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  1. OK. This is our forum. We can talk about anything we want regarding health, fitness and weight-loss. Use this as a place to give or get help. This is new on A News Cafe.com.

    I’m excited to see how it works.

    Let’s start simple. For those who’ve joined the journey of weight-loss with me, how is your week going so far?

  2. trek says:

    Well, I’ve been waiting for more of a sign up sheet or graph outlining weeks and weight loss, names could be made up and so on. Sound familiar….waiting? I have actually started slowly, beginning with watching what I eat. Since I’m the head cook and grocery buyer I’m amassed by the amounts of  bad foods I’ve used over the holiday season so far. Such as; sugar, lard, flour, salt, oils and coffee creamers. I left out alcohol but I have cut way back to an occasional drink and now don’t keep the refrigerator stocked.                                                                    As far as exercise goes? I’m an avid cyclist but have recently moved from a nice warm climate to snow and ice. Walking with my dog is now my main exercise until I get my new set of rollers for my bike set up. I have also taken up cross country skiing which I find can be as hard as I want to make it or an easy glide. I did do my first weigh in but have yet not decided what to start eating as my wife say’s she is a vegan! We have been eating a mostly plant based diet but with occasional outings of junk food. I will wait to see what others are eating and then decide what might work for me?

    • Your idea is a good one, but that sounds more complicated a plan that we can swing right now, unless our tech guys tell me otherwise.

      It sounds like you’re doing great with exercise, so good for you!

      Regarding what to eat, there are lots of great recipes (Google them) for high-protein dishes. And you can’t go wrong cutting out sugar and white flour. But I’m no expert.

      Readers? Do you have suggestions?





  3. EasternCounty says:

    I have created a couple of monthly Excel spreadsheets.  One is a daily food log, and the other is an exercise log which includes weight and measurements.  The same thing can be done on paper, but spreadsheets are fun — and I’m at the computer a great deal.  Perhaps these types of incentives could help others stay on track.

  4. I wish I loved spreadsheets, but they’re not my thing. But it sounds like that’s what Trek needs. I’m just not sure how we could do that for a bunch of people on A News Cafe.com.


    • Amy Gibbs says:

      Doni, I was intrigued to read in your blog about “slow carbs”. I love pasta, and I always thought it was a “processed carb”, also, my Dr, says “a carb is a carb” and he recommends I eliminate or cut them back drastically, especially for my digestive system (let alone losing weight).

      I’m curious if there is a more complete list of “slow carbs”….

      • Doni Chamberlain Doni Chamberlain says:

        Amy, the term “slow carbs” was new to me. On my program they’re not something I get more than once a day, at lunch. It’s a list of things like oatmeal, sweet potato, whole grain pasta, brown rice and a slice of dense brown bread. I imagine you could check online for a larger list, but I think you get the idea. They’re the foods I’d like to eat three times a day, but can just one from the list, once a day.

  5. Darcie says:

    For those that love charts, here are some resource:

    How much should I weigh?

    Simple weight log that can be printed

    For those that like to log online try Spark People,com  (Free)  or Startyourdiet.com (basic membership is also free)

  6. trek says:

    Consider exercising with Strava!

    For all you area Redding residents you are so very lucky to have the paved river and Keswick Lake trail system along with all the single track trails. (Best thing about Redding!) I personally use a “Garmin Edge 500” to keep track of all my cycling adventures by uploading all my rides through the Strava site. Best thing about Strava is that it is free and they offer a very detailed analysis  of your workouts. Once you are connected and have your own user name (make up a fancy name if you like or use your own) Strava will start keeping track of every  moving type of exercise you upload to your site  through it’s GPS system. Cycling, running ,walking, swimming, snow skiing and so on. You will need a device that has GPS capabilities, most newer cell phones will work. You just have to remember to start the program when you begin your exercise. A free apt is also available for various phones. Once you have uploaded your activity it will show you a detailed map of where you have actually gone. If you have a heart rate sensor it will keep tabs on this info. also and so much more pertaining to cycling and running ect., your speed, elevation gain/loss and much more will automatically be stored for you. You can hookup with your friends and even start your very own private group (Doni’s Ducklings for instance) and keep tabs on what everyone has been uploading and even comment on their uploads, photos can be uploaded also. Strava stores an amassing amount of information for you to use. You can also make friends with other people world wide.

    It’s FREE, FREE, FREE! Check it out!   http://www.strava.com

  7. After a lifetime of having sugar – and later, artificial sweetener – in my coffee and tea (with milk or half & half, or fat-free half & half), I drank coffee this morning without sweetener. A shock. But not bad. I can do this.

  8. I just successfully resisted a huge sugar urge that nearly sent me to the chocolate chips. I had some peanuts instead. Yahoo!

  9. How about a flavorful, healthful recipe for veggies? I made this last night – wonderful: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/kung-pao-brussels-sprouts-51263810

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