Robert’s Reviews: The Glass Castle

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Hello clever people! Welcome to my review for the new drama based upon a book of the same name, The Glass Castle. The film follows Jeannette Walls (Brie Larson) as she looks back at her troubled childhood, how she was raised, what it has done to her, and faces the reality of her parents current situation, who are both played by Woody Harrelson and Naomi Watts. Click the video below to watch the review!

Robert Burke
Robert Burke is a 17-year-old film critic currently attending Shasta High School. His love for film started when he was very young, and grows as he learns more and more about it. Robert expresses his love for film through reviews, which can be found on this website every Saturday. Film is not his only passion, as he also loves to act in local productions with Cascade Theater, Shasta College and Riverfront Playhouse. He currently lives in Redding, CA, and hopes to one day be a film director. To view all of Robert’s reviews go to
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4 Responses

  1. Avatar "Dodie" says:

    Glad to see your review of “The Glass Castle,” but I totally disagree with your 5/10 rating.  This was based on a true story and it was very believable and the acting, especially by Woody Harrelson, was excellent.  I hope he gets an Oscar nod for this performance.  He was an alcoholic and spent all their money on booze…but bought gas before he started drinking…..(that’s what I think!)

    I’d give it at least an 8/10….Baby Driver is still my favorite…

  2. Avatar Joanne Lobeski Snyder says:

    “The Glass Castle” is one of my favorite books because of the way Jeannette told the story of how she grew up from her perspective as a child.  Something is not necessarily “grim” or “dark” if it’s all that you know.  When you’re a kid, you make do with the world that your parents provide for you and often have no comparison.  Her “voice” in her book does not judge her life or her parents, but describes it well.  Thank you for your review.  I so surprised that someone took this project on for a movie!  I’ll be interested to see how a great story is handled.

  3. Avatar Melanie says:

    I thought it was interesting how you said the movie doesn’t do a good job showing how they don’t have money for food but they have money for gas and paint supplies because in the book, which I loved, through first person narration she able to talk about how her parents priorities were skewed like that. I am sad that the same tone and self-awareness wasn’t brought over to the movie. I will probably still see it out of curiosity from liking the book so much.

    I love that you review a wide range of movies! Keep up the good work!

  4. Avatar Laural says:

    Ok that’s all I need to know I’m going to pass on this one. I think Roberts review was through , fair and exceptional… I give him a 9!