A Tribute to a Fine Home Brewer: Gone too young; but long-remembered

(Editor’s note: Thirty-year-old Dominic Reginatto of Redding died Oct. 2 in Hawaii while on vacation. Reginatto worked at Nor Cal Brewing Solutions on Churn Creek Road in Redding. Canda Williams reports on Nor Cal Brewing’s remembrance of Reginatto on Saturday.)

The passing of Dominic Reginatto has left a huge hole in the hearts of family, friends, and the north state home brewing community. For the past 3 ½ years, he has been shipping, receiving, and sales manager of Nor Cal Brewing Solutions, and a member of the home brew club, Shasta Society of Brewers.

In honor of Dominic’s memory, one of his beer creations was brewed last Saturday, at Nor Cal Brewing Solutions. Jeff Haskins, Head Beer Geek, Zymergist, and manager of Nor Cal brewed Dominic’s Russian Imperial Stout. Jeff remembers Dominic as an artist dedicated to his craft. “He was meticulous and passionate in everything he did. Dominic was hardworking, loyal, and a damn good brewer. I’m gonna miss our post-work drinks and beer discussions. He was my friend,” said Jeff.

From left to right, Evan Boullie, Don Williams, Trent Frawley, Mike Frawley, and Dominic Reginatto. Taken on Sept. 7, 2013 at a brew demonstration.

Jay Webster, one of the Nor Cal owners, said, “Dominic was reliable, self sufficient, and self motivated. It was Dominic’s idea to assemble beer kits for the store, test batches of beer in the parking lot by giving fee Saturday brew classes, and serve samples in the store. Dominic was a kick. He was a private man, and what many people didn’t know is that he had an incredible voice. He would go into the grain room and belt out into song. He will be missed as a valuable employee and a great friend.”

Bart Hauptman, the brew club President, said he appreciated hearing Dominic’s different perspective on beer recipes. Ami Hauptman, brew club Secretary, said he was inspiring as a brewer, and pushed the limits in a good way.

Dominic’s sister in law, April, loved talking with Dominic. She said, “He was an avid reader and so intelligent. He explained things well and was so knowledgeable about so many things. He loved watching movies and could quote old and current movie lines. His nieces could always get a chuckle out of Dominic.”

Evan Boullie, an employee at Nor Cal Brewing, said, “Dominic will be truly missed at this place, by his coworkers and the brewing community. I don’t know if most people realize how big a part he played in the brewing community in the entire north state. A vast majority of home brewers have Dominic’s name on it in some fashion.”

Home brewer and club member, Don Williams, said Dominic was always friendly, helpful, personable, and knowledgeable. Customers Mike Frawley and his son, Trent remembered how much Dominic enjoyed sharing his craft.

Brent Hawkins, Fall River Tap House manager and distributing manager had regular interactions with Dominic at Nor Cal Brewing Solutions. Brent said, “He was a passionate home brewer, loved what he did, enjoyed seeing other people get excited and come back to fine tune their recipes. He loved helping people brew the best beer that they could.”

Friends and family of Dominic.

As a brew club member, and wife of a home brewer, I have enjoyed knowing Dominic, and always went to his office to say hi if he wasn’t up front at Nor Cal Brewing Solutions. As I’ve watched his beard get more and more fluffy, I enjoyed teasing him about becoming a true mountain man. On Sunday, September 29, Dominic won second place out of 47 beers in a home brew competition sponsored by Nor Cal. I could tell he was thrilled when his typical quiet smile became a full grin. Dominic had good reason to be proud. He was a fine brewer and a good man. I’ll miss that big teddy bear. We all will.

Brewing Dominic’s Russian Imperial Stout

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Canda Williams is a retired teacher, grandma, and wife to local home brewer, Don Williams.  She owns a home business creating personalized towels, and can be found at candakay.com.  While her beverage of choice used to be wine, she is now a proud beer snob, and a member of The Shasta Society of Brewers (SOB’s).

Canda Williams

Canda Williams is a retired schoolteacher and proud grandma who lives in Lake California with her husband Don Williams. Canda is a marketing representative for anewscafe.com. She also has a home business that specializes in her customized personalized hooded bath towels for children and adults. For examples of her work vistit her website at www.candakay.com.

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