Hillary’s Stance on Everything from Marijuana to Affordable Housing Could Make or Break Her


Dear Editor,

I have read comments (on A News Cafe.com) about no letters about Hillary Clinton.  Here goes. Clinton has California locked up, but she needs swing state Colorado.

Everybody knows that Colorado has legalized marijuana, and the big obstacle in the way is marijuana is a cash business because banks won’t deal with pot.

Two years ago the Fourth Corner Credit Union of Denver announced they would be the marijuana bank.  Now two years later they still have not received okays from the feds; the reasons are murky.

If Fourth Corner were to open this would bring the marijuana business out of the dark and into prime time.  Investor money, already waiting in the wings, would flow to Colorado.  Also, many other states –Washington, Oregon and California — might bank at Fourth Corner, resulting in millions, or even billions of dollars coming to Colorado.  This would make Denver the financial capital of the west.  Will a President Clinton continue with the denying of Fourth Corner’s grant, or will she approve it and aid a billion dollar business?

fancy yellow house

As for other concerns she talks about, such as affordable housing, an answer could be found in her Aspen fundraiser in August.  The fundraiser tickets were $10,000-$50,000 and it was hosted by Karim Souri, a real estate investor with Ajax Holdings.  While HRC talked affordable housing, the city of Aspen has approved affordable million-dollar condos and buyers may not have more than $900,000 in assets.  Is this the kind of affordable housing the country could expect from a President Clinton.

500 miles east of Denver is Omaha, and Warren Buffett the financial adviser to President Obama and who would probably continue the role with Clinton.  Financial advisers have stated how Berkshire Hathaway is sitting on $70 billion and ready for another acquisition.  Buffett has famously stated he doesn’t buy tech because he doesn’t know tech.  But he does know insurance.  It isn’t too far fetched, with Clinton’s help, that Buffett would buy up all the failed ACA insurers and create one mega insurer that people would be forced to join or pay a big fine, not the nickel and dime fines levied by the present ACA.

And anyone who thinks Warren Buffett is a nice guy, just ask the Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest who protest every year at BH’s annual meeting in Omaha.  Or ask the private household solar owners in Nevada who can’t sell their excess power to NV Energy because it is blocked by Buffett.

I read all this that I have written from the Wyoming Tribune-eagle and the Denver Post.

Bruce Vojtecky (aka Cheyenne in A News Cafe.com’s comment section)

Cheyenne, Wyoming

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  1. Avatar David M. Kerr says:

    Democrats should turnout in November because of LaMalfa.  It makes no difference whether Mrs. Clinton wins California with 55, 60 or 65%.  It will be the usual landslide in California for state and national races.

    If LaMalfa usual margin of victory can be reduced to say 52%, he will no longer be seen as having a safe seat.  Herger and LaMalfa accomplished next to nothing for our district, even when Herger was on the Ways and Means Committee, making him one of the most powerful people in Congress.

    In two years, the Democrats should nominate a very strong candidate and win that seat.  The Democrats have run a series of very weak candidates, making LaMalfa seem stronger than he really is.

    For now, demographics favor the Republicans.  Baby boomers vote about 60% Republican.  They won’t be dying off for another 20 to 30 years, so it is easy to get discouraged.  Women are the key demographic for Democrats.

  2. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    Cheyenne says:  “It isn’t too far fetched, with Clinton’s help, that Buffett would buy up all the failed ACA insurers and create one mega insurer that people would be forced to join or pay a big fine, not the nickel and dime fines levied by the present ACA.”

    Oh, but it is far-fetched.

    Buffett could possibly buy up a bunch of insurers and enter the ACA market.  However, the picture Cheyenne painted would require that (1) all other ACA providers voluntarily leave the market, creating a monopoly for the Berkshire Hathaway-owned company, and (2) Congress changing the ACA to substantial stiffen the fines for not purchasing healthcare insurance (since Clinton couldn’t do that alone).

    Clinton would have no league means for forcing all other insurers out of the ACA market, and no legal means for raising the penalties for failing to purchase healthcare insurance.

    Clinton would likely need a solid majority in the House and 2/3 of the Senate to get what she really wants and what makes the most sense: Single-payer (Medicare for everyone). That would drop-kick all insurers and would-be insurers from the ACA market, including Buffett.  You would likely see a market for supplemental insurance, just as there is now for Medicare recipients.

    • Avatar cheyenne says:

      A lot of ACA providers are voluntarily leaving the ACA and the reason is because they are losing money due to unhealthy people signing up and healthy people, those who were supposed to finance the ACA, are choosing to pay the miniscule fine rather than sign up for insurance.  The fund that was to finance the ACA did not develop like they thought and the last payout the ACA only paid 12% of what they had promised.  I don’t know about California but Win Health in Wyoming went broke leaving the state with only Blue Cross to offer the ACA.  And I read in the WTE and Denver Post about the same scenario in other states as, not only small insurers, but large ones are leaving the ACA.  I believe, another if, is if Clinton continues the course of the failed ACA, which is reported in major newspapers and mass media everyday, we will see a single payer system.  The problem is that a lot of these medical plans count on reducing payments to doctors which is leading to a shortage of doctors.

  3. Avatar Christian says:

    Lots of “ifs” in Cheyenne’s letter. However what we do know is that if the election was today Clinton would most likely crush Trump in “swing state” Colorado.  Most polls have Clinton up 10+ and Fox even has her up by 10.

    As far as California and as the Alt-Right likes to call our neck of the woods, The State Of Jefferson goes, Ca. will be a very strong Blue state as well as parts of Jefferson.  But, LaMalfa, a huge food – farm welfare recipient (5.1 M) who has even quoted the bible when cutting Food Stamps for families and children in poverty, and Trump “I’m rich, I’m very, very rich….” both still have a chance due to the Alt-Right majority in our backyard and Jim Reed has a very tough road ahead.

    Remember, just because California is overwhelmingly Democratic, all the downstream candidates, measures and issues are very important. One of the standard Blue State tactics the Republicans like to use is to “Liberals, why not just stay home, California is going to vote democratic anyway” or “stay home as a Bernie Sanders protest action.” While we still can, we must VOTE! Democracy, although under attack, is still in the hands of the people that vote!

  4. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    The marijuana industry grosses about $7.5 billion dollars a year in the U.S.  A majority of that revenue is generated right here in California, in spite of the fact that we haven’t wholly legalized pot yet.  To put that gross revenue in perspective, PG&E’s gross revenues last year were about $17B, Wells Fargo was at $90B, and Chevron came in at $220B.

    Marijuana might be the #1 cash crop in the West, but it’s small potatoes. In terms of its ability to make Denver the financial capital of the region, it’s a pimple on Chevron’s butt.

    • Avatar Christian says:

      But still a mile high……

    • Avatar cheyenne says:

      When pot advocates first started promoting marijuana legalization they showed figures that Marijuana was the #1 cash product in America bringing in $35.8 billion a year.  That was in 2006 and I doubt the figures have gone down.  And I have seen recent estimates that California’s marijuana brings in $100 billion.  The reason Denver would become the financial capital of the west is because that money from other states would come to Colorado.  What Colorado did when they legalized MMJ was they embraced the feds and did what they said.  The other states have fought the feds over MJ restrictions.

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        Cheyenne — You’re right.  If you include the illegal segment of the marijuana production market, it’s a lot higher than $7.5B per year.  I still doubt that lifting the federal ban on lending to marijuana producers would put Denver in the driver’s seat.  If the feds lift the ban on banking with marijuana producers, every bank in every state in the West will instantly be free to provide banking services to marijuana producers.

        My Shasta County bank, not too long ago, was running radio ads encouraging local landowners with “non-traditional and unconventional sources of income” to bank with them.  It was a thinly veiled pitch to Shasta County’s marijuana growers.  That falls short of banks lending to proposed industrial-scale operations, but there are investors who can and do fill the capitalization gap.

        • Avatar cheyenne says:

          The illegal marijuana has to be included in the estimates.  And banks in Shasta County and Trinity County were taking in marijuana funds long before you moved there.  I know that for a fact.

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            Taking in marijuana $$ is different from lending to fund marijuana operations.  Everyone in the North State is taking in marijuana $$.  One of my competitors (a former associate professor of mine from UC Davis) offers marijuana production planning/permitting on his website.  I like to eat good food when I’m on the road, and you can’t eat in an upscale restaurant in Humboldt and other coastal counties without seeing well-to-do hippies paying for their food and wine with $100 bills.

            I’m not contesting your statement that it’s been going on since long before I moved here—probably so.  But lest you think I’m a newbie, I’ve been a Shasta County resident for 24 years.  Next year is our silver anniversary.

        • Avatar cheyenne says:

          Steve, I know you have been a long time resident, your Anews bio says you moved up in 1990.  And you are the type of transplant Shasta County needs, not the ones that seem to be infecting there now.  I first hit SF in 1969 and Hayfork in 1970 so I have had a long history of marijuana interaction in the area.

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            Oh man, you’re right—last year was our silver anniversary.  Don’t tell Shasta County I forgot, m’kay?

      • Avatar Rod says:

        $100 billion California black market?  You should fact check and proofread your inflammatory work.

        Denver deserves the area East of the Rockies, they’ve gone all-out to achieve what they have.  Their financial backers risked a lot of cash out of pocket.

        California is different, here we aren’t positive what’s ok and what’s not ok.  The foundation shifts daily.  I really doubt that we’ll see the concrete solidify.  The pulling from both extremes of the human element, the right/wrong, remains in a constant distortion.

        Education is key.  There’s 4 generations of people in California who learned to hate everything cannabis.  They need time to face the truth.


    • Avatar Breakfast Guy says:

      True. Chevron & Wells Fargo still rule in gross revenue. Of course Big Oil is now facing big challenges from fast evolving renewable energy developement and to compound, they are on record of receiving harmful global emmision warnings by their own scientists decades ago.

      As for cannabis, the Denver Post reported Colorado had $996,184,788 in sales alone in 2015. Canada is predicting 10 billion in annual sales of legal marijuana. I’m not sure even big oil ever got off to such a robust start.

      There is a saying in Colorado nowadays: If you want to become a millionaire, get into the marijuana business. If you want to become a billionaire, go into the industrial hemp business.

      • Avatar cheyenne says:

        Colorado has been farming legal hemp for a couple of years, one farm is just an hour south of me.  The big push politically in Wyoming is to allow hemp farming here.  Maybe I’ll visit that hemp farm and my next letter to the editor will be about hemp farming.

  5. Avatar Rod says:

    Marijuana industry or business or important or relevant to presidential elections? NO, and I mean H***No.

    That’s Starbuck coffee chatter.  The dialogue ain’t gonna settle out because of a political cycle.  The who in office is of hardly any value in any means of understanding.  It should be obvious to any well-read writer where the actual line is drawn in the sand.  No it ain’t politics.

    We are faced with a grandma running against a grandpa.  Their combined prerequisite of learned mis-facts concerning legal marijuana, are as usual as Nixon versus Ford.  The enforcement and prison unions need marijuana to stay on the black side of our economy.  Promise of job security needs marijuana which needs no presidential help.

    When the Clintons get rehoused into the White House, Bill can change who smokes what on the veranda.  No doubt some of the earlier residents would approve.

    • Avatar cheyenne says:

      Marijuana money is influencing elections in Colorado as it will in other states as they become more MJ friendly.  It has shown its face here in Wyoming, a solid MJ illegal state.  To think a $100 billion or more industry won’t affect politics is denying facts.  That’s like saying the Koch Brothers or Warren Buffett don’t affect politics.

  6. Avatar Virginia says:

    If people want to vote for Hillary, that is their chance to prove it doesn’t matter what she says and has done:

    It doesn’t matter that in the 90s, the White House’s Lincoln Bedroom was up for sale.  It doesn’t matter the Clintons tried to steal furniture, etc. from the White House when they left.  It doesn’t matter that Hillary lied, time and time again, about the emails she sent and received:  ie: “I never sent or received any classified emails and turned over all the emails.”  But goodness, another 1,500 turned up by FBI.

    It doesn’t matters Hillary had a private server and did all her business on it and not the more safe and secure government servers she should have been using.  It doesn’t matter that she most likely was hacked, as very good hackers do not leave calling cards. It doesn’t matter that she put OUR Country in danger. It doesn’t matter that she and Bill did the Pay for Play between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.  It doesn’t matter very little money from the Foundation is actually spent on helping anyone other the Clinton Machine.

    Actually, nothing matters more to the backers other than Hillary wins.  Good or  Bad for this Country of ours.  After 83 years, I know that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be the big loosers.  They will never know the freedom the voters of our Country threw away.

    When one thinks about it, with pot being the big cash crop everyone thinks can be, and then all can get drunk on it once it is totally legal, they will never know where our Country went.  It is more that Timothy O’Leary talked about in the 1960s:  “Tune in; drop out.”  Our Country will be causing a great deal of Climate Change HRC followrers believe in from just the smoke from all the Pot Heads!

    • Avatar Breakfast Guy says:

      Virginia, Virginia.  Just have a good day, Virginia.

      • Avatar Virginia says:

        Not shame on me for having an opinion other that yours.  Yours shame for trying to belittle me because I have a different opinion.   Now you have a great day and evening……….  ;o)

    • Avatar K. Beck says:

      Sorry, but if you really think the Federal Government’s servers are secure you need to keep up with the times. The OPM (Office of Personal Management) server was hacked last year, I believe. The hackers obtained ALL the personal information, bank account numbers, because Fed Employees are forced to have their pay automatically deposited, finger prints, and FBI files, on EVERY Federal government employee. US Government officials were not at all worried by the everyday Federal employees. However, ALL US Government spies were also included in the stolen data base.

      Clinton’s private server is/was probably more secure than the server at the State Department.

      “good hackers’ will find a way to hack any server, or computer, they set their minds to hack. Welcome to the 21 Century!


      • Avatar Virginia says:

        So that is an excuse for HRC’s reckless behavior in use of a private server for her own purpose!  I do not believe that is so.

        • Avatar K. Beck says:

          I responded to this comment made by you: “It doesn’t matters Hillary had a private server and did all her business on it and not the more safe and secure government servers she should have been using.” I question whether the Gov. server was more secure than Clinton’s server.

          And this comment: “It doesn’t matter that Hillary lied, time and time again, about the emails she sent and received:  ie: “I never sent or received any classified emails and turned over all the emails.”  But goodness, another 1,500 turned up by FBI.” Has anyone found “classified” e-mail amongst the e-mail already turned over to the Justice Dept.? Not all e-mail is “classified.”


          • Avatar Virginia says:

            Maybe you missed that point about the discovery of more emails not turned over to the Government.  She said she had turned them all over!  It is not just about classified material.  The public didn’t know for years she had even had a private server until her buddy Sidney Bloomthal was hacked.  When State was asked for HRC emails during and after her tenure, State said there were none.  She left office about two years before any of this came out.  Even Huma would not allow the Blackberries outside the airplane in Moscow!   As Comey said, “Clinton was reckless.”

  7. Avatar cheyenne says:

    Interestingly in the Denver Post Cannabist section they are saying pot legalization opponents in California, including Feinstein, are claiming the bill will end the ban on anti smoking TV ads in California.  Is this true?

  8. Avatar MondoBlondo says:

    The “gorilla ” in the room prevails once again.  ‘Hashing’ out (pun intended) details of an industry that will make alcohol look like Vitamin A is naively jumping way ahead of the reality that it is not a good thing, never was and never will be, but then the soma is good medicine for politicians who want a quiet and uninformed constituency and then there is the money.   All that will be created is yet another form of mental and physical abuse to those who believe it is a harmless distraction while lining the coffers of the elites scrambling for control of the industry.  This plays well as a conduit for more insurance requirements, because Buffett knows the government wants a single payer system that will create the cash flow necessary to continue to float a bankrupt business called the United States of America.  The premises are flawed, as most liberal premises are and because of this the outcome will be more of the same disease we have been subjected to for the last 50 years.  Drugs are bad, taxes impede growth, lack of competition creates inferior products, bigger government is less efficient, money is no indication of intelligence and corrupt politicians will continue to be more corrupt with more power.  I feel sorry for the liberal infused brain that thinks something good will come out of the same old song and dance they have been performing for us.  If they have to cheat to win they have issues.

    • Avatar K. Beck says:

      “Two years ago the Fourth Corner Credit Union of Denver announced they would be the marijuana bank.  Now two years later they still have not received okays from the feds; the reasons are murky.”

      “murky”? I believe marijuana is still illegal as far as the Feds are concerned. I don’t see anything “murky” there. Correct me if marijuana is now legal from a Federal Law point of view. No need to make some conspiracy out of it.

      • Avatar cheyenne says:

        The murkiness is that the feds have gone along with Colorado’s marijuana legalization saying as long as the state follows the feds guidelines they would not interfere.  That was posted in the Denver Post when MMJ was legalized and showed the pot gardens in Denver warehouses open to, again posted in the DP, for all law enforcement, city, county, state, and federal to inspect whenever they wanted to.  So now they won’t approve Fourth Corner’s application even though the credit union has filed all necessary papers and met all requirements required by all credit unions.  I would call that more than murky.

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        It’s murky as far as I’m concerned.  SCOTUS has long held that the POTUS has the authority to emphasize or de-emphasize how laws passed by Congress are enforced—the POTUS has the right to prioritize.

        Thus, the POTUS can say: “Congress hasn’t changed the law regarding the legality of selling marijuana, but my administration not going to prioritize crack-downs on producers or sellers of marijuana in states that have legalized it.  We’ll just continue to enforce the prohibitions against growing it on federal land.”

        So why can’t the POTUS direct the Treasury Department and other departments turn their collective head the other way with respect to the banking industry?

        • Avatar K. Beck says:

          Because then he would have half the country screaming at him. It is called having it both ways, straddling the line,  not making a decision, trying to appease two sides, side stepping, or whatever. He has 4 more months in office, why bring that down on his own head? He ought to be working on his nomination to the Supreme Court, which, it seems, he has totally abandoned. Not to change the subject,  but…

  9. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    “I feel sorry for the liberal infused brain…”

    You were looking for “…the liberally infused brain…”  Liberal is an adjective (or a noun).  “Liberal” as an adjective can’t modify infused, which is a verb, but “liberally” as an adverb can.  “Liberal brain” would have been okay, but you stuck “infused” in there and turned it into nonsense.

    As for the content of your post, I’m not going to argue with you.  I’m just going to point out that with respect to your declaration, “Drugs are bad, taxes impede growth, lack of competition creates inferior products, bigger government is less efficient, money is no indication of intelligence and corrupt politicians will continue to be more corrupt with more power,” the State of Mississippi agrees with you 100 percent (though they might complain that you left out “…faith in Jesus ensures morality and prosperity…”).

    You could always emigrate to Mississippi, or any of the other bass-awkward economic and social cesspool states of the Deep South that slavishly follow your prescription for prosperity.  Sure, those states make up the bottom tier of economic performance in the U.S. on almost every metric……but why should you care?  You’re a political philosopher, not an empiricist.

  10. R.V. Scheide Jr. R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

    The reason the feds don’t deschedule marijuana is that they’d face an outcry from law enforcement agencies nationwide, which fund themselves through asset seizures enabled by the federal government’s current policy. Even in states that have “legalized” marijuana, people are still getting arrested for growing, possessing, selling and transporting it. Marijuana’s continued status as an illegal drug at the federal level ensures there will always be a black market demand in states that  haven’t passed recreational laws. People will continue to take chances to maximize profit. Most will escape the clutches of the law. But more than a few will end up padding the income of your friendly local neighborhood sheriff’s office. I guess it beats raising the local sales tax. Oh wait.

    • Avatar Rod says:

      Yeah, for sure.  Revenue generation from managing marijuana is setting the stage for the next generation.  US baby boomers have pushed hard to impress others with open mindedness.  Tag-a-longs have been sent to jail.  Some acquired huge sums of money.  The average voter tires of the tension which defines the pull/push that’s happening right now.

      It’s a plant.

      Whatever we have done to each other, didn’t originate at the plant.  People will become knowledgeable and elections will pass, the plant will be ready when we’re ready to receive it for what it is.


  11. Avatar JeffG says:

    I’m all for the legalization of marijuana, but don’t expect it to be a boon for the north state.  Small outdoor growers just won’t be able to compete with efficient industrial indoor growers on price or potency.  Decent-paying, albeit extralegal, jobs will be lost and property values will decline as all that 215 land is traded for giant warehouses located in areas with cheap electricity.


    Recommended reading: Narconomics

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      I’ve also wondered how small growers will fare once it’s legal to grow MJ in warehouses.  However, an analogous argument would say that the local craft brewing industry is an impossibility because of Anheuser-Busch InBev, Molson Coors, and even Sierra Nevada.  And yet, it’s doing fine.


      • Avatar Rod says:

        That’s a real concern for our small-scale cottage industry.  Big marijuana is coming like it or not.

        I’d rather drink Etna Ale than Coors Light.  I think people agree with that.  I see 2 distinct markets breaking out.  The artsy high-brow group don’t concern themselves with the retail prices.  Big marijuana will be the high volume low-priced second rate product.  Demanding organic flower is the best approach I know.  The best is homegrown, by your own efforts.





      • Avatar cheyenne says:

        You are right Steve.  Beneath the huge shadow of Coors the craft brewers are surviving and growing in the front range.  They are developing their own unique brands, like Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout in Denver which the head brew master said ingredients can be found in any stockyard.  Another craft brewer in Fort Collins owns their own lake in the Rockies west of town.  Likewise the pot stores have their special combinations which are displayed in cases like produce.  And they have edibles, though those are being really controlled because of the problems they have had.  With the golden triangle of marijuana, Trinity, Siskiyou and Humboldt counties, just west of Redding I could see a lot of that world famous product being marketed by craft shops there.  But Big Tobacco is waiting in the wings for the feds to legalize it and then they will pounce.  That is one concern the pot store owners in Colorado have said they worry about.  But the longer those craft shops are open before the feds legalize MJ, the longer those craft shops will have to build loyal local customers.

      • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

        There will still be illegal outdoor growing because the overhead is so much lower. I find it remarkable that in these energy conscious times weed is moving indoors using massive amounts of energy for no reason other than the smell.

        • Avatar Rod says:

          True,  there’s a new affliction that’s been discovered, eyesight of outdoor grown cannabis causes hysteria and thoughts of murder.  People are being injured when they look at a pot plant.  It’s difficult to understand.

        • Avatar cheyenne says:

          When Colorado first introduced MMJ the state required all shops to grow their own marijuana in secure buildings with around the clock security.  Empty warehouses in Denver were readily available and fit the bill.  As recreation MJ came to market the pot stores complained that they could not grow enough of their own product and needed suppliers.  That has led a few rural towns, like Walsenburg, to start greenhouse growing where they can use the sun instead of electricity.  What people have to realize is that commercial marijuana is in its infancy and changes will come as it matures.  I can foresee outdoor gardens with security that doesn’t include pit bulls and armed non English speaking guards.  It will be like touring wineries or even the Coors refineries with tasting rooms.  This is already being talked about in Colorado.

          • R.V. Scheide Jr. R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

            Guess what happens with 100 percent decriminalization, i.e. grow your own? No more gangs. No more tax farmers. It’ll be the same thing as tomatoes, and should be. Well, then we’d have to legalize poppies, and polygamy … slippery slope.

  12. Avatar cheyenne says:

    When Colorado legalized recreational marijuana the response from many law enforcement according to the Denver Post, was “Good, now we can go after real crime”.  The Post may have cherry picked who they interviewed but I haven’t heard any opposing views from Colorado.  In fact Colorado collected so much in taxes off marijuana that, because of their tax laws on over collecting expectations, that the state has to refund some $30 million.

    On the flip side of legal marijuana the state has seen an influx of drug cartels around Pueblo and Grand Junction concerning how much they can grow medically.  The state busted some 30 grows in houses in Pueblo a couple of months ago.  Legalizing did not drive out the drug cartels.

  13. Frank Treadway Frank Treadway says:

    Seem to be getting off the original premise…What will HRC do re: MJ when she gets in office ?  From what I’ve read she’s fine with regulated medical MJ.  However, should the Feds soften the stance, you bet the cigarette corps will all of a sudden promote flavored MJ cigs, I bet they have packaged and stored MJ cigs now.   And besides Cheyenne/aka Bruce V,  HRC will have a Congress to deal with and who knows where they’ll land on this issue come 2016.  Your thoughts on HRC are speculative at best, politicians do evolve, as we all do when time passes, or we see gain different perspectives.  Oh,  and don’t forget to factor in the Mafia/Black Marketeers.

    • Avatar cheyenne says:

      Yes, it got off track with the emphasis on marijuana and nothing about the affordable housing or ACA problems.  Actually I doubt anyone outside NORML really has marijuana legalization high on their list.  Homelessness is a major problem and neither candidate seems to address that.  From my experience in Wyoming I don’t see a problem with illegal immigrants but it seems to be a big issue elsewhere.  The EPA is becoming a big issue as the new emission limits are being installed.  Governor Hickenlooper has raised Colorado’s percentage of emission cuts to 35% which has angered rural areas who are more dependent on the jobs from oil, gas, coal and agriculture than the big cities.  It seems the big conflict in America really deals with the difference between Rural America and Urban America regardless of ethnic.  While Urban areas have recovered from the recession the rural areas have stayed in recession.  And as most voters live in urban areas I don’t see any help coming to rural areas, unless its Aspen or Park City or Jackson where the moneyed Clinton supporters live.