of action we’ll have taken for ourselves and our community. Collectively that could be called a Movement, alone or with a small energized group. Just do it!

We can look back and say that we did it, without even knowing who else was in the game. That’s the best part.

For me, I’m going to concentrate on reducing my load in a whole bunch of different ways. Here’s a sample:

  • Get my own personal straw. No more straws, please, when I’m offered one in a restaurant. Even though a straw-ban bill passed in California last year, it still happens. What convinced me to give up plastic straws was when I saw a photo of a plastic straw jammed up the nose of a sea turtle. (Fortunately it was removed safely, and the turtle lived.) You see every day the billions of straws making up islands in our oceans.
  • Donating books, clothes and other dust-catching items to local non-profits, will also lighten my load.

Here are a few more ways we all can make a difference for 2020, and beyond.

  • Buy a wooden drying rack, string up a cotton rope clothes line, use wooden clothespins. The point is, skip the dryer. It saves money and your clothes will be nice and soft.
  • Remove as much grass area from your yard as possible, and replace with carbon-sucking native plants. This  saves on your water bill. Plus, no more lawnmowers.
  • Put out hanging water containers with plain water, in the shade (no red dye or sugar necessary) for birds and butterflies. They’re suffering from climate change, too.
  • Change light bulbs to LED, It saves money in the long run.
  • Buy an electric vehicle.
  • Use natural fertilizer.
  • Put a beehive in your backyard.
  • Use a rake instead of a gas-operated blower.
  • Walk, instead of driving two blocks.
  • Take public transit.
  • Reduce ghost lights.
  • Install solar panels.
  • Start classes at your local community college.
  • Adopt a senior, take them to lunch and on errands.
  • Write a letter to editor every three months.
  • Suggest a piece of legislation to your local representative; come armed with a petition and signatures.
  • Organize 10 friends to make phone calls to your local community leaders on current issues; along with the thoughts of you and your family. It’ll be a winning outcome.

Bring all of the above ideas to your local school board of trustees, the leaders of your place of worship and your community officials. They need to be part of the overall scheme to help our community create the solutions and preservation of our place here on Earth. That’s why we elect our leaders. Oh, that’s right, and don’t forget to vote in 2020, go to the polls and send in your ballot!

OK, what have I missed? What else should we do?

Frank Treadway

Frank Treadway: Some say baker extraordinaire, some say, 'What is that?' Born in Mt. Shasta with a special sugar sensor, raised in Anderson, Frank has lived in Redding for the last 25 years. He's proud to say that he's found a fine bakery in more than 30 countries. Bon Appetit !

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