Phil’s Funny: I’ve been to Gallup and it ain’t so hot

phil_laughingPhil Fountain is a cartoonist, writer and occasional bed-wetter based in the far reaches of Northern Californey.

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Phil Fountain is a cartoonist and writer based in the far reaches of Northern Californey.
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9 Responses

  1. Avatar Lynne Bonetti says:

    I love your humor Phil!

  2. Avatar Dorothy says:

    Phil, I have always admired your ability to find humor, in otherwise
    humorless everyday occurrences. You do have a gift!

  3. Avatar Grammy says:

    Ten reasons to love Shasta County
    1. For almost eight months of the year it is heaven to live here
    2. Depending on where you live in this county, you can have almost any climate you want
    3. When it is green the country-side in our county beats almost anywhere without paying an entrance fee at a State Park.
    4. People are our best access. Friendly and helpful
    5. Affordable country living at its’ finest.
    6. Traffic flow is wonderful 99% of the time.
    7. Recreational opportunities are endless. A lot of city and State parks in our county.
    8. Redwoods grow here as does cactus and in some places citrus.
    9. Most years see no snow in the city limits. In most areas of the countryside no snow either.
    10. There is no stigma to living on welfare.

  4. Avatar Grammy says:

    I love Shasta County and have lived from for over 30 years. I could have written ten reasons not to live in Shasta County
    1. Shasta County has been the hottest place on Earth (I have the newspaper article to prove it.) 115 degree days will kill you.
    2. Do NOT go shopping anywhere from the first or when the masses get paid. Safe after the seventh day of the month. Stores are out of stock on a lot of items. Parking lots are full.
    3. Walking on walking trails are nice until you meet a homeless person asking for a donation.
    4. People do not respect your car or try to avoid hitting it.
    5. Rules are made for those who can pay the tickets (have you noticed the police are no where around when the homeless are out and about.)
    6. Drug sellers are out so that all can see. Just look for a person on a bike going a short distance to take the money to come back with the drugs. Street corners around 273 come to mind.
    7. Hotel and motels have weekly rates around 273 and Pine Street for a reason (homeless will fill them up.)
    8. Hay fever is horrible in this county.
    9. Wood smoke from fire places is horrible in this county (some counties have out lawed it for a reason.)
    10. There is a negative vibe everywhere.
    11. Minimum wage will be what our children can look forward when they leave school. If we are lucky enough to have children go to college they will not be coming back to Shasta County.
    12. There seems to be the have and have nots. Government jobs are the desirable job to aim for. But it is who you know. Not who is most qualified.
    13. The county seem to have way to many controlled burns on beautiful days.
    14. The North State has way to many controlled burns that get out of control (one is to many.)
    15. The people that work in shops and grocery stores just do not care about YOU the customer. How many times lately has the person checking you out, talked to YOU instead of someone else while they are checking you out?) or smiled at you in a way you know they care about checking you out. But then what is a minimum wage person suppose to care about except going home after working a part time job at that?
    16. Road are to narrow and there is no paths for bikes or people out walking or running. It is down right dangerous for bikes and people.
    17. No discount grocery store on the west side of the county. We have to travel 40 minutes to do our major shopping.
    18. To many empty buildings with new ones being built instead.
    19. To many depressing streets. Victor and 273 come to mind.
    20. Not enough rentals for the low income.
    21. No hope for a better life ten years from now.
    I could go on and on

  5. “Most men are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
    ? Will Rogers

  6. Avatar Old Hippie says:

    I think it’s reasonable to add;
    22. Uninformed & incoherent political leaders.
    23. Terrible priorities & pathetic lack of vision.
    24. Little artistic creativeness.
    25. An overkill gun culture.

  7. Avatar Mike says:

    Wow, that was a depressing read. Time for a little fire prevention advice: Stop, Drop and Roll a Fat One 🙂