Lions Turtle Bay Run 20th anniversary – Fundraising for our community-and having a good time

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This year will be the 20th anniversary of the Lions Turtle Bay Run, and we will again offer your choice of a Half Marathon, 10 K or 2 mile Fun Run. Group entries will be offered to schools at reduced rate to encourage students to get out and get some healthy exercise.
We will utilize electronic start / finish tagged to the race bib this year for accuracy in all three races, where the half marathon and 10 k has been sanctioned by US Track and Field.
Last year we were not able to offer the Half Marathon, due to the effects of the Carr Fire, but the course is now ready, and we will be up and running on the first Sunday of October, which is October 6th.
As usual all funds raised will go back to Redding Breakfast Lions Donations to our community with a focus on children such as : Camp McCumber, Back to School Shopping Spree, Lions Senior High School Basket Ball Tournament, Vision screening etc.

If you would like more information about our race or would like to sign up, please visit :


Jens Ole S. Jensen Co-director

-from press release
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