Hillary’s Stance on Everything from Marijuana to Affordable Housing Could Make or Break Her


Dear Editor,

I have read comments (on A News Cafe.com) about no letters about Hillary Clinton.  Here goes. Clinton has California locked up, but she needs swing state Colorado.

Everybody knows that Colorado has legalized marijuana, and the big obstacle in the way is marijuana is a cash business because banks won’t deal with pot.

Two years ago the Fourth Corner Credit Union of Denver announced they would be the marijuana bank.  Now two years later they still have not received okays from the feds; the reasons are murky.

If Fourth Corner were to open this would bring the marijuana business out of the dark and into prime time.  Investor money, already waiting in the wings, would flow to Colorado.  Also, many other states –Washington, Oregon and California — might bank at Fourth Corner, resulting in millions, or even billions of dollars coming to Colorado.  This would make Denver the financial capital of the west.  Will a President Clinton continue with the denying of Fourth Corner’s grant, or will she approve it and aid a billion dollar business?

fancy yellow house

As for other concerns she talks about, such as affordable housing, an answer could be found in her Aspen fundraiser in August.  The fundraiser tickets were $10,000-$50,000 and it was hosted by Karim Souri, a real estate investor with Ajax Holdings.  While HRC talked affordable housing, the city of Aspen has approved affordable million-dollar condos and buyers may not have more than $900,000 in assets.  Is this the kind of affordable housing the country could expect from a President Clinton.

500 miles east of Denver is Omaha, and Warren Buffett the financial adviser to President Obama and who would probably continue the role with Clinton.  Financial advisers have stated how Berkshire Hathaway is sitting on $70 billion and ready for another acquisition.  Buffett has famously stated he doesn’t buy tech because he doesn’t know tech.  But he does know insurance.  It isn’t too far fetched, with Clinton’s help, that Buffett would buy up all the failed ACA insurers and create one mega insurer that people would be forced to join or pay a big fine, not the nickel and dime fines levied by the present ACA.

And anyone who thinks Warren Buffett is a nice guy, just ask the Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest who protest every year at BH’s annual meeting in Omaha.  Or ask the private household solar owners in Nevada who can’t sell their excess power to NV Energy because it is blocked by Buffett.

I read all this that I have written from the Wyoming Tribune-eagle and the Denver Post.

Bruce Vojtecky (aka Cheyenne in A News Cafe.com’s comment section)

Cheyenne, Wyoming

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