Walk on the Wild Side  Animal Show Opens at Turtle Bay Exploration Park, May 5

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Redding, CA – Turtle Bay Exploration Park’s popular summer animal show,  Walk on the Wild Side , returns to the outdoor amphitheater inside Paul Bunyan’s Forest Camp at Turtle Bay. Animal fans of all ages will get a close look at some of Turtle Bay’s live animals as they demonstrate their own natural behaviors, including Sweet Pea the skunk, Spike the porcupine, Whisper the Bobcat, Ruckus the yellow-billed magpie, and many more.

Regular show times are Tuesday – Sunday at 11am and 12pm, May 5 through August 19, 2018. The summer season will end with limited shows on Saturdays and Sundays at 11am and 12pm, August 21 through September 2, 2018. Show attendees are encouraged to arrive early for the best seating. Please, no food and beverages allowed in the outdoor amphitheater area.

Walk on the Wild Side  is free for Turtle Bay Members, or included in Park admission ($12-$16) and is presented by Hemsted’s Moving & Storage. Other year-round features inside Paul Bunyan’s Forest Camp at Turtle Bay include the Mill Building indoor exhibit hall, Parrot Playhouse aviary, Wildlife Woods animal habitats, Babe’s Corral outdoor playground, Stimple Creek water feature, and more.

About the Animals at Turtle Bay
The animal programs at Turtle Bay inspire, create connections, and foster appreciation for the diversity and magnificence of wildlife through conservation, education and entertainment. Paul Bunyan’s Forest Camp exhibits wild animals, many of which have been rescued and would not survive if released. Turtle Bay celebrates the relationship between these magnificent forests and the animals that live in them.

About Turtle Bay Exploration Park
Turtle Bay Exploration Park is a fun, non-profit 300-acre gathering place featuring the Sundial Bridge, a museum, forestry & wildlife center, arboretum and botanical gardens. The organization’s mission is to inspire wonder, exploration, and appreciation of our world. The vision is to create a vibrant gathering place where the community is strengthened through education, cultural engagement and economic growth.

Website: https://www.turtlebay.org/anim alshow

-from press release
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