Motorcyclist’s Condition Downgraded After Crash Allegedly Caused by Drugged Driver

Hayley Riggins is in critical condition after a crash allegedly caused by a drugged driver. (Photo from Hayley Riggins’ Facebook page.)

UPDATE from KRCR: Hayley Riggins’ condition worsens, declared brain dead. Click here for KRCR story.

On April 24, 2014, at 12:57 pm, the Redding Police Department responded to the intersection of Buenaventura Boulevard and Placer Street for a collision involving a vehicle and motorcycle.  

Officers arrived and determined that a Honda Accord driven by Virginia Anderson, 53 years of Redding, was northbound on Buenaventura Boulevard. The Honda Accord made a left turn from northbound Buenaventura Boulevard to westbound Placer Street, failing to stop for the red light.

Suzuki motorcycle ridden by Hayley Riggins, 26 years of Redding, was southbound on Buenaventura Boulevard at Placer Street. The Suzuki motorcycle was proceeding through the intersection on a green light when it struck the Honda Accord.

Hayley Riggins suffered major head injuries from the collision. She was transported to Mercy Medical Center and is currently in critical condition.

Virginia Anderson was evaluated by a Redding Police Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) and was determined to be driving under the influence of drugs. Anderson admitted to using prescription medication, marijuana, and methamphetamine earlier in the day.

Anderson was booked at the Shasta County Jail for felony DUI causing injury and is being held on $50,000 bail.

From Redding Police Department press release.

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33 Responses

  1. Avatar Claudia Hastings says:

    Sending healing prayers to her and prayers also to her family.

  2. Avatar Karen M. says:

    I have friends all over California, and as far away as Nigeria praying for a miracle for her. Please everyone, pray for her, and her family. She has a little daughter. Her fiance lost his mother in an accident due to a drunk driver just a few short months ago. Drugs and Alcohol destroy so many innocent people, it’s so tragic.

  3. Avatar Dianne Vega says:

    Many Prayers & Blessings too Hayley & Family

  4. Avatar Megan H says:

    Thank you so much from the bottom of mine and the rest of my family’s heart. We appreciate every prayer for Hayley.

    • Avatar Sandra says:

      Hi Megan. I am Sherrie’s mom. Sherrie is the medical director and vet at Westside Pet Hospital. Praying hourly for Haley. Heard she is responding to the voices of her fiancee and baby girl.

      Where can I check for daily updates?
      Where are you going to set up a Special Needs Trust Fund for Haley’s after care (therapy and stuff like that)?

    • Avatar Sandra says:

      So sorry for your loss. I will miss Haley. In her passing she will be giving life and hope to so many. Today is sad for all of us who knew her.

  5. Avatar EasternCounty says:

    I regret being so cynical, but how long will it be before that woman is back behind the wheel after her release? Such a tragedy.

  6. Avatar Grammy says:

    Had the woman just left the yard art corner sales there? The “Yard art” is really neat but very distracting to anyone driving past there. To drive away from the dirt area you have to be very careful of all directions of on coming traffic.
    Why are drugs so easy to buy here in Redding? It sure isn’t because doctors are prescribing them to people who need them. Every drug out there that works for chronic pain is trying to be taken off the market by politicians who see drug addicts using and abusing them.
    Law abiding people that use as needed and wouldn’t think of driving while on them are losing out with nothing to replace them. No wonder alcohol is being used so much. It dulls the pain.
    I remember in my teenage years my Dad drank a little to much. He had been shot in his knee while delivering messages to outpost all over Europe on a Harley during WWII.
    I realize now it is because he didn’t have adequate pain relief available.
    There is no excuse for driving while under the influence of any drug stronger than an aspirin. Even cough medicine you SHOULD NOT DRIVE.

    • Avatar sandy says:

      Neither were at the art sale. The DUI was travelling North on Buenaventura. She was driving passing me then went through a red light turning left into oncoming traffic. Haley was travelling south on Buenaventure returning to work after a lunch break when the DUI person turned in front of her. There was no time to react. She hit full force.

      The yard art had nothing to do with anything. Please do not put that idea into the minds of the defense attorney. Haley was injured because a person with no thought of her life or the lives of others chose to get behind the wheel when it was clear she was not fit to do so.

      Why don’t all the meth-heads just commit suicide. Much quicker way to go and it does not physically harm anyone else. Better yet, STOP USING STREET DRUGS INCLUDE POT!! Take pride in yourself and your ability to have rational thought.

    • Avatar another ER nurse says:

      First off for the family of this young woman who was just trying to go to work, I send my prayers.

      Realistically, there are MANY people who take narcotics (heavy duty stuff) for their chronic pain and get behind the wheel every day. We are fooling ourselves if we believe they are dutifully staying home on the couch.

      • Avatar sandy says:

        That is so true. I remember when I was released back to work with no restrictions but was expected to take Flexeril, Elavil and oxycodone every 6 hours. That was a joke. I could barely see let alone drive. Went to court to get a judge to order that I be put back on disability.

      • Avatar Sandra says:

        That may be true but it is still DUI and should ve punishable with a minimum one year jail sentence

  7. Avatar CouldBeTrouble says:

    I am so sorry to hear these stories happening so frequently not only here in River City, but all over the country. War on Drugs? What a joke, with the War on Drugs we get legalized and decriminalized marijuana. If you are a liberal who advocates this kind of “War on Drugs” then you will have quite the tale to tell God on Judgement Day.

  8. Avatar April Palmquist says:

    Prayers for Hayley Riggins, she’s a sweet, beautiful person, God be with her and give her strength to survive and overcome this tragedy.

  9. R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

    Keep in mind, this is a police report, so any alleged substance abuse is just that, alleged.

    The more likely cause is that the car driver simple wasn’t looking out for the motorcyclist, which is often the case when the car driver is at fault.

    • Avatar Gl says:

      “The more likely cause is that the car driver simple wasn’t looking out for the motorcyclist…”

      Or the red light she turned against. I have zero doubt that they will find plenty of things in her blood sample cornucopia.

    • Avatar Galeigh says:

      Alleged, really? I guess the statement from the alleged felon doesn’t count? Really folks, do you live in Shasta county? Have you ever been involved in a collision with a Shasta county drug user? I happen to be on of the many involved in a hit/run collision while I was on my motorcycle. Female totally stoned outta her mind pulled out in front of me sending me over my bike and her car before she sped off. She was located however not taken to jail because the sgt didn’t want to waste manpower having someone sit at the hospital w/ her! To this day, she has committed 2 more felonies and my hit/run felony has been put on the back burner. I think the difference is, I’m still alive ????. Is this what it always has to come down to before these “people” go away! Prayers for Hayley and her family!

      • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

        Turning left in front of an oncoming motorcyclist is one of the most common collisions of these types. The car driver either doesn’t see the motorcycle or thinks the motorcycle can stop faster than it actually can.

        If we accept everything the police say without question, we then live in a police state. That is why it is important to use “alleged.”

        It’s very sad to see Hayley is not recovering. I am a lifelong motorcyclist and I hate seeing this happen to my sister and brother bikers. I will add my prayers to everyone else’s.

  10. Avatar Megan H says:

    Im sorry to interrupt the conversation but Hayley needs prayers not everyone arguing over what happened. Our family has not had to much time to think about Ms. Anderson, we are trying to stay as positive as we can for her 3 children and fiance. Ms. Anderson has to live with this for the rest of her life….. no matter the out come. So please everyone Keep the prayers coming. We do really appreciate everyone. Thank you.

  11. Megan, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  12. Avatar Ginny says:

    Megan, I feel all of the above are praying for Megan and her family. Yet, when something such as this happens, it is good for others to speak about how they feel on the situation. It needs talk.

    No drug is safe to use and drive. Anywone who says Pot is OK, is sick. The only reason someone uses drugs, other than for real pain, is to bomb out! Anything else is an excuse. I don’t care how old one is who uses, the thing is they need to grow up rather than grow old, and just face life as God gave it to us!

  13. Avatar Irene Mason says:

    Dear Rigging Family, I don’t know Hayley but my heart breaks for all of you. My little brother was hit by a car while riding his bicycle and they had to revive him three times. He was in a coma and put on life support for three days before they told us that he was brain dead and we should say goodbye. That was 22 years ago and although he is in a wheelchair, we still have him with us and mentally he is fine. So keep praying and I will do the same.

  14. Avatar Ron says:

    much love and prayers to Hayley, the Riggins family.

    the prayer circle continues……..

  15. Avatar Sandra says:

    still praying

  16. Avatar Dreane says:

    “He WILL Heal The Faithful” God’s Blessings to Hayley.

  17. Miss Hayley as we call her is our doggy nurse and she gives the best pedicures us fluffy puppies could ever get. She even pinched our butts a few times….I am sure she just loved that! Human momma talked on the phone with Miss Hayley a few hours earlier and it’s hard to comprehend why crappy things happen to great people. We want to come up to the hospital and give her lots of wet slobbery kisses and paw her hands as she took such good care of us. Our human and us Fluffy Puppies are praying for her and you, her family. We puppies are on strike and letting our paw nails grow as long as it takes for her to wake up (which she will) and get better so she can trim our nails. Miss Hayley is loved by everyone whose life she has touched including ours and our human momma. There was a beautiful cross with a large photo on it of Miss Hayley that read, “Pray for Hayley” at the intersection where humans sell stuff on Placer. Human wished she had her camera to take a photo. We hope it is still there. Please have faith and remember she can hear everything that is said…please tell her that we love her and wish we could be at her side too. wOOf…wOOf…Eddie, Lucy & all of us Fluffy Puppies

  18. Posters & Flowers At Intersection Prayers For Hayley ~PHOTOS ~
    Here are two beautiful signs for Miss Hayley with flowers on them and a third smaller sign to the far right. They are located at the intersection of Placer and Buena Ventura. Human momma is painting a large pink sign too and her friend is going to put it up for her. It’s called, “PAWZ & PRAYERS for HAYLEY” You can see the photos if you click on our name which will take you to all the photos and updates for our Miss Hayley.
    Go to

  19. Tonight at 7pm Tuesday April 29th there will be a Candlelight Vigil for Hayley at the intersection of Placer and Buena Ventura. Parking will be available in the dirt area as well as CVS and Holiday Market Parking lot. Please bring flowers, candles and anything else you wish the family to have. Due to high fire danger it is best you bring LED candles.

    The Vigil will take place where the two pink posters are (where people sell things). Please be considerate for other drivers who will not be participating. Please no negative talk about the women who is responsible for Hayley’s death. Keep it positive for the family please.

    Thank you

  20. In Hayley’s death she will be giving life as a Organ Donor. That is the most wonderful decision anyone could every make. I am a Donor and my parents were Donor’s and it comforts me to know that between the two of them they saved 266 people.

    Hayley will live on in the lives of others and in our memories as well as in our hearts. Her daughter will know what a wonderful mother and person she was and still is.

    You will be forever missed my friend. I love you always!

  21. Hopefully Riggins is able to recovery from this tragic accident. A DUI can change so many lives in one instant.

  22. Avatar Galeigh says:

    Please go to Hayley Riggins Facebook page and look for the petition and PLEASE sign! Perhaps laws will change and Virginia will be held accountable for her choice’s