Arrest Made in Hit-and-Run

On August 20th, 2014 at approximately 1815 hours, Michael Roberts was at his parent’s residence in the area of Decoy Ln, when a white 85-89 model Toyota truck, lifted with large tires was driving in the area at a high rate of speed. Roberts chased down the truck to find out what was going on. When Roberts got out of his vehicle to confront the driver, he was hit by the truck. Roberts grabbed onto the driver’s door to avoid being run over. Roberts was then dragged down the gravel road several hundred yards, when he could not hang on anymore, he fell and was run over. The driver and passengers of the truck fled the area. A neighbor chased the vehicle, but lost them in town. Roberts was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries.

A partial description at the time was given of the driver and the vehicle. The Sheriff’s Office received this call at 1931 hours. The call had original gone to the California Highway Patrol as a hit and run vehicle accident. Once it was learned this was an assault, the incident was given to the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Seth Edwards interviewed the victim and several witnesses. Edwards worked through the night tracking down leads to identify the driver of the truck and the truck itself. SHASCOM was able to locate prior contacts with a truck matching the partial description given of the truck and driver. The driver was later identified as Damien Avery Ellis-Cort.

On Thursday, 08-21-14 at 0439 hours, Deputy Edwards, after receiving information Ellis-Cort was at a friend’s house off Shasta View Dr, in Redding, located the truck. Deputy Edwards located Ellis-Cort at the friend’s residence also.

After Deputy Edwards interviewed Ellis-Cort and the other passenger’s from the truck, Ellis-Cort was arrested on the above listed charges. His truck was taken as evidence. The passengers were released.

Deputy Edwards learned Ellis-Cort was out 4X4 in the area, when he became lost. When Ellis-Cort was confront by Roberts, he became scared because Roberts was verbally aggressive and tried to pull him from the vehicle. Ellis-Cort said he was just trying to flee from Roberts at the time.

The case is still under current investigation. Once the investigation is completed, the case will be submitted to the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office for review.

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank all the citizen’s and witnesses who assisted with bringing this case to a quick close.

– Press Release

Press Release

-from press release

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