ANC Online Auction: Murano Vase – Candace Constans-Corbin


HAND-BLOWN LINEA VALENTINA MURANO GLASS VASE (purchased by original owner at the Linea Valentina Murano Glass Factory in Venice, Italy). This vase is purple with swirls of dark colored hairline lines on the top and bottom that are either black or darker purple. It measures approximately 11” tall and is approximately 7 1/2” wide at its widest point.

This vase has a small clear sticker denoting “Linea Valentina Murano Vase.”

NOTE: The markings on Murano glass may be of any reasonable size, or they may not be present at all. It is up to every master, workshop, or factory to determine how they would like to identify and mark their Murano glass. Many choose not to have any markings at all, others decide to have an etched stamp on the bottom, still others may sign anywhere on the piece or attach a small sticker, usually no more than 1 1/2 inches in size.

Donated by Candace Constans-Corbin from the local Redding Estate of Betty Ramsey.

Value: $200

Minimum Bid – $50.00

Auction bidding will begin Mon. Jan. 6, and will conclude Thur. Jan. 9.


Born and raised in Redding, CA, with a short stint living in Santa Cruz, CA. Candace is currently retired from a 33+ career in the Advertising Dept. at the Record Searchlight.

Carr Fire Auction

Bidding is now closed. Final results will be posted tomorrow.  Click here to make a donation to the ANC Carr Fire Scholarship Fund.

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