Just Sayin’ … Kinda

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J’Anna Jacoby Harrold with her mama, Adrienne Jacoby.

Dear ANC friends, foes, etc.

I have been a bit obvious by my silence over the past three months. Some of you may have wondered to whence I may have wandered. I know, I know . . most of you hadn’t noticed, and a few of you probably let out a sigh of relief and basked in the quiet.

Alas, no more . .. I could quote Mr. Nicholson, but I’ll spare you.

Home at last!

Some of you might have heard of my extended 2 ½ month stay at what I have come to affectionately call the Stanford Hospital Spa. Alas, one would think that they could better on their facials . . . . they left me looking like I’m 82 years old, for heaven’s sake! Can’t say much for their massages either; however, I can highly recommend their resuscitation skills. I “enjoyed” that experience twice. . . .

BUT I’M STILL HERE . . . . a bit the worse for wear. I’m quite disappointed that my recovery skills are not at all the same as when I has 42 or eve 62. . . . but am home, FINALLY, and I am gaining ground.

As that Sondheim song says:

Good times and bum times,
I’ve seen them all, an my dear . . .
I’m still here.
Plush velvet sometimes,
Sometimes just pretzels and beer,
But I’m here!

Much love to my community of the greater Redding area.

AJ Jacoby

(Note from Doni: Anyone who’d like to send A.J. a card may address it to her in care of me at P.O. Box 990644, Redding, CA 96099.)

Adrienne Jacoby
Adrienne Jacoby is a 40-plus-year resident of Shasta County and native-born Californian. She was a teacher of vocal music in the Enterprise Schools for 27 years and has been retired for 11 years. A musician all her life, she was married to the late Bill Jacoby with whom she formed a locally well -known musical group who prided themselves in playing for weddings, wakes, riots, bar mitzvas and super market openings. And, oh yes … she has two children, J’Anna and Jayson.
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32 Responses

  1. Avatar Tim says:

    Welcome back – glad you’re on the mend!

  2. Deb Segelitz Deb Segelitz says:

    So glad you are home once again – home-home, and ANC-home! I hope your recovery will continue from strength to strength. As ever, your indomitable spirit shines through!

  3. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Welcome back, glad you are doing better.

  4. Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

    I even wrote to Doni asking, “Where’s AJ?” So glad your Stanford experience is behind you and you’re back “Just sayin’ . . . ” to your ANC friends.

  5. Avatar Mimi Moseley says:

    You are such a delight. Such funny things to say about the “spa”.

  6. Avatar erin friedman says:

    Welcome back, m’dear! Here in Redding there was a palpable lack of joie de vivre and show tunes during your absence. “We’re so glad to have you back where you belong! You’re still glowin’, you’re still crowin’, you’re still goin’ strong” Love and hugs to you.

  7. Avatar Richard Christoph says:

    Congratulations on your “graduation” from Stanford. Your praise for one aspect of the Spa triggered a recollection from over a half century ago:

    Lifeguard: “Sir, Sir, I’ve just resuscitated your daughter!”

    Dad: ” Then, by God, you’ll marry her!”

    Welcome home.

  8. Avatar Erin says:

    So glad you’re home and feeling better. Is it time to revive Side by Side?

  9. Avatar Candace says:

    Welcome back, love the photo showing your lovely smile!

  10. Hal Johnson Hal Johnson says:

    I’m happy to know that you’re back home again!

  11. Avatar Barbara Stone says:

    Good to hear from you! Keep getting well- er!

  12. Avatar Sue Keller says:

    SOOOOO wonderful hearing from you AJ. Continue to rest, relax and revive.

  13. Avatar Matt Grigsby says:

    Our community, both physical and virtual, has missed you! Glad to hear you’re regaining some ground, we need a pistol like you around!

    • Adrienne Jacoby Adrienne Jacoby says:

      Oh Matt, was that just a snarky way of saying that I tend to shoot off my mouth (better than my toe)? LOL!!!
      It is so good to be home buth at ANC as well as in the house!

  14. Avatar Anita Lynn Brady says:

    The Stanford Doctors rebuilt my mother’s heart more than 3 years ago, after her cardiologist (practices in Grants Pass/Medford) said nothing to be done. Her heart is doing great now. Hope you continue to progress back to good health, and don’t let little set-backs get you down!

  15. Avatar Claudia Hastings says:

    So great to see you the other day! Remember I live near…so call anytime.

  16. Avatar Sheri Eby says:

    It’s wonderful to read your posts again. You have been through the mill, twice. I just thank God you are home again! You are getting stronger every day. I can see it and hear it in your voice. Much love to you!

  17. Avatar Blake Dorsey says:

    You mean I spent three bucks on a sympathy card to your family. FOR NOTHING!!?!!… THAT IS JUST SO LIKE YOU….

    • Adrienne Jacoby Adrienne Jacoby says:

      Oh Blake . . . I bet this is’t the first time a woman has disappointed you!! Go have another cup of your coffee. You’ll feel better!! LOL!!

  18. Oh, A.J., I hope you can feel the love, and know how much you are valued and how much you were missed. Twice resuscitated!? And you’re still here. I guess it wasn’t your time to go! I’m so glad! Here’s to growing stronger each day. Baby steps. Be easy on yourself. Hugs! xod

  19. Avatar Eleanor Townsend says:

    So glad you are back home,A.J., and clearly the way was not simple. But you did it, twice! That’s a wow! I hope each day sees you stronger and stronger. Welcome back!

  20. Avatar Buffy Tanner says:

    Glad you are ok. I read “I’M STILL HERE,” and even before I read the lyrics, I could hear you singing those Sondheim lyrics from when you performed at Riverfront. Hope your energy and strength continue to improve.

  21. Avatar Barbara Cross says:

    Welcome back… You are missed in so many places ( didn’t see you at the Symphony) and your humor gives everyone a LIFT! How can one person be as talented as you are! Here’s to a speedy recovery at home.
    Barbara Cross

  22. Jon Lewis Jon Lewis says:

    Glad you enjoyed (endured?) your time on the farm. Even gladder you’re back and on the mend. Be well, be swell my friend

  23. Avatar Vivian Dawson says:

    The one and only A. J.
    Look forward to you and “Just Say’in”
    soon. Your humor is much needed
    ASAP, but take care of yourself.
    Vivian Dawson