Shasta Family YMCA Receives $25,000 Donation from Redding Rotary

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Shasta Family YMCA received a $25,000 donation from The Rotary Club of Redding to match a $25,000 challenge gift from Y member and philanthropist, Steve Woodrum.

 The $50,000 is nearly 75% of the $70,000 needed to patch holes and resurface the almost 20 year old pool. After stage 1 is completed, another $13,000 is needed for stage 2, which includes fixing underwater lights, repairing rust and pool drainage around the deck.

 The outdoor pool was originally built in 1996 with a combination of volunteer hours and community donations. It is heated year-round and available to community groups free-of-charge or for a nominal fee. Groups such as the Boy Scouts, Out and About, Sober Grad, the US Navy, BLM, Search and Rescue and many elementary schools use the pool for swim testing and special events. Approximately 2,800 people use the pool on an average summer week.

 “The Y pool is a tremendous community resource and repairing it is critical to keeping it available for the long term.” says Kristen Lyons, CEO, Shasta Family YMCA. “We are so grateful for Steve’s and The Rotary Club of Redding’s support of this project.”

 Construction is planned to begin this fall, after raising the additional funds needed.

-from press release
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