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  1. A. Jacoby says:

    Yesterday I was singing “the sun’ll come out tomorrow . . . . ” Hmmmm . . . does that mean that whatever weather I sing about today will happen tomorrow? Okay, Probably not. But as much as I LOVE rain, I’ll admit it’s kinda nice to see the sun this morning. One comment about winter weather: at least it’s not boring!

  2. Beverly Stafford says:

    Our weather here in Eastern County follows the old saw, If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.  Yesterday we had pale sun followed by rain followed by snow followed again by rain.  The weather affected DISH reception, and programming was interrupted.  Today is gorgeous.  Speaking of DISH, we’re really irked that we pay for service – hold up our end of the contract with open checkbook and without question – but DISH has blacked out networks at least three times since we’ve been paying them for service.  On the grid, it states, KRCR  removed ABC 7.  That seems like a bit of CYA.  DISH removed ABC not KRCR.  Reminds me of the program to retrieve grocery carts.  The carts were being called abandoned when they should have been called what they were:  stolen.

  3. Karen C says:

    We call DISH when we lose programming due to contract disputes and let them know we are unhappy. They give us a few bucks off for six months



    • Beverly Stafford says:

      I responded to their e-mails – the ones telling me what valuable customers we are – but so far I haven’t seen a reduction on our bill.

  4. Frank Treadway says:

    One of the un-visited wonders of Redding is Mary Lake and the trails around it and through the neigborhood. The fowl life and the beavers are in their own paradise. I hope the CoR keeps this area pristine, it’s our version of Golden Gate Park and needs to be coiffed and expanded.

  5. Richard Christoph says:

    Our outdoor environment is truly superb, and today’s sunshine makes it absolutely sparkle. Mayor Brent Weaver led a few of us mountain bikers on a ride of French Fry this morning, one of the newer trails in the area built by Brian Sindt of the McConnell Foundation and his crew.  Stunning scenery, fine company,  and a good cardio-pulmonary workout for this geezer. And the view of  snow-covered Mt. Shasta to the north, and the Lassen Range to the east against the cloudless blue sky was spectacular. We are fortunate indeed to live in such a magnificent area and to enjoy quality leadership and such a generous philanthropic organization.

    Thank you Brent, Brian, and the McConnell Foundation.

  6. Karen C says:

    I am so disappointed!  For months I have waited for the announcement as to which grocery anchor was going in at the corner of Churn Creek and  Churn Creek.  It is only two minutes from our home and I was praying that Raley’s would be the one.  Since they closed their store on Hartnell, I have been lost.  Raley’s is my kind of store….great produce, friendly, and they have everything I use, need and want.  The store on Lake Blvd, is out of my way.

    Save Mart is the store coming in along with 2 fast food, and others which did not even appeal to me.  What is a Save Mart anyway?  I did a little research and the reviews were not that good.  Just down the street on the Bechelli Lane corner, Costco is building their new digs, but I have not seen any action.  We already have two Walmart Super Centers, Food Maxx, Winco, Grocery Outlet, and I think a Food for Less.  Why do we need a Save Mart?

    • Beverly Stafford says:

      Raley’s on Hartnell was only a mile from our Redding house, and we frequented it when we were in town.  We were upset enough with them that we seldom make the trek across the river to the Lake Boulevard store.  Holiday Market on Buenaventura has been our go-to store since Raley’s closed Hartnell.  It’s a very nice market and has some nice touches – salad bar, beer and wine tasting, tables for dining, self-serve hot entrees.  UnSafeway is close but, well, it’s still unSafeway.  Maneuvering past the vagrants is unpleasant.  UnSafeway must be doing all right as is because it hasn’t done much to improve the safety of its customers.  Since R&R is so accessible since it enlarged its parking lot, we go there quite often.  They had to put up a safety fence around the outdoor crab cooking area.  Cypress Avenue Car Wash no longer uses machines because undesirables were putting stuff in those big felt washers that would scratch cars.  They are now hand washing which is a real bonus.

    • notmyrealname says:

      Save Mart is better than Winco or FoodMaxx (in fact, I think they own FoodMaxx).  It is probably not a nice as the Raley’s, but more like maybe the Scolaris in Nevada.  I think that they also own the Albertsons in CA and ID, if Albertsons even exists any longer.

  7. Random question: Does anyone have tricks for keeping neighborhood cats from peeing on my front door?

  8. We have an indoor cat who sometimes bothers us by meowing at the bedroom door when we are trying to sleep. We bought a Ssscat — compressed air in a canister with a motion detector. Makes a small hissing noise that keeps her away — placing it outside the bedroom door worked like a charm.

  9. Karen C says:

    Doni, do you know if it is one cat or many?  Our daughter in law had the same problem.  It was a stray cat marking their garage door.  After trying many things, even washing off the door everyday, they finally resorted to trapping the cat and taking it to SPCA.  A little research and I found out what works well is  what Erin Suggested.  Go to Amazon and read the reviews on the canister.  If they are good, I would go that route rather than messing around with all sorts of sprays that do not work.

    • Well, Karen, I see various cats around my house, and they belong to neighbors, though I confess I’ve never actually seen them spray. I just know the smell, and know my house is surrounded by cats, so I’ve put two and two together .

  10. Ginny says:

    For marking, the best thing that works is good old bleach.  Used it for years.  Of course, it can’t be used on carpet or cloth covered furniture.  But for floors, walls, garage doors I usually just mix with hot water and a little liq. D…..  Stopped mine for wetting on a wicker seat, which nothing else seemed to work.


  11. Karen C says:

    Doni, have you had any luck with you cat issue?

  12. LOL, it’s hard to tell because now I have pooling bleach on my porches. I’ll keep an eye on it. 🙂

  13. Today we have R.V. Sheide’s water story, and I hope you saw Steve Du Bois’ photos of Redding flood waters. Here’s my question for you: What effects has the increased rainfall had on your life?

  14. Karen C says:

    Does anyone know if there is a community chat page dedicated for reports from community members to report what is happing in their areas?

    Last year there was a lady who lived out side of the wine country, I believe. She set up a page for folks to report road closures, flooding, anyone trapped, or needing food to be brought in, etc.  It was a one stop place for any info needed.



  15. Karen C says:

    Doni, we live off of Rancho Rd, east of Redding up on the plateau. We have had our share of rain but nothing like what other areas are getting. I have, however laid awake at night listening to the wind and worrying about the oaks in the yards around us and our own.

    Worrying now about future rain and snowmelt come warmer weather.


  16. cheyenne says:

    When I first left California and moved to York, Nebraska, a very small town about the size of Anderson, the local paper would run a Law Enforcement page of calls to the YPD.  It mostly consisted of reports about high weeds, abandoned cars, pivot on roadway(farm sprinkler spraying water on the road). but one report made it onto Jay Leno.  “Suspicious Cat on porch”.

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