Citizens Unite to Support Turtle Bay Hotel Project; Create REVIVE to Block REVOLT

REDDING, Calif — An independent citizens committee of local business leaders, organizations, and voters has organized a group to promote the positive benefits of building a four-star Sheraton hotel in the heart of Redding.

The group, named REVIVE for Redding Empowered to Vote for Increased Visitors and Employment, is being led by Rocky Slaughter, a local area business owner.

“There are many, many residents in Redding who love Turtle Bay and can see the limitless benefits that a high-end hotel will bring to this community. We will be able to entertain new conferences, new business groups, new large events and concerts that have never even considered coming to Redding due to our lack of four-star accommodations,” Slaughter said.

“REVIVE is an effort to organize all of the positive outpouring we have seen from thousands of citizens in a way that is meaningful and effective.” 

This organization has no members from Turtle Bay or The McConnell Foundation.  

Frank Strazzarino, President of The Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce said, “It is great to see Redding residents speak up though Revive Redding. The Sheraton Hotel is important to Redding’s future, and those with vision can help make this happen. The jobs created and economic impact will be extremely positive.”

Slaughter pointed out that the REVIVE Facebook page live for only about 48 hours before it received approximately 500 likes, with no paid advertising. He noted that REVOLT, which is leading the referendum effort, currently has just over 50 Facebook fan page likes, even with paid advertisements.

Those who wish to become involved with the REVIVE movement may sign up at reviveredding.com.

A donation portal will be launched on the website soon.

For Rocky Slaughter’s contact information go to reviveredding.com.

From REVIVE Redding Press release

Press Release

-from press release

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