Letter to the Editor: Christians Only Townhall

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I object strenuously to the “Christians Only” invitation put out by our newly elected state senator Dahle. He should have put only the topic he wanted to discuss and that it was open to all who are interested in discussing this topic with him. The way it put it was exclusionary in its tone and caused this controversy. Hopefully he will be more careful in the way he writes his invites in the future.

Alysia Krafel

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23 Responses

  1. Avatar Hollyn Chase says:

    I agree with you Alysia. I voted for Dahle thinking him “the lesser of two evils” and suspecting that I might regret it someday. I didn’t know that day would come so soon.

  2. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    A commenter on Dahle’s Facebook page asked when he was going to host town halls for Muslims only, or LBGT only. No answer yet.

  3. Avatar Jennifer says:

    The fact that he hosted it with the Mayor, who is a Bethel elder is just as concerning to me.

  4. Avatar Larry Winter says:

    Megan Dahle just announced earlier today that she is running for her husband’s vacated assembly seat.

    Is the timing just a coincidence?

  5. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    I guarantee that Dahle’s man on the ground here in the north state is aware of this article and the comments reflecting our heartburn. Odd, the silence.

    Maybe the thinking is along these lines: What of it? Politicians meet with their constituents, including subsets of such. What’s the problem?

    We can only speculate.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      Steve, the problem in the first District is it is almost elected for life, they only have to face off against other Republicans.
      Here in Arizona, Zona if you prefer, Senator McSally a strong supporter of Trump is now opposing some of his moves, In 500 days her Senate seat will be decided and it could very well be a Democrat, as shown by Senator Sinema, that will fill it. McSally can forget the Republicans she will be running against, Kelly Chemtrail Ward and Sheriff Racial profiler Arpaio as the extreme right in Arizona is dwindling. Grant Woods, a Republican who switched to Democrat after Trump was elected, has said he won’t run but if McSally starts turning more extreme right he could change his mind.

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        Yeah, well, Sen. Dahle will face term limits in Sacramento, so his current gig isn’t for life—he’ll max out at 8 years.

        But I have little doubt that the long-term plan is to end up repping that other 1st District—the one in the House of Representatives. I’ll take bets and give odds on that one.

    • Avatar Melissa Buciak says:

      You are correct regarding Dahle’s man on the ground, though we don’t need to speculate. A friend shared the Anewscafe article about Dahle and Vallotton meeting in March. She didn’t comment, just simply shared the article to her Facebook feed. Then Dahle’s man hammered her with examples of prominent Democrats testing the boundaries of church and state. “Ahem: insert articles regarding Newson, Ahn and Abrams.” I asked why he was so defensive and noting that he was acting like KelleyAnn Conway. Radio silence. This was the first election in a long time that I was voting against both candidates and not for either, so I didn’t vote. Anyways, as my friend noted, maybe Bethel can use their mystical powers to end single use plastics and the end times wouldn’t be so near!

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        I mean, he’s right—it’s not unusual or off-base for politicians to court support from religious leaders and groups. And it’s really not on point regarding the principal of separation of church and state to get too worked up about that. People whose beliefs are influenced by religion are as entitled to representation as anyone, as well as the right to petition their representatives.

        It becomes a serious issue for me when politicians actively conflate church and state in a way that puts secular law subservient to their religion. And in today’s America, that’s increasingly problematic.

  6. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    I didn’t actually see the invitation. Did it really say “Christians only”?


    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      “I want to say, for the record, that I wholeheartedly agree with the principle of the separation of church and state. —Mayor Winter


      That’s not exactly in keeping with what I understand to be her church’s worldview, articulated as the “7 Mountains Mandate.”

  7. Avatar Melissa Buciak says:

    Yes, he was right that the other side of the aisle often seek support from religious leaders, etc. but it was a typical case of whataboutism that I had an issue with and the “gotcha” manner in his response. Its easier to point out the hypocrisy then refute some questionable actions by Brian Dahle.

  8. Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

    In the incredible article below, Dahle is trying to claim that the letter from the National Freedom From Religion Foundation is part of the imaginary “War on Christians”, and Julie Winter claims it’s no different than when she spoke privately to the Lion’s Club, and didn’t invite all the other fraternal organizations. The Constitutional separation of church and state apparently doesn’t exist for these people.


  9. Avatar OurMotherGoose says:

    Does anyone realize that without God, there are NO God-given Rights? Bestowed by our Creator.

  10. Avatar Larry Winter says:

    I really have no problem with the Winter/Dahle faith based meeting. Anybody could have attended and he’s talking to his base.
    I think the ability to hold this meeting has more support from the Constitution than people are allowing.

  11. Avatar Katie says:

    Wow, Dahle is pretty combative right from the start. Are non-Christians really supposed to feel represented by him? It bothers me when religions tie faith and values together, it gives the impression that they believe individuals don’t have values without ‘Christian Faith”. Big Sigh.

  12. Avatar Candace C says:

    Katie, I feel the same way as you regarding the values inference. I am not Christian but I have a strong set of personal morals and my values correspond with those morals. I believe helping others does not require a tie to a religious faith and can be done with love and empathy for the one being helped. No “ reward” necessary. No indoctrination of the person I’m helping to my personal belief system necessary. In fact the hardest habit to break for me (still working on this one) was not to share with others when I help someone in order to feel good about myself. The help was intended for the recipient and not for my own personal glory. I find this notion that Christians are being singled out and discriminated against silly at best. I find that here in Shasta County the assumption by most is that one is Christian and seldom do I share that I am not. The few times I have shared I was met with visible shock and unspoken disapproval and the entire tone of the conversation changed. Having said all of this, nothing that Senator Dahle or our Mayor said came as a surprise to me. I don’t agree with them but it didn’t surprise me.

    • Avatar Anita Brady says:

      Considering the actions of the “Christians” in this region and our country today, your values and morals system are probably more biblical then the Bible-thumpers. They seem to have totally gotten past the What Would Jesus Do? phrase and jumped to 1) the poor have brought their sad lives upon themselves, 2) Trump supports our Christian values, 3) There is only so much in the pot, and if you get yours, I don’t get as much, and 4) Healthcare is not a human right so suck on that.

  13. Avatar Mark Twitchell says:

    So I wonder, I Senator Dahle going to be holding meetings with his constituents at the Sikh Center, or the Jewish Center?