Citizens Unite to Support Turtle Bay Hotel Project; Create REVIVE to Block REVOLT

REDDING, Calif — An independent citizens committee of local business leaders, organizations, and voters has organized a group to promote the positive benefits of building a four-star Sheraton hotel in the heart of Redding.

The group, named REVIVE for Redding Empowered to Vote for Increased Visitors and Employment, is being led by Rocky Slaughter, a local area business owner.

“There are many, many residents in Redding who love Turtle Bay and can see the limitless benefits that a high-end hotel will bring to this community. We will be able to entertain new conferences, new business groups, new large events and concerts that have never even considered coming to Redding due to our lack of four-star accommodations,” Slaughter said.

“REVIVE is an effort to organize all of the positive outpouring we have seen from thousands of citizens in a way that is meaningful and effective.” 

This organization has no members from Turtle Bay or The McConnell Foundation.  

Frank Strazzarino, President of The Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce said, “It is great to see Redding residents speak up though Revive Redding. The Sheraton Hotel is important to Redding’s future, and those with vision can help make this happen. The jobs created and economic impact will be extremely positive.”

Slaughter pointed out that the REVIVE Facebook page live for only about 48 hours before it received approximately 500 likes, with no paid advertising. He noted that REVOLT, which is leading the referendum effort, currently has just over 50 Facebook fan page likes, even with paid advertisements.

Those who wish to become involved with the REVIVE movement may sign up at

A donation portal will be launched on the website soon.

For Rocky Slaughter’s contact information go to

From REVIVE Redding Press release

-from press release
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6 Responses

  1. Avatar Debra Atlas says:

    So very glad folks are finally speaking up in favor of this venture. I’ve seen and heard a number of the REVOLT people spreading mis-information to too many people around town.

    It seems all they can see is that the dollar signs don’t add up for their bank accounts. They don’t see the larger picture of potential economic growth and revival that the Sheraton project presents.

    Thank for posting this article!

  2. Avatar Spanky says:

    Low project costs produce a finished and viable completed income property. Income properties produce income for those who supply the capital to produce the product. The income property also provides construction and ongoing jobs for locals, material sales for locals, taxes for local governments and an asset for the community. What’s to argue about? The misinformation is coming from the unions along with the government they vote in to office and they will ultimately kill our county’s economy out of greed and selfish pride. They do not know how to run a business any way but unaffordably. This inflation, cost increase, rising wages and rising cost of living monster must be turned around people and there is only one way, lower costs and higher efficiency. Make no mistake, it will hit the concrete wall if not built by free market practices not fat cat, inflated bureaucratic waste and corruption. The city sells cheap, the city benefits via future McConnell Foundation projects, taxes and employment of locals. It’s a win/win except for the fat cats with their hand in your pockets.

  3. Avatar Clark Kent says:

    And we wonder why a large segment of the local population ranks among the working poor, or worse. Way to stand up for workers’ rights, people—not. Ironic, too, that those so quick to argue against an increase in the minimum wage or, in this case, a decent wage for specialized skills are typically the first to also argue against government assistance for those in need. (For reference, the current living wage is $18.62/hour for a family of four residing in Redding.)

    Yes, this hotel project could do great things for Redding. But it shouldn’t be built on the backs of those most in need of decent wages. Shame on everyone arguing that it be so. But hardly surprising, given the backward, ultra-conservative mindset so prevalent in these parts…

  4. Avatar Mike says:

    I support and enjoy the Turtle Bay/Sundial Bridge/Sacramento River area. The Sacramento River Trail and connecting trails are unlike anything anywhere else. If you enjoy walking, hiking and bicycling, the vast trail systems our region has to offer are hard to beat. Just the fact that you can ride your bicycle from the Sundial Bridge to Shasta Dam while following the Sacramento River is priceless.

    Not sure why they need a hotel, unless it is a tap root for many more like it along the river. Let’s be upfront about it. Short term construction jobs and then minimum wage jobs after that. Mike Warren continues to draw his $75,000+ annual salary on top of his PERS pension of $175,000. Won’t there be enough money in the budget for decent paying jobs at the hotel? It would be appropriate for Turtle Bay and MF to share their vision and conceptual drawings of the river front in both directions. Remember when the MF attempted to purchase land from the Kutras Family in a not so friendly manner.

    I also support organized labor and their efforts to demand a living wage in exchange for professional skills. These workers pay taxes and spend money in our community if they make enough money in the first place. I think the City of Redding was going to require businesses to pay employee wages of $17.00 an hour at Stillwater Business Park. Why can’t the same wages be required for employment at Turtle Bay?

    It is truly a unique place to visit, but Turtle Bay should not have budgeted for significant long term support from the City of Redding. During the best of economic times, the COR made vast investments in a new City Hall, Corporation Yard, Recycling Center, Aquatic Center, Big League Dreams, Turtle Bay, Sundial Bridge and Stillwater Business Park.

    The economic downturn caused the COR to reorganize and downsize departments, layoff employees and reduce wages and benefits. A once model Police Department was dismantled in a few months. The Fire Department, being lean for decades, could only focus on reducing wages and benefits. It was obvious that significant support for Turtle Bay was going away.

    If Turtle Bay is not interested in paying Prevailing Wages, you can assume what they will paying the Hotel employees. Same old story.

    All of the efforts from both sides of this issue will be wasted if our city does not address the rising crime rate(tweekers) and the growing population of homeless and early release inmates. This population also enjoys this area and are becoming more and more visible. I suppose they will build a fence around the hotel property to avoid having to deal with the walking dead.

    I find it interesting that every City Council Meeting is not crowded with citizens demanding that something be done to address the issues above. They are much more important than a Hotel at Turtle Bay.

    • Avatar Clark Kent says:

      Great points, Mike, all of them—and very well put. I wonder if you’ll get any intelligent responses, or just more Chamber of Commerce whitewashing and happy talk.

  5. Avatar pmarshall says:

    I agree, Mike And Clark. Say, anyway, if they build it, will they come? There’s another venture (an expensive one) that turned out be a “bust”. Yes, maybe in the short term, it will provide some employment, but I do not think it will turn out to be s huge success. No doubt it will provide employment, but trying to avoid paying Union wages, and the way it has been “skirted around”, leaves a very bad taste to me. We do need to get real!