Whiskeytown National Recreation Area’s 50th Anniversary Event

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whiskeytownGreetings from Whiskeytown! This weekend is a FREE event at Brandy Creek Beach, “Symphony on the Beach!” This starts at 7:00 p.m. with the dedication of the Stephen Mather plaque (First Director of the National Park Service, 1916-1929). Then we are launching Candle Luminaries onto Whiskeytown Lake and then the Shasta Symphony under the direction of Conductor Dwayne Corbin will kick off the show!
Wild Card Brewery, Matson Wine, and Savory Spoon will be selling beer, wine and appetizers, and Barb Cervantes is bringing out a truck load of gourmet Smores.  Imagine sitting on the beach in listening to the Shasta Symphony, eating gourmet smores and sipping a glass of chilled wine!
This is going to be a fun event, its free (no parking passes needed after 6 pm) and we are celebrating 50 years of quality recreation, history and conservation!
-from press release
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