Downton Abbey Season Six, Episode Nine: “All Good Things…”


The family is walking outside, discussing a possible plan to send Marigold to a school in London. Edith would live in London while she was in school, and devote her attention to the magazine. Henry says it sounds like a good idea, while Robert is not so sure she should be living alone. Edith responds, "I'm I spinster, aren't I? And spinsters live alone." Robert and Cora exchange sad looks.

While the family picnics, Henry sits a little ways away, smoking a cigarette. Mary comes up to him to see what's bothering him. He talks about the crash and how he doesn't blame himself for Charlie's death anymore, but it has taken all the fun out of driving and he's not sure what to do with himself, leaving him out of sorts.

Thomas comes upon Andy, Anna, and Baxter and takes the opportunity to thank them for rescuing him. They express support, and tell him they're glad Downton is keeping him on for the time being, giving him a breathing space. He should take the time to try and understand what led him to his decision to end his life.

At the Dower House, Violet and Isobel are visiting. Isobel tells the story of how she was invited to tea by Larry Grey, only to find out they would be in London. She's not sure what is going on. Lord Merton went with them, and it's a mystery Violet encourages her to solve. Isobel asks if that will only encourage him, but Violet says, "Never let tenderness be a bar to a bit of snooping."

Hughes and Anna are in the office, discussing work arrangements for her pregnancy. Anna's not ready to take her leave yet, even though Baxter has promised to fill in for her to pick up the slack. Carson comes in, expressing his consternation and unfamiliarity with the situation of a pregnant Lady's maid. As he sets down a pile of papers, we can see that his hands are shaking.

The family has drinks outside, and Edith announces she's going to London tomorrow to see Miss Edmunds. Henry offers to drive her, saying her has "things to do" there. Before she leaves, she needs to pay at the Dower House.

In the kitchens, Andy is talking to Daisy about how he's visited Mr. Mason and helped him with the books. He's flirting a little, but Daisy doesn't notice until afterword, when Mrs. Patmore tells her, "You could do worse, you know." Daisy is incredulous, saying "I could do better, too!"

At dinner, Robert announces a plan for all of them to visit Violet. Cora can't go, she has a meeting at the hospital she doesn't want to get out of, as they're in the middle of the reorganization. As Carson pours the wine, his hand shakes and it spills everywhere. Carson apologizes profusely, but Robert says it's fine. Andy and Molesly exchange looks, clearly starting to worry about Carson.

Later, Andy comes into the kitchens to talk to Mrs. Patmore. He wonders if Daisy is interested in dating, or in men entirely. Patmore says she's had her heart broken a few times, but Andy says he doesn't want to break her heart. Does he have a chance? He thinks Daisy doesn't think he's good enough for her. Patmore just says he has as good a chance as not and waves him away.

The next morning, Thomas gets a letter. Reading with Anna there, he tells her he has a job! Anna is happy for him. He says he's not leaving by choice, but he is happy to finally be able to move on. Carson comes in, and they deliver the news. Carson is gracious in wishing him good luck.

Molesly catches Carson and asks if he can have permission to walk down to the village later. Carson says yes, and gives him an additional errand to run. Baxter says she'll go with him.

At the Dower House, Edith arrives to be welcomed by Spratt, whom she's actually come to see. Denker is dismissed, as they discuss his work as advice columnist Miss Cassandra Jones. Edith wants to expand his column to a full page. As they talk, Denker is listening at the door.

Molesly and Baxter are walking through the village, when they are met by Mr. Dawes, the schoolmaster. One of the teachers has retired, and he wants Molesly to take on some of his duties, as well as live in the cottage the school had leased for him. Molesly is overcome and can't speak, so Baxter does it for him and says he'll definitely think about it. As Dawes walks away, Baxter is ecstatic for Molesly, telling him he's done a wonderful job and this is the proof. She knows he'll make a sensible decision.

Henry and Edith are on their way to London, Edith telling him about Spratt and him finding it endlessly amusing. She doesn't want him to tell Violet or Mary.

Denker finds Spratt and hints that she knows he has a secret from Violet and wouldn't it be terrible if she were to find out.

Andy asks Daisy if she wants to walk down to the farm with him that afternoon. She says she's not sure if she's going yet. Patmore admonishes her that he only wanted a walk, but Daisy blows it off. Hughes and Carson come in, and Patmore gives them tea. As Carson takes his, his hand shakes, and Hughes notices. As Carson walks away, Hughes has a concerned look on her face.

Robert and Mary arrive at the Dower House to visit with Violet. They talk about Edith and Bertie, and what a shame it all is. Mary gets a strange look on her face and says she's had an idea, but doesn't want to talk about it just now. Robert tells her Cora couldn't come because she has a hospital meeting, and Violet says she has no problem with it anymore, but from the way he delivered the news, Robert seems to.

Hughes comes into the office to talk to Carson, and asks him when he was going to tell her about the situation with the shaking hands. At first he pretends not to know what she's talking about. Molesly interrupts them, with his news about Dawes' requests and his new opportunity. Carson wants to know if this is him putting in his notice, but Molesly says he's not sure. Carson admits to Hughes that he is a little upset that now "Mr. Barrow's going and Mr. Molesly's going, and only Andrew stands between me and Armageddon."

Isobel goes to visit Lord Merton, and he's thrilled to see her. She wants to know what's been going on, and he tells her he's had some health problems and went to London to get checked out. He's been diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia, and only has a few months left to live. He says he's not bothered, really, he's had a good life, but would have liked to have been married to her. Isobel is very saddened, and just stares at him mournfully.

Edith and Henry arrive at her London apartment. She opens a letter from Rosamunde, inviting her for tea at the Ritz. She asks Henry what's going on with him and he tells her he thinks he's going to give up driving. Now he needs to find something else to do, so he's not just sitting around Downton all the time.

Back at Downton, Carson brings in a package that has arrived for Anna. It's a hair dryer for Lady Mary. Daisy wonders at it, especially as she has never changed her hairstyle. Thomas has also had a letter, his new boss, Lady Stiles, wants him to come that Sunday and start right away. Does Carson need him to serve out his notice? Carson says his fine, and the others wish him well as he moves on, Bates expressing how different Downton will be without him working there.

As everyone goes on to their duties, Andy tells Daisy she doesn't need to change her hair. Her response is, "Are you a fashion expert now?" and she walks away, leaving a crestfallen Andy behind her.

Edith and Rosamunde arrive at the Ritz, and are ushered in by the maître d. As they go to the table, Edith finds that Rosamunde has pulled a bait and switch and Bertie Pelham is waiting for her there. Edith is shocked as Rosamunde leaves them alone to talk. Edith wants to know who set this all up, and is even more shocked to learn that it was Mary. He begs her to stay. He says he wants her back. She says nothing's changed, but he replies that he has. He's found he can't live without her. He wants her to marry him. She wants to know if he's considered everything, especially his mother. He says they won't tell her about Marigold, but Edith says there are still a lot of other people who know the truth and there could be gossip. He says he's ready for it, and "the only thing I'm not ready for is a life without you." She is moved nearly to tears, scared and happy at the same time.

Thomas and Baxter are discussing how there's been a late phone call from Edith, and Thomas expresses hope that things work out for her. He's decided that he will be a different person when he takes his new job, and try to get along better with people. She says people change as time moves on, if the past lets them. Thomas understands what she's saying and tells her that she should listen to Molesly, and not even think about going to see Peter Coyle. The stronger decision is to ignore him, and not let him suck her back in to his drama. She says he's probably right.

Robert returns to his and Cora's bedroom and he has big news. Cora immediately asks if Edith is pregnant again, or has been arrested for treason. Edith is back with Bertie and he's thrilled. They're all invited to Brancaster to meet Bertie's mother and announce the engagement. Cora can barely speak, she's so happy. She asks if the mother knows about Marigold, and Robert says she doesn't, and she's not going to. This will all happen on Friday. Cora says she has a meeting, but at Robert's insistence she says she'll come anyway. She doesn't put up too much of a fight.

Downstairs at Servants' breakfast, everyone expresses how happy they are for Edith. Carson tells Thomas he should say goodbye to the family before they leave, as he'll be gone when they get back.

Isobel is visiting Violet, telling her about Lord Merton's illness and his prognosis. Isobel can barely control herself, she's so upset, and Violet says this is because she's obviously in love with him. Isobel says she must have been mad to have turned him down.

As the family gets ready to leave, Baxter finds Molesly and tells him she's decided she's not going to see Coyle. She's getting away from him forever. Molesly says, "You've reached you decision, now it's time for me to reach mine." Baxter says farewell to Thomas, and he thanks her for having faith in him, even when he had none in himself. He also has a nice farewell, with Bates and the two part as friends.

Robert and Cora say goodbye to Mary (and Teo) and say they're concerned about Henry. Thomas comes up to say goodbye, and thanks them for everything they have done for him. They have a nice conversation, and part on very good terms.

Daisy is looking at her reflection on one of the copper pots and declaring herself to be a frump. Andy says she looks fine, and takes tea off to the library for Mary and Tom. Patmore tells Daisy that she has a problem: she doesn't like men when they like her, only when they don't. She needs to get over herself. Daisy doesn't know quite what to say to this.

Robert and Cora arrive at Brancaster, and are taken inside to meet Mrs. Pelham. Bertie is there as well, and his mother greets them warmly.

At dinner at Downton, Henry is telling Mary and Tom of his plans to quit racing, even though he still loves cars. Tom says he'll just have to find another way to keep cars in his life. Henry says he has to do that, as well as find a job. As Carson pours the wine, his hands are shaking again, and once more, he spills it. Molesly rescues him, but it's obvious he's not doing well, and Mary is very concerned.

Downstairs, Mrs. Hughes gives him a cup of tea to calm him down. Carson says he's sure everyone thinks he's a drunk, but that's not his problem. She says she'll make him a doctor's appointment, but he says there's no need because he knows what it is. It's something that ended the careers if both his father and his grandfather. They call it the palsy. He's afraid he's done for. Mary comes in to see how he is. He says he's fine, but she expresses how much she cares about if, and if there are changes that need to be made, "we mustn't be afraid to face them."

Upstairs, Tom joins Henry in the library. He asks Henry about his situation, and how he's feeling about it. Henry says he's really very lucky, he just needs to decide how he is going to spend his life. He's worried about being worthy of Mary if he doesn't have something of his own to do. Tom suggests he get involved in a local business so he can he part of Downton, but still have a life outside of it. He'll let him know if he has any ideas.

At Brancaster, the Crawleys and the Pelhams are having drinks in the study. Mrs. Pelham tells them of the household, and her own plans to live in a set of apartments on the grounds when Bertie and Edith get married. Mrs. Pelham wants to rebuild Brancaster as a moral center, something Bertie must do to overcome the reputation of his shameful cousin. As she goes on about that, Bertie insists she not speak ill of the late Lord Hexham, and things grow very tense. As she goes up to bed, she reiterates to Bertie how careful he must be to set a moral example. Edith gets a panicked look on her face and seems to be considering something.

Lord Merton and Isobel are leaving Dr. Clarkson's office. The good doctor has just confirmed Merton's diagnosis of pernicious anemia. Isobel tells Merton that there's no way she's going to let him go through this alone. As they leave, they are intercepted by Amelia Cruikshank, who basically tells Isobel to stay out of it and let the family deal with it. She takes him away, with some unkind words for Isobel. Isobel tells her curtly that while she thought she was going to be saddled with him for years, Isobel was a necessary evil, but not that that's not the case, she wants to have nothing to do with her, Cruikshank leaves angrily.

Mary finds Henry and asks him to go for a walk. He tells her he's been thinking about what he might do, and may have an idea. He doesn't tell her what it is.

At Brancaster, Edith is standing on the walls, considering her situation, when Robert finds her. Edith wonders if she's doing the right thing for Bertie. What happens if his mother or anyone else finds out about Marigold? Robert says it won't get out, but Edith says there are so many people who know already how could it possibly not? Robert says he hopes Edith will marry him anyway.

The staff downstairs says goodbye to Thomas as he leaves. Everyone has a kind word, even Carson. Mary brings the children down to see him one last time, and George asks him not to go. Thomas tells him that he has to, but no matter where he goes he will always be his friend. Thomas weeps a little as he leaves.

Back at Brancaster, Edith goes in to see Mrs. Pelham. She says there's something she needs to know before the engagement is announced. They sit down, and Edith tells her about Marigold.

Thomas arrives at his new employers' and settles in. There are only three employees: Thomas, the cook, and a maid who comes in during the day. Thomas is a little let down, but is determined to make the best of the situation.

Daisy arrives at Mr. Mason's to find Andy hammering shingles onto the roof. He's all sweaty, and in his undershirt, and she looks at him as if she's seeing him for the first time. For his part, he's cool to her. Mason tells her once again how grateful he is to Andy, and how hopeful he is that Daisy might move in. She says she's still thinking about it, but it is a big step. When Mason wants to know if she and Andy have fallen out, she says "we just never quite fell in, not the way he wants." Mason tells her she could do worse, and she responds, "That's what everyone keeps saying."

Bertie comes in to talk to his mother. Edith's story has upset her, and she thinks Bertie shouldn't marry Edith now, as she doesn't set the proper moral example. Bertie says he won't be dictated to, and he'll marry Edith no matter what she says. It showed courage and decency for Edith to come clean, and that's not something that should be overlooked.

Isobel goes to see Lord Merton, but Cruikshank won't even tell him she's here. She slams the door in Isobel's face.

Tom and Henry are in the agent's office with the children, making plans. We don't know what they are yet, but they seem very excited. Henry is not going to tell Mary until things are finalized. He wants to set up their mysterious new venture without the Crawley's help.

Isobel visits Violet and tells her about her aborted attempt to see Lord Merton. Violet is aghast at the rudeness, and the fact that Merton seems to be being held captive, surely this is not what he wants! She thinks it's because they want no one else to have any claim on the estate, and Isobel should just push her way in. "If reason fails, try force!"

Carson is showing Hughes his shaking hands, not sure what to do about it or what to tell the family. Molesly comes in to tell them he's decided to accept Mr. Dawes' offer. He says he'll still be around for special occasions when needed. He'll move out over the next week. He senses something is wrong with Carson, but Carson doesn't tell him what it is, and Molesly doesn't press.

At tea, Edith is explaining to Bertie why she told his mother about Marigold. She just couldn't live a lie, leaving the poor woman in the dark. Bertie says they all have made their positions clear, and she'll just have to come around. Robert wants to know if it was really necessary, but Cora says she'd glad Edith was honest. When Mrs. Pelham comes in, she gives them all a cool look, and then walks away.

Thomas is serving dinner to his new employers, who are a very elderly couple who eat in silence. It's obvious he's very unhappy in his new job, but is still making the most of it.

At dinner at Brancaster, Bertie stand up to make the announcement about his engagement to Edith, when his mother interrupts him to thank everyone for being there. She very pointedly doesn't announce the engagement, so Bertie stands up again, making ready to do it. As Mrs. Pelham sits down, Robert leans over to tell her "speak now, or you've lost him forever." So she once again stands up to interrupt her son. This time she makes the announcement, and even manages to sound happy about it.

Back at Downton, Daisy is talking about Andy with Mrs. Patmore, and it is obvious that now that she's pushed him away, she's smitten.

Back at Brancaster, everyone is having after dinner drinks. Edith and her parents are discussing their amazement at how Mrs. Pelham's opinion changes so quickly, when she overhears them talking. Mrs. Pelham says she was impressed that Edith risked everything to be honest with her, and thinks that speaks better of her than anything else. Everything seems to be settled.

The next morning, Violet goes with Isobel to Lord Merton's. They are arguing with Cruikshank (now Mrs. Grey) and Merton overhears and comes down. He is angry to find out his son and daughter-in-law have been keeping him cooped up, denying Isobel entry. Isobel announces that she's taking Merton to her house to take care of him. Larry tries to argue, but Lord Merton shuts him up and says this is what's going to happen. His son can have the estate, he just wants to live out the rest of his life with as much happiness as he can. What's more, Isobel decrees that she is going to marry him!

Tom and Mary greet Robert and Cora as they return to Downton. Edith says she wants a new year's eve wedding, and she thanks Mary for saving her happiness. Mary says they're sisters and should be kinder to each other in the future.

Patmore and Daisy are making dinner, discussing Edith's good fortune, when Andy comes in. Daisy thanks him for all the help he's given to Mr. Mason. Andy tells her he knows she doesn't like him the way he likes her and they should just be honest about that. Patmore teases Daisy about the fact that now that Andy's moved on, Daisy finally likes him.

Molesly finds Baxter to tell him he's accepted Dawes' offer, and she's thrilled for him. They promise each other that they won't lose touch.

Patmore tells Daisy they have three months to plan a wedding, and she doesn't want any mistakes. Daisy replies "I don't think anyone ever wants mistakes, Mrs. Patmore, they just happen!"

The three months past and it is December 29th, 1925. The house has been decorated for the wedding.

Rose arrives with Atticus, and they are greeted by everyone. They haven't brought the baby with them, and miss her very much. Rose goes downstairs to show the baby pictures to the servants. She greets Molesly, who has returned just for the holidays, and Anna, who is showing now. The baby is due in about ten days.

At the Dower House, Spratt is working on his column when Denker comes in. She says she knows his secret and she's going to tell the Dowager and spoil his double life. Spratt is concerned, but there's little he can do to stop her.

At dinner, Rose congratulates Isobel on her marriage. Merton isn't there because she never wants him to get overtired, even though he seems to be feeling just fine. Cora tells everyone that she's got a big hospital meeting the next day, where they invite everyone in to detail the plans for the merger. Robert is upset that this is happening the day before Edith's wedding, but Cora says it will only be a couple of hours and everyone defends Cora from Robert's disapproval. Edith says she can manage just fine. Henry and Tom have an errand in York that afternoon, so Cora won't be the only one who's gone. Mary wants to know what it is, but Henry just says, "You'll see."

Robert asks Carson to pour him some wine, and Carson asks Andy to do it, much to Robert and Mary's concern.

At Lord and Lady Stiles', Thomas reminds his employer that he'll be gone New Year's Eve.

During after dinner drinks, Rose's Father has finally arrived. Cora tells Edith she hopes she hasn't let Edith down, being away tomorrow. Edith says it's fine, that her father just resents the hours she spends at the hospital. Tom and Henry talk about their mysterious new venture, and how maybe they should wait to tell Mary about it until after the wedding, but Tom says it will just make her enjoy the wedding more. They both tell Atticus that they're each reinventing themselves.

Robert finds Mary to talk about Carson's behavior, which he finds strange. They decide to go down right now and find out what it's all about. Carson tells them about the palsy, and he offers his resignation, which Robert doesn't want to accept. But Carson says he can no longer fulfill his duties, so will advertise for a replacement, which he'll select himself. Mary and Robert want him to stay on and supervise, but Carson says he's not sure that's realistic, as the new butler won't want him around.

The next morning, Isobel sees Lord Merton leaving Dr. Clarkson's office. He says he's been feeling good lately, too good to be expected from his prognosis, and has come to Clarkson for more tests.

That afternoon at Downton, Rose comes if from helping with the flowers to report that everything is going well. Robert grouses about Cora being at the hospital, and Rose wants to know what his problem is. He says they take advantage of her, even if she does seem to enjoy it. He also wants to know what Tom and Henry are up to, but no one knows. Rose ends the conversation by asking him to take her into the village, and he agrees, though he is unsure of what the big emergency is.

Henry and Tom have led Mary into York for a surprise: a car dealership that they've founded. They give her a tour, and she's happy for them. Her reaction is subdued, but then she admits she's proud of him. Then she tells him she's pregnant, but they can't say anything until after the wedding.

Rose takes Robert to the hospital, where Cora is holding her meeting. She is speaking to something like a hundred people, detailing the new arrangements, acting as a real leader. Robert is overcome with his pride in her. Rose tells him she should not spoil his marriage by asking Cora to choose between him and the hospital. He thinks about it.

Daisy and Patmore are talking about what they'll wear to the wedding the next day, Daisy saying she really has nothing nice. She also really liked Lady Rose's hair, and is thinking herself very plain in comparison. Patmore tells him she should try a new style if she'd like. Daisy asks if she can go upstairs while everyone is still having dinner, and Patmore reluctantly agrees.

Upstairs, Daisy evades Anna to go into Mary's room and takes her hair dryer.

At the Dower House, Denker is getting Violet ready for bed, going on about Spratt and his divided attentions. She spills the news about Spratt's second job, and shows her the magazine. Violet reads the column and is very amused. She says she won't fire Spratt, instead she'll ask his advice.

Daisy has washed her hair and goes to the mirror to start to cut.

The day of the wedding arrives and everyone is making preparations. Daisy comes down, her cap pulled down all the way over her head. She says she doesn't want to go to the wedding, but won't say why. Anna asks about the cap, and they make her take it off, revealing that she has butchered her hair. Andy comes in and laughs at her, and she runs out. Patmore yells at Andy, saying it's for him that Daisy's made a fool of herself. When he protests that Daisy doesn't even like him, she says he doesn't know women at all.

In Edith's room, she's thrilled, getting ready. Cora tells her she's taking Marigold to Brancaster so she'll be there when Edith and Bertie get back from the honeymoon, and everyone goes to get changed.

Downstairs, Anna is fixing Daisy's hair. Anna tells her she wishes she'd have let her help the first time, but she'd repaired the damage, giving Daisy a smart bob. Bates comes in and tells Anna she should be sitting down. Andy tells Daisy that her hair looks beautiful. As they clean up together, Andy tells her that they've been "out of step" with each other and he doesn't want to be "out of step" anymore. He walks off, taking a lock of her hair with him. Daisy considers this as she watches him go.

Everyone arrives at the church for the wedding. Henry tells Mary how happy he is, and Violet and Rosamunde reflect on how there finally seems to be a happy ending for Edith.

Tom seats Laura Edmunds near the front, and they two seem, again, to have really hit it off.

Dr. Clarkson finds Isobel and Merton and gives them news: he doesn't have pernicious anemia after all, just regular anemia, which can be managed through diet. He's not going to die.

Thomas arrives to sit beside Bates and Anna. He says he's getting along fine, but it's clear he isn't exactly happy.

Edith comes down in her wedding dress where Robert is waiting for her. They have a wonderful moment where he says he's proud of her and they leave for the church.

Robert and Edith arrive at the church, and Edith and Bertie are married (an aside: This is the point I expected Michael Gregson to arrive to object, not dead after all, but it doesn't happen).

After the wedding, Robert and Cora reflect on how the last daughter is off their hands. He tells her he's proud of her for her work at the hospital. She says she wouldn't have given it up anyway, but it's nice to have his approval.

Patmore is marshalling the considerable force of her personality to run the kitchens when Anna comes in, asking for Epsom salts because she's not feeling well. Daisy tells Andy that she's decided to move into the farm. That, in fact, she's decided a lot of things, but won't tell him all about them now.

Upstairs Carson, who apparently hasn't learned his lesson, is trying to pour champagne. He gets upset and yells at himself, drawing the attention of Robert and Mary. He apologizes, and Thomas comes over and offers to help pour the champagne. This gives Robert an idea. They should have Thomas back to perform the duties of a butler, with Carson staying on to oversee. Carson accepts this, and Thomas eagerly agrees. Thomas gets to work right away.

In Mary's room, Anna is putting the hair dryer away and helping Mary when her water breaks. Mary sets to work, getting Anna ready to give birth, while Henry is dispatched to fetch Bates. Carson is scandalized that Anna is giving birth in Lady Mary's room.

Violet finds Spratt and Denker and tells Spratt how pleased she is with his column, and how in the future she'll be asking for his advice with her clothes and her entertaining, much to Denker's chagrin.

Daisy tells Mason that she's coming to the farm, and he's very glad. He asks if that means he'll be seeing more of Mrs. Patmore too, and the two have a nice moment where she blushes.

Rose's father, Shrimpie, gives the toast for Edith and Bertie and reads a letter from Cora's mother, who couldn't be there. Bertie and Edith reflect on their happiness, neither of them quite able to believe that all of this is happening.

Edith and Bertie leave for their honeymoon, everyone wishing them well. She throws the bouquet and it's caught by Miss Edmunds, who catches Tom in a look.

Robert and Carson have a moment where they discuss how this is the end of an era, and Robert hopes Carson isn't too unhappy about it. Carson says the world is a very different place than it was, and Downton has to change with it.

Anna has given birth to a son, and is telling Mary she'd like to go on working. Mary says they'll keep the baby in the nursery during the day so that will be possible, and tells her about her own pregnancy. Cora and Robert come in with champagne for Bates and Anna. Cora, Robert, Henry, and Mary go down to ring in the new year.

Robert and Cora reflect on the state of things, which seems very good, and wish for themselves a happy life together. Robert says no matter the changes to come, that's all they can ask.

Violet tells Cora that everything is her kingdom now, and she runs it very well. Hughes and Carson talk about how life will be different from now on, but they should still be happy. The clock rings for the new year, and everyone breaks out into Auld Lang Syne. This series ends with shots of everyone, a song in their hearts, and hope for the future. The final shot is of Downton, covered in snow.

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  1. EasternCounty says:

    Thank goodness for your column and reruns of Downton Abbey because there was a long outage last night, and we missed a good deal of the show.  We’ll be able to see it again in a couple of days, but until then, thank you for filling in the blanks with your recap.

  2. Melanie says:

    Admittedly, I cried multiple times. I was thrilled for Edith and Bertie, sad for Carson but happy for Thomas. Still not sure if I am sold on Daisy and Andy.

    Oh, and finally some happiness for Anna and Mr. Bates!!!

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