Dignity for Christmas

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Are you willing to give the gift of dignity this Christmas season? At Living Hope Compassion Ministries, we want families that are struggling financially to experience the same joy that other families do on Christmas morning. We want them to know the love of Jesus and have the ability to provide for their families.

With your help, Living Hope Compassion Ministries will be honoring struggling families and bringing dignity to the forefront.

This year, we are asking for 300 gifts to be donated. We will then set up a store-like scenario where the gifts will be sold at bargain-or garage-sale prices. For example, a $50 gift will cost roughly $8. We will also have wrapping stations where the parent(s) can wrap the gifts. Living Hope Compassion Ministries believes it is important for parents to be able to give their children gifts at Christmas. The ability to provide gifts brings dignity and joy during the Christmas season.

With the funds generated from the sales of the gifts, Living Hope Compassion Ministries will also be able to employ people during the holiday season. All funds generated by the store will be used to hire workers for the store. This model will allow financially struggling families to purchase gifts for their families, and at the same time provide additional struggling families with opportunities to work!

Living Hope Compassion Ministries is innovative with the implementation of this new model. We believe the current model of giving handouts is not working; therefore, we are committed to end the chronic need and dependency. In essence, we are teaching people how to become self-sufficient by providing work opportunities and building work ethics.

We truly believe that to do for others what they have the capacity to do for themselves is disempowering. At Living Hope Compassion Ministries, we want to be a positive change in this community. If you would like to partner with Living Hope Compassion Ministries who practices good stewardship and truly believes in community transformation, please contact us for more information.

Michael Mojarro
CEO/Executive Director
Living Hope Compassion Ministries

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