The Spirit Squad

What a wonderful group of 16 young kids.  Shasta Meadows Elementary School, tucked away in the Redding Enterprise area, has some very special and patriotic 4th and 5th graders.

As Veterans Day approaches, this young dance group is honoring our nation’s bravest.   They practiced for a few weeks, and even practiced on Saturdays.  These very dedicated kids, called the Spirit Squad, celebrated those who have protected our country with a dazzling performance Friday morning November 3rd in their school gym.  They were so excited and happy to perform. They even moved some people to tears. I was offered Kleenex by one of the kids before the show began.  Very cute.

Every year for the past 10-12 years, Spirit Squad creator Laurie Johnson has choreographed this event.  Several dance routines were performed by the kids to honor our veterans.  Johnson got this idea when she was inspired by the patriotism of several members in her family.  She realized she wanted to pay tribute to all men and women who have served.  So it was her privilege to create the Spirit Squad two years ago to annually salute our veterans.  Before the show, only the 5th graders introduced members of their families who are veterans, or those on active duty, to their classrooms.  During the Spirit Squad’s performance, those same 5th graders read to the audience something about their military family members.  Red T-shirts worn by the Spirit Squad during their performance were dedicated by the Vietnam Veterans of Shasta County.  The red shirts read : Remember Everyone Deployed.

The Spirit Squad is a community service group that honors veterans throughout the year at various occasions.  For instance, in March they help serve meals to veterans at the Annual Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day, and they performed at the Welcome Home event.  The Spirit Squad is part of the Shasta Remember Everyone Deployed group.  They were an asset to help promote veterans’ activities at last year’s Veterans Parade, and they did so again this year.  They handed out postcard information on veterans activities.  And last year they rang bells with Eddie McAllister for the Salvation Army.  They are available during the school year to serve the community.

The Spirit Squad is available for performances. For more information contact Laurie Johnson at Shasta Meadows Elementary at 224-4180.

Steve DuBois

For many years Steve DuBois has enjoyed taking photos of his dogs in interesting and unusual places. He created a photo book of his dogs especially for the children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where he donated several copies. He loves that the kids enjoy seeing his dogs photographed in unusual ways. Steve says his dogs have been his photographic inspiration and motivation, but sometimes he tries his hand at nature shots, such as the photos he captured of the north state’s 2017 flooding, published here on A News Steve DuBois lives in Redding.