Thieves Shipped Stolen Goods to Chile

Camila Fernandez mugshot

On January 19, 2018, in the evening hours, Elisa Bearden, 44 years of Redding, had her wallet stolen from her while shopping at TJ Maxx. Within an hour of the theft, Bearden began receiving notifications from her credit card providers that her cards were being used at multiple locations in Redding. Redding Police Department Officers ultimately caught up to the culprits and initially identified them as Camila Fernandez, 25 years, and Julietta Smith, 29 years, both of Los Angeles. The two were arrested after racking up nearly $10,000 in fraudulent charges on Bearden’s credit cards and stealing approximately $6,000 in cash. Both were booked into the Shasta County Jail.

While the two remained in custody, Jail staff continued to work to confirm the true identity of both females and where they’re from. They were eventually able to positively identify both females as Camila Fernandez, 25 years, and Paola Jerez-Huerta, 29 years, both from the country of Chile.

Julietta Smith AKA  Paola Jerez-Huerta mugshot

Officer Jamie Rouland, who conducted the initial investigation, continued to work diligently on the case. He obtained a search warrant for a vehicle, associated with Fernandez and Jerez-Huerta, that was seized as evidence in the case. On the morning of February 2, 2018, Officer Rouland served the warrant and searched the vehicle for additional stolen property and evidence in the case.

Officer Rouland’s efforts resulted in the recovery of thousands of dollars in suspected stolen merchandise. He also found over $1,600 cash and other property belonging to Bearden. The recovered merchandise included dozens of clothing items with price tags and electronic security devices still attached including 15 pairs of American Eagle jeans. There were 36 bottles of men’s and women’s fragrances along with 7 Apple iWatches. Additionally, Officer Rouland recovered high end clothing items from companies like Louis Vutton, Burberry and Versace. One pair of recovered Versace shoes alone had a price tag of $1095.

During the search of the vehicle, Officer Rouland located another fake ID card associated with Jerez-Huerta, equipment used to created fake identifications and evidence that the pair were shipping a litany of potentially stolen items to Chile on a regular basis.

The sheer amount of stolen property recovered, coupled with the facts of the investigation, show just how adept these two women were at stealing from businesses and individuals alike. Without the coordination between businesses, the victim and officers from the Redding Police Department, it’s likely they would have continued pilfering city after city. The pair remain in custody at the Shasta County Jail for a number of charges associated with identity theft, possession of stolen property and conspiracy.

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