From Contractor to Contractor: ‘Don’t Take Advantage of Fire Victims’

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Message to my fellow Redding contractors:

In the coming months and year you will be asked to help rebuild the homes that have been damaged and lost in the Carr Fire.

At times you will get more calls than you can handle. Your first instinct will be to immediately raise your prices, to bid jobs higher than normal, knowing that there are a limited number of qualified people to do the job.

I ask on behalf of our community that you do not do this.

I know that every shop needs to make a profit, and we all have bills to pay. But we all know our numbers by now. We know what it takes to keep our employees paid, and our lights on.

Redding is a tight-knit community. There have been many outside contractors who’ve tried to come in and over-charge our clients. For the most part, they don’t last long, because word travels fast among people who live here.

If you are caught price-gouging and overcharging, you will be called out for it.

Expect to work long hours. Expect to have trouble finding materials.

This is your home, too. These are your neighbors. Give them an honest price; what you would have charged them before the fire. Do a good job. Be respectful, because remember, some of these people have lost everything. If they want to take a moment to tell you their story, make the time to listen to them.

If you do all this, then you will have a clear conscience. You’ll fall asleep at night feeling good about yourself and your work.

Especially in times like these, a full heart is better than a full wallet.

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Dan Adams
Dan Adams has been a licensed plumbing contractor for nearly 30 years. He owns and operates Edgewood Plumbing  in Redding with his wife, Holly. In 2000 he and Holly moved to Redding from the Bay Area in search of a better place to raise their sons.
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6 Responses

  1. AJ AJ says:

    What a heartening message . . . especially and particularly now!
    Keep the faith everyone. There will be some blue skies someday . . . true for even our brothers and sisters on the other side of the fire.
    Keep the faith, Weaverville. You will become our Alpine jewel again I promise!

  2. Randall Smith Randall Smith says:

    Dan Adams is one fine person. He has been involved in trying to help Henderson Open Space for more than a decade. His professionalism in the plumbing business is well known. We are very lucky to have him and his family in Redding.

  3. Avatar Tim says:

    Raising prices to match demand is the invisible hand’s way of triaging limited resources. Price controls encourage misallocations & create shortages. If Frivolous Frank decides that he simply must remodel his perfectly functional kitchen in September 2018, he ought to pay handsomely for it.

  4. Avatar Claudia Hastings says:

    High praise for you! The right way to live your life.
    All should take heed. It is the basic “golden rule”.

  5. Avatar Vivian Dawson says:

    Yes, Edgewood Plumbing is a fine business, Holly does such a great service for customers, Then plumber is quick, dependable, honest. Friendly!

  6. Avatar Peggy Elwood says:

    Edgewood is a honest business in my experience…I hope all contractors agree with you Dan.