Letter to the Editor: A Free Press Isn’t Free

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Dear Doni,
With your permission, following up on your Valentine’s Day column,would like to address my fellow readers of aNewsCafe.com.

If you are reading this, you value aNewsCafe.com, as I do. Which begs the question: Are you doing your part to support this valuable news and community site? A free press isn’t free. There are costs involved. When the lovely Femme de Joie disappeared for a spell, there was a hew and cry from readers, but consider for a moment what goes into each review: She visits a restaurant three times, generally with Amico del Signore, spending at the very least $10 per meal. That’s $60 for the two of them times three visits. And those are just the out of pocket expenses. She then spends time writing her column and adding photos. Time and money.

Money is tight for nearly all of us, but if we do not support what we value, we must be prepared to lose it. So are you? Are you ready to lose Doni’s tales and travails, and twin Shelly’s stories of backyard chickens and repurposing domestic treasures? How about R.V. Scheide’s insightful articles, Deb Segelitz’s Highland tales, or Jon Lewis’ coverage of City Hall and business around town?

If you look forward to Robert Burke’s movie review videos and Hollyn Chase’s book reviews, Barbara Rice’s gentle reprimands when we get too nasty, Chic Miller and Carla Jackson’s dog sense, Doug Mudford’s Reflections, Jim Dowling’s photos, Margaret Beck’s guidance through the insurance maze, music and stories by Mistress of the Mix, Doc Greg’s Greeneries, Barbara Stone’s fashion tips, Matt Grigsby’s stories and comments, and so much more, please do your part to keep aNewsCafe.com alive.

As Matt Grigsby said last week, “Skip just one venti mocha whatever-a- cino each month, and there’s your donation!”

I couldn’t agree more.

Beverly Stafford

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